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December 1st, 2011 
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Muharram 1433 Appeal
Qum Summer Camp Report
Appeal from ISIJ Toronto
The Khoja Model
Election Results - Seattle
Election Results - Ottawa
Charity Walk - As-Sadiq School

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Muslim Personalities

Ayatullah Tabatabai - Islamic Gnosis

Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i was born in Tabriz in A.H. (lunar) 1321 or A.H. (solar) 1282, (A.D 1903) in a family of descendants of the Holy Prophet, which for fourteen generations has produced outstanding Islamic scholars. He received his earliest education in his native city, mastering the elements of Arabic and the religious sciences, and at about the age of twenty set out for the great Shiite University of Najaf Ashraf to continue more advance studies.


Most students in the madrasahs follow the branch of transmitted sciences" (al-'ulum al-naqilyah), especially the sciences dealing with the Divine Law, fiqh or jurisprudence and usul al-fiqh or the principles of jurisprudence. Ayatullah Tabataba'i, however, sought to master both branches of the traditional sciences; the transmitted and the intellectual he studied Divine Law and the principles of jurisprudence with two of the great masters of that day, Mirza Muhammad Husayn Na'ini and Shaykh Muhammad Husayn Isfahani.

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Islam in the News


South Florida's Muslim community is a diverse melting pot from all regions of the globe. We have Muslims from regions in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Oceania. I have yet to meet a Muslim from the Polar region but I'm sure I will soon enough. They all bring with them a vast array of cultures, languages, foods and ideologies. The majority of the Muslim population in South Florida is immigrant; however the non-immigrant community is thriving as well.


There is also a mix of Sunni and Shi'a that mirrors the global population of 85-90% Sunni and 10-15% Shi'a. Globally the Sunni Shi'a conflict continues, however the South Florida Muslim community, being mostly immigrant, seem to have left their differences back home. Often times they meet in harmony and some of the larger Sunni Islamic Centers offer up their facility to the smaller Shi'a communities during EID prayers. This is very inspiring and serves as a great example to the rest of the Muslim world.

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Skills Database Promotion

NASIMCO has undertaken an ambitious and exciting project: collecting professional/skills census data from every North American community member. In this survey, just as in our own communities, everyone has a role to play. Filling out these forms will ensure that you and your children are correctly represented and do not miss out on any prospective opportunities.


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Muharram 1433 Appeal: Islamic Scholars for Islamic Centers

Muharram 1433In July 2010, flood waters destroyed many mosques in Pakistan. Local scholars were no longer able to preach at the Mosques. Islam was vanishing.


Last Muharram, NASIMCO and the World Federation together appealed to the community to help rebuild these centers. With the generous donations received, 105 new centers were sponsored to be rebuilt. Now these centers need Alims but the villages cannot afford to provide them. Children and adults alike are in need of Islamic guidance.This year, help continue the efforts and place Islamic scholars at these centers by donating generously towards the Muharram Appeal.


Donate to the Muharram 1433 Appeal here.

Qum Summer Camp 2011 Course Report

The Madinah al-Ilm and Bab al-Ilm Summer Courses are a regular feature on the NASIMCO and The World Federation calendars; youths from around the globe gather together in the Islamic Republic of Iran for three weeks of education, spirituality, and an appreciation of culture. The aim of this course is to serve as a post-Madressah education initiative; integrating academic Islamic scholarship with an experience of the cultural relevance of Islam in the modern age. Students are intended to leave with a sense of enhanced self-knowledge and understanding leading to

higher levels of spirituality, as well as the inspiration to serve humanity and their communities back home.


The report for the Qum Summer Camp 2011 is now available. Read it here.

Member Community - Appeal

The ISIJ of Toronto has launched an appeal to communities across North America to participate in a noble effort to eliminate the Jaffari Community Centre debt. Their request is for a donation of $72, one time for every member of a household, in the name of Imam Hussain (AS) and the 72 Shuhada-e-Kerbala. 

To read more or to make a donation, click here

'East African' Volleyball - The Khoja Model
muslim sports orlandoLet's Move! is an initiative, launched by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity in the United States. Khoja 'East African' style volleyball was featured on the Let's Move! blog as a commendable use of sports to promote physical well-being and to renew social and cultural bonds within the youth. The blog highlighted the role of volleyball in the Khoja community as a means to both keeping a healthy lifestyle as well as encouraging a connected community across the country. 
"The mosques' own gyms have become one-stop shops to pray and play!" Read the full blog here. 
Election Results - IMAN, Seattle 

The Ithnasheri Muslim Association of the Northwest recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2011-2012 are as below:


President: Hamed Esfahani

Vice President & Secretary: Sameer Tejani  

Assistant Secretary: Meisam Seyed Aliroteh

Treasurer: Mohammad Nikjoo

Committee Member: Syed Mohammad Raza Wasti  

Election Results - ISIA Ottawa

The Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Ottawa recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2012-2013 are as below:


President (& Trustee)Syed Ali Zaidi

Secretary: Syed Aftab Haider Rizvi

Treasurer (& Trustee): Ali Abbas Mir 

Program Organizer: Mujahid Abbas

Councillor: Syed Kamran Raza Rizvi

Chairlady: Iffat Kazim 

Charity Walk - As-Sadiq Islamic School 
charity walkThe Mombasa Jaffery Academy and its sister school in Toronto, As-Sadiq Islamic School, linked arms across the ocean and joined together to partake in a charity event in Mombasa. As part of the three-day charity event, called "Journey Through the Golden Years", alumni of the Jaffery Academy were given a tour of the school. They saw great improvements from the school's earlier days, but at the same time, recognized that more could be done in order for the school and college to provide up to date, state of the art environment for education.


The two-kilometer charity walk, taken by 300 participants, through Old Town Mombasa raised more than USD $250,000. The majority of the funds will be used to provide additional student loans for higher education as well as to improve the facilities at the Jaffery Academy.  


As-Sadiq Islamic School has arranged another similar charity walk from Najaf to Karbala in January 2012 in support of their school as well as for a school in Karbala, the Orphanage of Syeda Rukiyya (AS). Click here to read more.