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EVERYTHING on Chiles this Summer including Tons of Pics and useful Growing, Fertilizing and Pest Issues.  FREE Pepper Stakes.May 3rd, 2010                
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Aphid Attack
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Variety is the Spice of life.
I'm growing Tomatoes, Okra, Watermelons, Cukes, Squash, Stringbeans, Radish, Lettuce, Greens,  Cantaloupes, Onions, and so much  more besides those Wonderful Chile Peppers.  Check out this Chinese Cabbage...
Speaking of Variety...have you looked at the Hot Pepper Selection lately?  It's
horrible.  Poor selection and the prices are outrageous.  Order plenty of Hot Pepper pays off. 

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Don't get STUNG on Quality.  Buy your seeds from a Company that knows seeds.  Do you think Wal-Mart is an expert on Seeds and Gardening??
Always buy from a Reputable Dealer.  Know what this fortune cookie sez?  "That wasn't Chicken".
Why Organic?
When I've surveyed my Customers about 35% prefer Organic.  Although that's a substantial number, the majority don't care either way.  However, by us supplying Organic Seeds you get more nutrition and we leave a small footprint behind.  Organic costs more, but I believe it's important to our Health and the environment.
The "Naughty" Peter Pepper.
This is a crowd favorite.  It is absolutely THE novelty of any Garden.  To view more of Natures Porn go here
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I get a lot of mail this time of year about "My Pepper leaves are curling up".  Usually it's Aphids.  This picture of a Pear tree in my Garden clearly shows a severe attack.
It's an easy fix.  Just spray with 1 tsp. of Dish Soap in a spray bottle mixed with water.  Hit as directly as you can. The soap suffocates soft-bodied insects like Aphids and gives hard bodied insects like Japanese Beetles a terminal case of Dysentery.
How do they get up the plant is they are wingless and barely mobile?  Ants herd them up and then 'milk' the sweet sap out of them.  So deter the Ants and no aphids.  Ants don't like Citrus rinds so place them at the base of plants and add some citrus juice to your Soap Spray.
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 FREE Bamboo Pepper Stakes
I ran an ad here in South Carolina on Craig's List "Bamboo wanted".  I received several responses from frustrated landowners about Bamboo being so invasive "and just come and cut it down".  Zero Charge.  It is so beautiful.  Decorative and strong as well. I actually got about 150 pieces to build Grapevine trellis's as well.
 I'll keep ya posted on those Trellis and other uses.  Get some for yourself and let us know how it goes.
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 Tomatoes can be FUN 
You can have a Blast with Tomatoes.
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Well as always I had a blast bringing you this copy of Chile News and Views.  For all of you Mom's out there.....
Happy Mothers Day!!! 
Fiery Regards,
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