cindyDear Friends & Collaegues,

As I sat in a business networking meeting last week,  the common theme was the "holidays" and how we could each use the season to promote our businesses. A massage therapist was offering holiday gift certificates, an event planner was offering to plan company holiday parties, and my favorite-- a limo driver would take you holiday shopping, and on and on -- and then there was me. 

Guess what I had to offer? End of the year planning! What a surprise......

During this busy, upbeat, partying time of year, don't forget that the tax man cometh -- and, if you don't properly plan, the tax man taketh away.  So, in between holiday parties, take a few moments to ensure that you are prepared for April 15, 2008.  Click here for my annual Holiday Letter and read below for some great tips and money-saving strategies.

From all of us here at CA Brandt & Associates, our very best wishes for the holiday season and for a peaceful (and profitable!) New Year!

Cindy Brandt

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We're Expanding!

CA Brandt & Associates has opened a new office in the Merrimack Valley. We held our Grand Opening  Celebration earlier this year.

We're now offering a full array of tax and accounting services at 50 South Main Street, Bradford, MA.

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Tax Tips & Year-End Strategies

If you're thinking about a hybrid car, buy it before the end of the year and save up to $3400 in income tax .

Take advantage of the 15% Long Term Capital Gains rate while it lasts if you have securities that you want to sell. There is much talk about raising it back up to 28%.

New on the retirement front for self-employed individuals - the Single "K" - allows one to contribute significantly more to retirement than any other plan available. It needs to be established by December 31, 2007 to take advantage of it this year.

The home office deduction is alive and well - if you work from your home be sure and ask about it.

Beware of the "Stealth" tax, so named because it sneaks up on people.  If AMT or Alternative Minimum Tax has been part of your life you need to plan around it and customary tax planning tools may not work.


Bring Us Your "Box Under the Bed"

Last year I was approached by a woman whose mother had, out of fear and trepidation, been hiding from the IRS,  All of her records for quite a few years had been neatly stored in a box under her bed. 

Although her daughter knew of the situation, the mother would not discuss the matter as it was simply too painful.

As it happened, the mother lost her husband and she decided to sell her house and move into an adult community.  The one catch was that the IRS had a lien on the house.

One day, the daughter  noticed something taped to the front door.  It was a note from the IRS indicating that they had paid a visit.That was it; they couldn't sell the house and now the IRS was making house calls. She knew she had to do something,. 

After much discussion, the mother was convinced to bring me the box.  The two came to my office where I assured her that she was not alone, that we could take care of her, and, most importantly, that she would not have to face the IRS. 

I started to open the box and she immediately stood up,said "just do what you need to do,"  and she was gone.

She now resides in her new home and no longer hears from the IRS.

Don't we all have a "box under the bed" that we'd like to get rid of?  Come on in and let us help you with yours. 

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Three Faces of Money                                                                                
Thursday, January 17, 6-8pm

In this hands-on workshop, we will discuss how to make your money work harder and smarter to build your business. Attendees will learn about financial and managerial accounting strategies for improving revenues, cash flow and profits.

We are very pleased to have the following firms participating in this workshop: Aegis Financial Strategies, Breakthrough Enterprise and CABrandt and Associates, LLP.

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