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October 1st, 2012 
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Eid al Hajj 1433
Youth Retreat Report
Coming Soon - Blood Drives
LDP Allentown
Press Release
MARC Hajj Exhibition
Community Event - Allentown
Community Appeal - Allentown
New Children's Book

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Muslim Personalities

Salahuddin - Warrior of Islam   
The Great Leader's name is Salahuddin al-Ayubi. The conqueror of Palestine who retook the holy land of Palestine from the hands of the crusader forces in Europe. The people of the West know him as Saladin, and his name has been immortal in Europe for hundreds of years. So great was Salahuddin, that in Europe a tax called the Saladin Thite was imposed.

Salahuddin al-Ayubi, was born with the name Yusuf Salahuddin bin Ayub in about 1138 AD. He came from the Kurdish tribe. His family lived in Tikrit, which today belongs to Iraq, a place where Islam was in its glory at that time . His father, Najmuddin Ayub, was banished from Tikrit and moved to Mosul, the place where he met with Imaduddin Zengi, the ruler of Mosul, who was also the founder of the Zengi Dynasty, who led the Muslim army against the Crusader forces in Edessa. Imaduddin appointed Najmuddin to lead his fortress in Baalbek. After the death of Imaduddin Zengi in 1146 AD, his son, Nuruddin became the ruler of Mosul. Salahuddin was sent by Nuruddin to Damascus to continue his education.

Salahuddin then entered Egypt. Egypt at that time was under the rule of Khilafah Fathimiyah. In the year 1171 AD, al-Adhid, the ruler of Egypt from the Dynasty of Fathimiyah died. Salahuddin hastened to break the power of the Khilafah Fathimiyah and immediately restored the legitimate authority to Khilafah Abbasiyah in Baghdad.

Salahuddin revitalized the economy of Egypt, reformed the military, as well as re-implemented the Islamic values. Salahuddin built schools and hospitals. He also opened the gates of the palace to the public, where previously it was only open to the nobility. At that time, the Crusader Forces attacked Egypt's Alexandria, but with the perseverance of the Muslims and the help of Allah, the enemies were defeated.

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To listen to a lecture on the life of Saladin by Sheikh Zahir Mahmood click here


Islam in the News

The Louvre's New Islamic Galleries


PARIS - When I. M. Pei's glass pyramid opened at the Louvre more than 20 years ago, many argued that this 70-foot-tall structure had destroyed the classical beauty of one of the world's great museums. But today, as crowds wait on long lines outside the pyramid, which serves as the Louvre's main entrance, what once seemed audacioushas become as accepted a part of the city's visual landscape as the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe.

Now the museum is again risking the public's wrath as it introduces the most radical architectural intervention since the pyramid in 1989. Designed to house new galleries for Islamic art, it consists of ground- and lower-ground-level interior spaces topped by a golden, undulating roof that seems to float within the neo-Classical Visconti Courtyard in the middle of the Louvre's south wing, right below the museum's most popular galleries, where the Mona Lisa and Veronese's "Wedding Feast of Cana" are hung.


Ten years in the making, the $125 million project, which opens on Saturday, has been financed in part by the French government, along with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who gave the Louvre $20 million toward the galleries, the largest single monetary gift ever given to the museum. Corporations have kicked in money too, including Total, the oil company, and the governments of countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco, Kuwait and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Eid al Hajj 1433

"It is not their flesh or their blood that reaches God. Rather, it is your God-wariness that reaches Him..." (22:37)


Eid al-Hajj is celebrated by Muslims around the world in commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail for Allah (SWT). 


As the guests of Allah (SWT) begin to prepare for Hajj, NASIMCO, in partnership with the World Federation, are taking orders from Mo'mineen worldwide to have a Qurbani (sacrifice of a goat) performed on their behalf on the blessed occasion of Eid al-Hajj.


The Qurbani will take place on goats in Tanzania and/or Kenya and the meat will then be distributed among the needy, including widows and orphans. The cost of one qurbani is $45.00. Click here to request a qurbani.


NASIMCO Youth Retreat Report

youth retreat The 3rd NASIMCO Annual Youth Leadership Retreat was held in Minnesota over  Labor Day weekend. 25 participants and five facilitators came from across North America to take part in a jam-packed weekend. 


