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September 1st, 2012 
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Ramadan Relief Report
LDP - Allentown
Killings in Myanmar
Education Loan
Event - Allentown
Event - Minnesota
Courses - Fall Term

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Muslim Personalities

 Tipu Sultan - India's Defender

Tipu Sultan, the eldest son of Haider Ali, was born on December 10, 1750 at Devanhalli. Right from his early years he was trained in the art of warfare and at the age of 15 he used to accompany his father Haider Ali, the ruler of Mysore, to different military campaigns. In Addition, he also learnt different languages, mathematics and science. Tipu Sultan had a fascination for learning. His personal library consisted of more than 2,000 books in different languages. He was an extremely active man and worked hard for the welfare of his subjects. He took over the kingdom of Mysore after the death of his father in 1782, who died of a carbuncle in the midst of a campaign against the British. He continued fighting the British and defeated them in 1783.


Tipu Sultan was a farsighted person who could foresee East India Company's design to get entrenched in India. He therefore negotiated with the French for help and also sought assistance from the Amir of Afghanistan and the Sultan of Turkey. The British were scared of Tipu's growing strength and after their defeat in 1783 they formed an alliance with the Nizam of Hyderabad and Marhattas.


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Islam in the News

The Online Ummah


For one household a cannon blast signals the end of the daily fast during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, just as it has done for many years. For another the beep of an iPhone does the job, thanks to a smartphone application called Ramadan Times. The app sets the fasting times depending on the location of the device. People are surprised at their smartphones' capabilities, says Arif Hisam, head of PakData, the Pakistani company that created the app.


Islamic hardliners may have issued a slew of fatwas against digital technology, including chat programmes (they could lead to flirting) and the use of Koranic verses as ring tones (disrespectful). But Muslims have embraced the internet and smartphones just as the rest of the world has-and, in some ways, even more.

A recent survey by Ipsos, a market-research firm, found that rich Muslim-majority countries boast some of world's highest rates of smartphone penetration, with the United Arab Emirates ahead at 61%. 


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Federation Samachaar 

Issue No. 4 of the magazine, 'Federation Samachar', published by the Africa Federation can now be accessed online.


All issues can be viewed on the Africa Federation website under the Publication Section.     


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As part of its vision and mission, the NASIMCO Post serves as a tool by which to bind our community together and promote a unified and caring environment for all. If you have anything you would like to include in this newsletter, contact us at  


Ramadan Relief Collections
Alhamdulillah, the Ramadhan Relief and Ramadhan Relief Gift Basket campaigns brought in donations from far and wide. These donations have enabled us to feed hungry families in different parts of the World. Donations that have already been remitted by Jamaats as well as individual donations to NASIMCO are listed below. NASIMCO thanks member Jamaats for their efforts in promoting the appeal:

 - HIC Orlando: $380.00
 - ISIAJ of Kitchener-Waterloo: $200.00
 - ISIA Edmonton: $4500.00
 - SMCBC Vancouver: $22000.00
 - IMEC Maryland: $220.00
 - IHIC Minnesota: $643.00
 - Anjuman-e-Asghari Minnesota: $965.67
 - MFI New Jersey: $630.00
 - SIIJLA California: $1605.00
 - NASIMCO direct: $35891.63  
Leadership Development Program - Allentown

'The Leadership Development Program is an exceptional program and a wonderful opportunity for growth. Everyone in our community should take such opportunities to better understand themselves and lead the community to new heights." 


NASIMCO, in partnership with Al-Ahad Islamic Centre, Allentown, PA (SIJPA), is holding the 7th Leadership Development Program (LDP) November 2-4, 2012. This program is designed to develop leadership across Muslim communities and unlock the potential of community members to contribute to the common good of both the Muslim community and society at large. The program also enhances and evolves skills that will ensure more productive and efficient working methods for participants.


To register click here or for more information, email with subject line 'SIJPA LDP'.


Protesting Muslim Killings in Myanmar
NASIMCO has written to the Myanmar embassies in USA and Canada, the Foreign Minister in Canada, the Secretary of State and the United Nations Human Rights to protest the brutal killings of Muslims in Myanmar. Read one of the letters here.

Walji Alibhai Pradhan Loan
Walji Loan The World Federation of KSIMC has launched the Walji Alibhai Pradhan Loan for one male and one female student from the community who wish to pursue higher education (undergraduate only) at a university in the West.

The loan amount is GBP 5,000 per annum for three years. For further details as well as information on how to apply, please click on the poster.

Community Event - Allentown

Al Ahad Islamic center in conjunction with The Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley, the Islamic Education center of PA, and the Easton Phillipsburg Muslims Association hosted the 5th Annual Lehigh Muslim Fun Day on Sept 1st.


The objective of the games, which included cricket, volleyball, basketball and Taekwondo tournaments, were to host a social and athletic event within the Muslim community in order to promote sports skills, develop appreciation for fitness and encourage participation from the community at large.


Mohammed Khaku, President of Al Ahad Islamic Center, said, "The tournament will be similar to the annual Islamic Games, but on a much smaller scale. The tournament serves as a way to build interest in athletics and a healthy lifestyle within the Muslim community".  


All proceeds were to be donated to a school expansion project at the Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley. In the past contributions have been made towards program like tsunami relief, support of orphans in Iraq and relief in Gaza.


Community Events - Minnesota
The Minneosta Jamaat held a variety of exciting events during the summer, and particularly during the holy month of Ramadhan. Below are a few of the activities that were held.


One Day Citizen Academy: An event at the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office on July 7th included a jail tour, crime lab analysis, and narcotics which gave participants a better insight into the Sheriff's office.  


Volunteering at a Shelter: on July 8th, volunteers at a shelter welcomed families as they arrived, distributed care packages to new families, served evening snacks, and engaged children in activities.  


Interfaith Food Packing: On July 18th, JIC along with Beth Shalom Synagogue and Brooklyn United Methodist Church participated in a food packing event. A total of 8,500 meals were packed.


JIC Hosts Iftaar: Over 13 organizations including churches, synagogues and city officials were present at a JIC Iftaar on July 28th. Members welcomed guests, served dinner, and answered questions.


Water Distribution: Members distributed 1000 water bottles applied with a custom label in downtown Minneapolis on August 1st in order to increase awareness of the holy month of Ramadhan. 


ALI Courses
The Academy of Learning Islam (ALI) is offering new courses for the fall term, September to December 2012:

Onsite Courses in Toronto (Jaffari Community Center): 

1) Six-week course on Understanding the Divine Message 

2) Four-week course on Glimpses into Nahjul Balagha (for women) 

3) Four-week course on Selected Duas from Sahifa Sajjadiyyah
4) Four-week course on  Motherhood in Islam (for mothers with children under the age of 7)

5) Ten-week course on Quran Appreciation (children ages 9-12)    


Online Courses:

1) Effective Parenting  

2) Freedom and Our Place in Modernity in the Light of the Thaqalayn

3) Nutrition and Healthy Eating 

4) Using Home Language: beneficial or destructive to a child's education?   


Click here for more information.