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February 15th, 2012 
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Qum Summer Camp 2012

Islam in the News

 Tampa Parents Rip School for Letting CAIR Speak to Students

Parents in Tampa are the latest to protest school officials inviting a controversial Muslim civil liberties advocacy group to speak to students.


Dozens of people showed up at a Hillsborough County school board meeting Tuesday night to complain that a member of Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, spoke to history students at Steinbrenner High School last fall. They cited the group's alleged ties to terrorist group Hamas. The group, which purports to promote diversity and tolerance of the religion, has met a similar reception in Texas and Georgia in recent years.


"We do not have a problem with Islamic groups speaking with students, but we do have an issue with a group that has ties to terrorism speaking," Randall McDaniels, head of the Jacksonville Chapter of ACT for America, one of the groups actively seeking to stop CAIR members from speaking to students in public schools, told  

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Muslim Personalities

Omar Khayyam - Persian Poet, Mathematician and Astronomer

Omar Khayyam's full name was Ghiyath al-Din Abu'l-Fath Umar ibn Ibrahim Al-Nisaburi al-Khayyami. A literal translation of the name al-Khayyami (or al-Khayyam) means 'tent maker' and this may have been the trade of Ibrahim his father. 


The political events of the 11th Century played a major role in the course of Khayyam's life. The Seljuq Turks were tribes that invaded southwestern Asia in the 11th Century and eventually founded an empire that included Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, and most of Iran. 


The Seljuq occupied the grazing grounds of Khorasan and then, between 1038 and 1040, they conquered all of north-eastern Iran. The Seljuq ruler Toghr´l Beg proclaimed himself sultan at Nishapur in 1038 and entered Baghdad in 1055. It was in this difficult unstable military empire, which also had religious problems as it attempted to establish an orthodox Muslim state, that Khayyam grew up.


Khayyam studied philosophy at Naishapur and one of his fellow students wrote that he was 'endowed with sharpness of wit and the highest natural powers...'

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Qum Summer Camp 2012 - APPLY TODAY!
Madinah Ilm and Babul Ilm 2012
Madinah Ilm and Babul Ilm 2012

NASIMCO, in conjunction with The World Federation, is happy to announce the launch of the renowned Madinah al-Ilm and Baab al-Ilm Qum Summer Course 2012. The three-week course have been described by many as 'life-changing'.


This year, participants will be fortunate enough to spend the first few days of the month of Ramadhan in the Holy cities of Qum and Mashhad. Students will, Inshallah, fast whilst in Qum.  Having the opportunity of being in the close proximity of Bibi Masuma-e-Qum (as) and Imam Ridha (as) during this Holy Month is a once in a lifetime experience. 


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khojamatch Your Community. Your Perfect Match.

Some choices in life are more important than others. One of the most important decisions you will ever make is selecting the right person to spend the rest of your life with. KhojaMatch may well be the best choice to help you find the right spouse.

The new and improved KhojaMatch, from The World Federation of KSIMC, is an online matrimonial website for men and women aged 18 years and older, and is exclusively for Shia Ithnasheri Muslims who belong to member Jamaats of The World Federation. Fun new features include: sending salaams, icebreakers, online messaging and much more. We offer a safe, secure and discreet environment where members are required to follow the KhojaMatch Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Become part of the KhojaMatch online community and get connected. Your soul mate may only be a click away.

Community Appeal

NASIMCO is making an appeal to the community on behalf of a sister from the Toronto Jamaat suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia - a cancer of the blood. She has begun treatment, but in order to cure the disease long term, she will need a bone marrow transplant. A search has been initiated for a suitable bone marrow donor. The best chance of finding a matching donor is from within our own ethnic group.


Although people of any gender aged between 17 and 50 can donate, the best pool to find a suitable donor for the long-term success of the transplants is ethnic male donors between the ages of 17 and 35 years.


How can you help?

  • Consider becoming a bone marrow donor and register NOW
  • Give blood, whether or not you decide or are unable to become a bone marrow donor, patients need large quantities of blood during their treatment 
  • Pray for a suitable donor match and the successful treatment of this sister and all others stricken by this and other blood diseases - Ameen

In Canada, for more information and to register, click here 

In the USA, for more information and to register, click here 

Election Results - Los Angeles

The Shia Ithnasheri Islamic Jamaat of Los Angeles recently held elections for their Management Committee. The elected positions for the term 2012-2014 are as below:  


President: Khalil Dewji

Vice President: Murtaza Khakoo

Secretary: Shaista Virani 

Treasurer: Fatim Bata 

Councillor: Mussarat Bata

Councillor: Nazneen Nathani-Mirza
Member Jamaat - Initiative to Raise Funds for Center
In order to raise funds for their center, the Jaffarya Center of Niagara Frontier, NY, Inc., the Buffalo Jamaat have come up with Fatima Zehra (AS) Care Packages. Each package contains useful and popular Islamic audio and software and is offered at a cost of USD $50. The proceeds from packages go towards the Center.

The package includes the following:

  • Nahj-ul-Balagha - English or Urdu Audio
  • Dua's CD: Dua-e-Mujeer; Dua-e-Tawassul; Dua-e-Sabah; Dua-e-Fajr
  • Agahi - Book of 100 Questions
  • Risalat-ul-Huquqq - Treaties of Rights in English-Arabic by Imam Sajjad AS
  • ILM Software (USB) - software contains Duas, Ziyarats, Aamaals, Salaats, Fiqh, Quran, Commentary and many more things
Al-Hujjat Monthly Supplement
Al-Hujjat Monthly Supplement is a monthly e-publication aimed at connecting with the youth and the young at heart, with a goal to engage, inspire and motivate. Read the latest edition Here.