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June 1st, 2012 
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Az-Zahra Mother-Daughter Camp
Hiridjee Family Loan
Kaplan Financial Discount
Community Event - Los Angeles
Community Appeal - Allentown
Federation Samachar Archive
BMMK Ramadhan Appeal
Distributing Juz Amma in Africa

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Muslim Personalities

Allamah Majlisi - Author of Bihar al-Anwar


The Safavid dynasty was in power in Iran, and many Safavid rulers had appointed Shia scholars as overseers of the law. Upon the demise of Mullah Faiz Kashani, Allama Majlisi was eventually appointed as Shaikh al-Islam by Shah Suleiman. It is during this time that Shi'ism was publicly preached and practiced in Iran, and Shia festivals and commemorations like Ghadir and Ashura became part of the culture.


The scholar ascended the pulpit, and eventually the crowd in the mosque became quiet. He began with his usual praise of the Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them), but soon there was a change in his tone. He began talking about the various beliefs of the Shia faith, and to the shock of many people, a funeral shroud was brought in. As tears started rolling down people's faces, the scholar held it up and said, "These are my beliefs. I wish for each of you to place your signature on my shroud as witnesses that I subscribe to and adhere to these beliefs!"


One of the most prolific scholars in the history of Shi'ism, he was born in Isfehan in 1037 AH. His father, Mullah Muhammad Taqi Majlisi, was himself a prominent scholar, and it is under his tutelage that Allama Majlisi acquired much of his education, starting at a tender age of four.


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Islam in the News

 Muslim Athletes Must Balance the Call to Fast With a Desire to Compete


When the Qatari sprinter Noor al-Malki makes her debut at the London Olympics, she will not be among those contending for a medal. Breaking her own national record in the 100 meters will be enough of a prize.

But even this modest goal presents a challenge.

Al-Malki, 17, whose oil-and-gas rich country is sending women to the Olympics for the first time, knows she will need all her energy and strength to run a fast race. To do that, however, might require her to break the fast during Ramadan.

Muslims are required to abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk during the 30-day holy month, which begins on July 20 and overlaps with the Olympics. But al-Malki and the 3,500 other Muslim athletes expected to compete in London may look to ancient Islamic tenets that allow exemptions - for travelers, the sick and others - out of concern that not eating or drinking, even water, throughout the day could put them at a competitive disadvantage.

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Az-Zahra Mother-Daughter Getaway
Az-Zahra 2012Summer is that time of year when families get the opportunity to do things together. This year, experience a one-of-a-kind retreat where mothers and daughters will have the opportunity to bond and have fun in a serene environment.

NASIMCO Az-Zahra Mother-Daughter Getaway will be held at the Pearce Williams Campsite in Ontario, Canada between August 30th and September 2nd, 2012. Activities will include stargazing, outdoor yoga, swimming, archery and bonfires. And of course, all this is supplemented by spiritually uplifting lectures by Sr Masuma Jaffer and other Alimahs. For more details or to apply, visit the NASIMCO website or write to: 
Hiridjee Family Loan
Hiridjee LoanThe Hiridjee Loan is available to all female students of the community wishing to pursue higher education (Undergraduate, Masters and PhD).

The loan is for a maximum of GBP 10,000 per student per academic year and is paid directly to the academic institution towards tuition fees or student accommodation only.

Click on the poster for more details.


Kaplan Financial Discount
Kaplan The World Federation of KSMIC has liaised with Kaplan Financial to offer all community members a 10% discount for students wishing to study in any of their UK based centres.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification is ideal for students who are focused on a career in accountancy and finance.  The ACCA is one of the world's leading professional accountancy organisations with nearly 450,000 members and students in 170 countries.


For more information, please click here 

Community Event - Los Angeles

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, 

but their hearts forever. 


LA InterfaithThe sentiment of this saying was echoed in unison by the multicultural attendees at an annual Mother's Day Interfaith event. This event was hosted by the Los Angeles Jamaat on Sunday, May 6, 2012.  The annual event aims to foster conversations and enhance understanding among different faiths. This year, some 300 people of many faiths, languages and ethnicities attended the event to honor motherhood.


The celebration began with reflections from the scriptures by the faith leaders, followed by the National Anthem by Diana Nguyen. In his opening remarks, Dr Hasnain Walji set the scene with several beautiful anecdotes. 


Many notable dignitaries graced the occasion with their presence. Habib M. Habib, the Secretary General of NASIMCO, Rev. Bill Miller, Rev. Denis Short, Rabbi Goldfarb, and Shaikh Falah, joined leaders from the Zainabia Islamic Center, Babul Ilm, Jafaria Islamic Society, Huseini Islamic Center and The Safinah group. 


An article by Dr Hasnain Walji on the event appeared in the local newspaper. To read the article, click here.


Community Appeal- Allentown
The Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Pennsylvania has embarked on a project to expand the parking lot at their center, Al-Ahad Islamic Center. The community in Allentown has been growing steadily since its inception and now requires more parking spaces. The project is eligible for khums donations under the WF ijaza. To donate towards this project, click here.


Federation Samachar Issues Online
Issues of the magazine, 'Federation Samachar', published by the Africa Federation can now be accessed online. Issues from 1971 up to January 2012, a total of 72 issues, have now been archived.
All issues can be viewed on the Africa Federation website under the Publication Section.
The latest issue of the Federation Samachar will be available on the Africa Federation website soon.

BMMK - Ramadhan Appeal
Ramadhan Appeal 1433 AH.mp4
Ramadhan Appeal 1433 AH.mp4

The Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya (BMMK) has launched their Ramadhan Appeal for the year 1433 AH. As part of its Ramadhan activities, BMMK distributes Iftar at Masjids and to needy families and deserving Muslims. They also arrange Eid gifts for those who cannot afford them and radio broadcast programs. In addition, tabligh activities such as lectures, fiqh classes for both men and women and amaal during the Holy nights are also organized at the rural centers.


In order to make necessary preparation for purchase and delivery of the items to the centres before the commencement of the holy month, BMMK appeals for contributions towards their project. Please watch the video for more information on BMMK's activities. 


Distributing Juz Amma in Swahili in Africa
This Ramadhan, Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an (TTQ) publishing company is launching a campaign to distribute 100,000 Arabic-Swahili Juz Amma with Qaida (lessons on learning to recite the Qur'an). They have partnered with local organizations in East Africa to assist them in distributing these Juz Amma to remote villages. For only US $0.50, a copy of Juz Amma can be given to someone who will benefit greatly from it. For more information, visit the TTQ website.