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March 1st, 2012 
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NASIMCO President Visits Allentown Jamaat
Qum 2012 Summer Camps
Skills and Census Database - Last Call
MCE Regional Representative
NASIMCO 2012 Conference Date and Venue
WF Executive Council Meeting
ISIJ Directory of Marhumeen
Minnesota Jamaat Debt Free
Ahlulbayt TV

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Muslim Personalities

Akbar - The Great

Akbar  was one of the greatest rulers in Indian history. He was born when Humayun and his first wife, Hamida Bano, were fugitives escaping towards Iran. It was during these wanderings that Akbar was born in Umerkot, Sindh, on November 23, 1542. Legend has it that Humayun prophesied a bright future for his son, and thus accordingly, named him Akbar.


Akbar was raised in the rugged country of Afghanistan rather than amongst the splendor of the Delhi court. He spent his youth learning to hunt, run, and fight and never found time to read or write. He was the only great Mughal ruler who was illiterate. Despite this, he had a great desire for knowledge. This led him not only to maintain an extensive library but also to learn. Akbar had his books read out to him by his courtiers. Therefore, even though unable to read, Akbar was as knowledgeable as the most learned of scholars.

Akbar came to throne in 1556, after the death of his father, Humayun. At that time, Akbar was only 13 years old. Akbar was the only Mughal king to ascend to the throne without the customary war of succession; as his brother Muhammad Hakim was too feeble to offer any resistance.


During the first five years of his rule, Akbar was assisted and advised by Bahram Khan in running the affairs of the country. Bahram Khan was, however, removed and for a few years Akbar ruled under the influence of his nurse Maham Anga. After 1562, Akbar freed himself from external influences and ruled supreme.

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Islam in the News

A Group to Counter Anti-Islam Sentiment 


As anti-Muslim rhetoric rises locally and nationally - some of it fueled by the presidential campaign - a group of Chicago-area Muslims is battling back, using tactics including a television ad campaign and public forums against bigotry.

Gain Peace, an Islamic outreach organization based in Chicago, spent $40,000 in December to counter negative portrayals and produce two television ads intended to promote Islam as a just faith. The spots, which will run through March in the Chicago area on Fox, CNN and TNT, depict friendly Muslim students and professionals and display a phone number and a Web site for more information.

"This is an election year and in the Republican primaries and elsewhere, generally we have seen more discrimination, hate and misunderstanding about Muslims," said Sabeel Ahmed, director of Gain Peace. "We wanted to take it up a notch."
During a political engagement workshop for immigrants on the near West Side early this month, Ahmed Rehab, the head of a Muslim advocacy group, urged attendees to fight attacks on Islam with accurate information about the Muslim faith. 
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NASIMCO President Visits Allentown Jamaat

Allentown VisitAs part of his aim to become better acquainted with the North American communities, the President of NASIMCO, Br Gulamabbas Najafi, visited the Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Pennsylvania on February 10th, 2012. NASIMCO Councillors, Br Sadique Jaffer and Br Hussein Ismail, accompanied him on the visit. 


Br Gulamabbas Najafi addressed the community during the Wiladat celebration of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He spoke about NASIMCO initiatives that impacted the Allentown Jamaat, such as the NASIMCO CSAA scholarships which were awarded to youths in the Jamaat, and the building of a Mosque in Pakistan which the Jamaat came together to sponsor as part of the WF and NASIMCO Muharram Appeal.


The President also commended the current Management Committee on its hard work, particularly in regards to the Jamaat's parking lot expansion project. He pledged $15,000 towards the project. 


Finally, the President of Allentown Jamaat, Br Mohamed Khaku presented Br Gulamabbas Najafi with a plaque on behalf of the Allentown Jamaat. The NASIMCO councilors were also presented with certificates of appreciation. The visit of the President of NASIMCO provided an excellent opportunity for the Allentown community to discuss matters of mutual concern. 


