BCHLA E-mail Notice

April 10, 2010
Promoting and Protecting the Freedoms of Homeschoolers

A Special Notice from the BCHLA Board of Directors
Hello fellow BC Home Learners' Association members,
We are writing today to let you know that all 3 of the current board members are stepping down from their roles this spring.  The association is legally able to function with 3 board members however it would be ideal to have at least seven to function effectively. The Society Act states that BCHLA can only operate for 6 months without a minimum of 3 Board Members. If you as the members do not respond, we may have to shut down the association. Consider letting your name stand for a position, and contact our office: president@bchla.bc.ca on or before April 21, 2010.
Please contemplate letting your name stand for election as a board member at our upcoming Annual General Meeting.  It is rewarding and fulfilling to be able to help fellow home educators across the Province as they ask questions and request support.
There are several positions available:
President (answers toll free calls, emails & handles business aspects)
Vice-President (answers email inquiries, assists president)
Secretary (puts out AGM notice, takes minutes)
Newsletter Coordinator (produces 4 newsletters by computer/email yearly)
Membership Coordinator (collects mail, deposits membership dues, enters information into Excel file and Constant Contact)
Support Group Coordinator
The freedom to have the choice to have your children Registered as Traditional Homeschoolers is a liberty which has been fought for in the last 25 years in BC.  We do not want to see this freedom slip away into government controlled education.
Thank you for your consideration.  We really need you to step up to the plate at this pivotal time in our Association.
BCHLA Board of Directors
Gayleen Davis, President
Loriann Herchuk, Vice-President
Loralee Schultz, Newsletter Coordinator
"Promoting & protecting the freedoms of Registered Homeschoolers"
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Phone:   1-866-444-2299