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September 15th, 2012 
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Martyr Dastghaib Shirazi    

It was another ordinary Friday in the holy city of Shiraz. The scholar and a few students were proceeding towards the mosque, where the scholar had been leading prayers for quite some time now. Suddenly, a powerful explosion shook the area. Debris went flying everywhere, screams were heard throughout the area, and smoke blinded everyone in the vicinity. When the dust settled, the people realized what had happened. For many days, sobs and shrieks echoed through the city of Shiraz, as the people recalled the ghastly sight of their beloved prayer leader's body pieces ripped into pieces and splattered on the street and walls of that narrow alley in Shiraz. 
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ZCSS Haiti
Haiti Student Al Mahdi Islamic School is the only Shia Muslim School in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Children who are turned away from the school end up on the streets. Some of these children are orphans. All of these children live in poverty.


As part of ZCSS, you have the opportunity to sponsor and enrich these children immeasurably by infusing their minds with knowledge and their hearts with the love of the Ahlul Bayt (as). Imam Ali (as) said: "Knowledge is Life".


Give child in Haiti a life by sponsorship of $20 per month. 



Leadership Development Program - Allentown

Allentown Brochure "The Leadership Development Program is a wonderful opportunity to get to know how to maximize your own unique style and to understand how your actions impact others."  


NASIMCO, in partnership with Al-Ahad Islamic Centre (SIJPA), is please to announce the 7th Leadership Development Program (LDP) taking place in Allentown this November. 


The program is designed to develop leadership capacity across Muslim communities. Through the use of interactive learning processes, the course enables participants to explore assumptions, beliefs and attitudes in order to unlock their potential. The program also enhances and evolves skills that will ensure more productive and efficient working methods for participants.


Register for this worthwhile program today!



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Community Event - New York
The Union Sports Association  of New York will be hosting the Late Liakatali Fazal Memorial Volleyball Tournament from March 29th to March 31st, 2013. An invitation has been extended to all Men's Volleyball teams.
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