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September 25, 2010
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Choir Rehearsal
9:15am - 10am

Early Childhood
Sunday School
10am - 10:20am

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Please keep the following people in your prayers:

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Javier Perez
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Karen Wilson
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Dave Craft
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Roger Cichon
Heather LaPrairie
Ray Nielsen

Born Free...
water birth"for we brought nothing into the world, so that we can take nothing out of it; but if we have food and clothing, we will be content with these."  1 Timothy 6:7-8

It may seem odd that tomorrow morning we will be celebrating both the baptism of Emmett Byrley and the launch of our fall Stewardship campaign - but it shouldn't. When else but at our birth are we able to see so clearly how fully dependent we are on others for our very lives.

Jesus tells the story of a rich man who ignored the needs of the poor, even those who lived right outside his door. As he suffers in the afterlife for his selfishness, the rich man can only think of how to spare his own family from the consequences of their greed.

What would happen if we tried to imagine every person we met as a baptized infant, as an utterly dependent child? What might change if we considered every part of God's creation as a member of our own family?

Stewardship isn't about separating you from your money - it's about connecting you to your family. Come to church tomorrow ready to meet your new brother, Emmett.

In Christ,
Pastor Erik
Reception after worship...
Mike and Anika Byrley (along with Orla and Emmett) invite everyone to join them after worship tomorrow morning as the celebration of Emmett's baptism continues. There will be light food and refreshments available to tide you over until lunch, so plan now to stick around after worship for a little while.

Wicker Park Lutheran hosts "World's Largest Picnic" tonight!

 Wicker Park Potluck

Still not quite sure what to do tonight? Consider joining our friends at Wicker Park Lutheran Church as they host their Sixth Annual "World's Largest Potluck" this evening from 6:30pm to 10pm.

Aside from the best food imaginable, there will be children's activities and games, an Oreo stacking contest for children and a casserole contest for adults, along with music by the outstanding duo of Tim and Annie Akins... and much more!

The Readings this Week...

Take some time to prepare yourself for worship by reading the texts we'll be hearing on Sunday morning. Try to imagine yourself thinking or feeling or speaking or singing the words of these texts - as if you were their author or their original audience.
  • Amos 6:1a,4-7 
  • Psalm 146
  • 1 Timothy 6:6-19 
  • Luke 16:19-31

What images and words leap out at you? What questions do these texts raise for you? Bring your imagination and your curiosity to these texts... and to worship!

To read these texts online, click here.
Assisting Our Worship...

Assisting our worship this Sunday are: 
  • Assisting Minister: Libby A'Hearn-Gilmore 
  • Lectors: Noel Spain & Ryan Gray 
  • Cantor: Libby A'Hearn-Gilmore 
  • Communion Asst./Crucifer: Dale Hoiberg 
  • Ushers: Kay Deacon & Pat Kuhlman 
  • Bread Baker: Lora Salley
(* indicates that we are still looking for someone to fill this role. If you are interested in assisting the assembly's worship in one of these capacities contact Pastor Erik)
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St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  Founded in 1899, this congregation has been a home to residents of Logan Square for over 100 years. St. Luke's welcomes the many, diverse communities that share this neighborhood. If you are a lifelong Lutheran, or just considering Christianity; if your family has been in the United States for generations, or has only recently arrived; if you are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual or transgender; if you live with disabilities, chronic illness, or are able-bodied and currently healthy; if you are home-blessed or homeless... YOU are welcome here!
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