All the retreat activities aimed to fulfill the following goals: 

  • Enable participants to explore assumptions, beliefs and attitudes about themselves and their environment
  • Develop the capacity for social and political leadership 
  • Facilitate spiritual and social upliftment of youth
  • To enable the youth to realize their full potential 

The retreat focused on the concept of 'Thinking Outside the Box'. Activities included brainstorming common barriers that prevent youth from taking up active roles within their Islamic Centers, community labor, discussions on power and privilege, ongoing reflections on the Qur'an and concluded with formal presentations on the projects they worked on throughout the retreat. 


To read the full report, click here


Coming Soon - Helpers of Husayn Blood Drives
Helpers of Husayn Did you know that each time someone donates blood, they help save three lives? 

In preparation for the upcoming month of Muharram, NASIMCO is working with its member Jamaats to host blood drives around North America. In the spirit of the event that took place on the day of Ashura, donating blood seems a fitting way to make our contribution to humanity.

Do something amazing this Muharram. Give Blood. Contact your local Jamaat for more information.

Last Chance to Sign up for LDP Allentown
"If you want to find your purpose in life and know how much you can truly achieve, then this is for you." 


The deadline for registering in the 7th Leadership Development Program being held in Allentown on November 2nd-4th, is fast approaching. 


The program is designed to develop leadership across Muslim communities and unlock the potential of our members to contribute fully to the common good of both the Muslim community and society at large. The program also helps enhance and evolve skills that will ensure more productive and efficient working methods for participants. 


Don't miss out on this life-changing experience - register today


Press Release - Anti-Islam Video

NASIMCO partnered with The World Federation in issuing the following statement. The statement reads:


The World Federation of KSIMC strongly condemns the recently released anti-Islam amateur video that tarnishes the status of Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh).


The film portrays the Holy Prophet of Islam in a distorted and false manner, along with being abusive and insulting. Such content is nothing but an attempt to create discord and spread false hatred amongst humanity. Scholars and thinkers of repute agree on the elevated status and stature of the Holy Prophet and regard him with respect, acknowledging his unparalleled contribution and service to humanity. Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) upheld the principles of Islam promoting equality, inclusivity, tolerance and respect for all religions.


The World Federation rejects all efforts to smear the religious beliefs of others and urges all Muslims to follow the command of the Holy Qur'an in practicing self-restraint and not resorting to violence, especially when provocation such as the instance of this film are released in the name of freedom of speech.


MARC Hajj Exhibition
Marc Hajj Saturday, September 15 marked the opening of the Hajj Exhibition in Toronto, Canada.  The team at the Mulla Asghar Resource Center designed the exhibition to convey the deeply personal experience of Hajj - a journey of a lifetime, which touches the heart and transforms the pilgrim.  

The exhibition covers the route, rituals and rationale of this journey, with sounds and scenes to emphasize its spiritual awareness.  At its inauguration, hundreds of visitors, young and old, from all faith communities were invited to  deepen their understanding of the significance and history of Hajj through numerous displays and presentations. Visitors were transported to the year 1325 as they viewed the epic journey of Ibn Battuta, one of the most famous travelers in history captured in the IMAX movie, Journey to Mecca in the footsteps of Ibn Battuta. 

Community Event - Allentown

Teacher Training_Allentown On Sunday, August 26 Al-Ahad Madressah held a Teacher Development Seminar. The seminar was conducted by Br. Brian Anthony and was offered to the SIJPA membership at large. Twenty six members attended.


During the interactive seminar, participants learned how to prepare lesson plans using concepts in contemporary education designed to make the effort of learning more fun and meaningful for students. They also learned the concept of multiple intelligence, the idea that the mind has many functions which results in numerous ways to learn and explore concepts and information as well as to express thoughts and ideas.


Effective and engaging methodologies in addition to lectures were shared by all. The general consensus among the participants was that the concepts learned in this seminar would enhance their teaching skills.


Community Appeal - Allentown
Allentown Project The Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Pennsylvania has embarked on a project to expand the parking lot at Al-Ahad Islamic Center. The community in Allentown has been growing steadily since its inception and now requires more parking spaces. The project is eligible for khums donations under the WF ijaza. 
For more information, please click on the poster. Donate here
New Children's Book - Meet the Masumeen
Meet Masumeen The youth of Husseini Islamic Center, Orlando, took inspiration from their Friday night discussion circles and converted it into action. The youth girls embarked on a project to write a children's book, Meet the Masumeen. 

The book is about the students of Class 786, the most notorious class ever. That is, until their new teacher, Mrs. Hudda, arrives. Then, everything changes, as Mrs. Hudda takes them on adventures to 'meet the Masumeen'.

Click the poster for more information or buy the book online

Visit to read the story of the HIC youths.