LAUNCH of Madinah al-Im and Bab al-Ilm Qum Camps
Madinah Ilm and Babul Ilm 2012 promotional video
Madinah Ilm and Babul Ilm 2012 promotional video

NASIMCO, in conjunction with The World Federation, is pleased to announce the launch of the Madinah al-Ilm and Bab al-Ilm Qum Summer Camps 2012. This camp offers an experience of a lifetime in the holy cities of Qum and Mashhad.


The two camps run simultaneously but are aimed at different age groups. The Madinah al-Ilm camp is tailored to ages 18-24 years while the Bab al-Ilm camp is for ages14-17 years. Both camps include an Academic Program with activities such as discussions on Quran and Hadith, youth issues, classes on major Islamic subjects, as well as excursions to local attractions and important sites. A North American participant from last year's camp described her experience as follows:


"It was my first ziyarat trip, and for one of the rare times in my life I truly felt connected to something that was greater... a sort of elevation and inclining to ponder about my life as a follower of the 8th Imam (as)."


Click here for more information or to apply 


Skills and Census Database - LAST CALL!

stand outEveryone appreciates having their names in the directory, but the NASIMCO Skills directory is something more unique. This directory will go beyond names and addresses to also include people's skills and professions. Imagine being able to search for lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants and a wide range of other professionals in the community, all in one place! In addition, the directory will be North-America wide so members will have the chance to expand their boundaries.


If you want to be part of this exciting initiative, this is the last call. All you have to do is fill out one simple form per family. Click here to fill yours now!


Appointment of Regional Representative for MCE
The Madrasah Center of Excellence was launched in Jamaats all over the world on Eid-e-Zehra 1433. The initiative has been very well received across North America with most Jamaats responding positively. 

NASIMCO is therefore pleased to inform you that Shaykh Hasanayn Kassamali has been appointed as the regional representative from North America to the MCE team. Shaykh Hasanayn took part in the Madrasah Retreat that took place in Dubai last year and has always played an active role in Madrasah and Islamic education in general. 
In his new role, Shaykh will network with regional madaris to further the MCE mission as well as assisting with the marketing of the work of the MCE within the regional community. 
In addition, Shaykh Jaffer Jaffer, Resident Alim of Brampton Jamaat, has been appointed Head of the Learning Resources work stream. This is one of the four work streams of the MCE. NASIMCO congratulates Shaykh Hasanayn and Shaykh Jaffer on their respective appointments.
NASIMCO Annual Conference Dates and Venue
WF Executive Council Meeting

The Third World Federation Executive Council Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 19th, 2012 at Iranian Club in Dubai.


All members of constituent Jamaats are welcome to attend the Meeting, which will reflect on current projects on which the Councillors will set the direction forward for the Community.


Community Project - Directory of Marhumeen ISIJ

directory marhumeenFollowing the publication of the "Directory of Marhumeen of ISIJ", the community in Toronto has launched an interactive website,, which contains information for burial locations of the marhumeen in Toronto and its surrounding areas. In addition, the website provides rules related to death and supplications for the deceased.


Br Aunali Moledina took on the initiative in North America and Br Shahid and Br Sarfraz Juma developed the website and original print publication.

Community Update - Minnesota Jamaat Debt Free

Anjuman-e-Asghari - The Minnesota Jamaat has made its final bank loan payment for their Multi-Purpose Center. The Center was built in 2003 and the Jamaat has been working hard to pay off the construction loan ever since. With the help of donors worldwide, the loan has been paid off.


The Jamaat was also able to fulfill the outstanding amount of $55,000, which was Karze Hasanat given to the Center during the time of construction.


Minnesota Jamaat President, Br. Mohamed Remtula quoted "I, on behalf of our Jamaat would like to thank each and every donor and the organizations around the world who donated towards this project". 


Urgent Appeal for Ahlulbayt TV
Ahlulbayt TV is appealing urgently to all North American viewers. The channel is struggling to maintain the costs of broadcasting in North America, and therefore are left with no other option but to suspend their broadcast service indefinitely. In order to avoid such a situation, they are appealing to the dedicated viewers to come together and donate generously and assist them with the monthly fee of $15,000 for the sustenance of the sattelite costs.

Anyone who wish to donate can do so through the NASIMCO website.