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Dear Friends,

I am a popular person this time of year.  Like the dentist at a cocktail party or youth soccer game, I find that everyone has a tax-related ache or pain!

 My best advice?  Don't procrastinate.  The sooner you tackle that shoebox of receipts and 1099's, the better.  You'll save money, time, penalties and have peace of mind.

And don't forget-- our certified pain relief is always just a phone call away!

Cindy Brandt

The Check Is In the Mail........envelope
Or Is It?
On February 13, 2008 President Bush and Congress came to a rare meeting of the minds and passed the "Economic Stimulus Act of 2008".

The Act provides for one-time tax rebates as part of a plan to stimulate the economy. Much like the child tax credit and earned income credit, it is a refundable credit and will be paid out beginning in May. However, not everyone will be receiving a check.

Individuals who qualify will receive the greater of $300 or their tax liability, not to exceed $600.

Married couples filing jointly who qualify will receive the greater of $600 or their tax liability, not to exceed $1200.

An additional $300 will be paid for each qualifying child of taxpayers who meet the basic rebate credit amount.

Only those with at least $3,000 of earned income and at least $1 of tax liability will qualify.  For this purpose, social security and veterans benefits are considered earned income.

So, single tax payers and those filing married filing separately with less than $8,950 of income and married filing joint filers with less tha $17,900 of income will receive no rebate because their tax liability is zero.

Those with lots of income also need not apply.  Single taxpayers with Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) exceeding $75,000 and joint filers with AGI exceeding $150,000 will receive a reduced rebate and single taxpayers with AGI in excess of $87,000 and joint filers with AGI over $174,000 will receive zero.

There is also no pay-day for nonresident aliens, those who are dependents of others, estates, or trusts.  You must have a valid social security security number; taxpayer IDs issued by the IRS do not qualify.


aspirinAt CA Brandt, we know how difficult financial management for the small business owner can be. After all, you didn't start your business because you loved accounting, right?

Time and time again, we've been able to take the headache out of business and tax planning, as well as a host of other financial challenges that keep you awake at night. That's why we call our services "Certified Financial Pain Management" because at CA Brandt, we take the pain of financial management and planning away, so that you can get back to the real business at hand.

Cindy Brandt
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The Gettysburg address is 269 words, the Declaration of Independence
  is 1,337 words, and the Holy Bible is only 773,000 words.
  However, the tax law has grown from 11,400 words in 1913, to
  7 million words today.
 American taxpayers spend $200 billion and 5.4 billion hours working to
  comply with federal taxes each year, more than it takes to produce every
  car, truck, and van in the United States.
The IRS employs 114,000 people; that's twice as many as the CIA and five
  times more than the FBI.

What should one look for in a tax accountant?

The tax laws are constantly changing and tax professionals are also subject to various federal and state regulations.  It is important to find someone who is experienced, trustworthy and someone you are comfortable with.  Below are some of the questions you might ask:

What licenses or designations do you have?

How long have you been in the tax business?
What tax issues do you specialize in?
Do you have the knowledge and experience to handle my tax situation?

What are your fees?
Do you outsource any of your work? Do you perform the work personally? If not, what is the review process? Who signs the returns?

How long, approximately, will it take to finish my taxes?

What's your privacy policy? Will you share my tax information with any third-parties?

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