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November 1st, 2011 
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CSAA Scholarship Winners
40 Islamic Centers Update
Sheikh Usama Detained
Interfaith Event - Allentown
As-Sadiq School Charity Event
Al-Hujjat Supplement
Losing Liberty Report
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Muslim Personalities

 Nasir al-Din al-Tusi -  Islamic Astronomer and Mathematician

Although usually known as Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, his proper name was Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Tusi. In fact al-Tusi was known by a number of different names during his lifetime such as Muhaqqiq-i Tusi, Khwaja-yi Tusi and Khwaja Nasir.

Al-Tusi was born in Tus, which lies close to Meshed in northeastern Iran high up in the valley of the Kashaf River. He was born at the beginning of a century which would see conquests across the whole of the Islamic world from close to China in the east to Europe in the west. It was the era when the vast military power of the Mongols would sweep across the vast areas of the Islamic world displaying a bitter animosity towards Islam and cruelly massacring people. This was a period in which there would be little peace and tranquillity for great scholars to pursue their works, and al-Tusi was inevitably drawn into the conflict engulfing his country.

In Tus, al-Tusi's father was a jurist in the Twelfth Imam School. The Twelfth Imam was the main sect of Shi'ite Muslims and the school where al-Tusi was educated was mainly a religious establishment. 


However, while studying in Tus, al-Tusi was taught other topics by his uncle which would have an important influence on his intellectual development. These topics included logic, physics and metaphysics while he also studied with other teachers learning mathematics, in particular algebra and geometry

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Islam in the News

New Vision for Islam in Hostile Times 


Over the past decade, many Americans have based their thoughts and feelings about Islam in large part on a single place: the blasted patch of ground where the World Trade Center once stood. But a rival space has slowly and silently taken shape over those same years, about six miles to the north. It is a vast, palacelike suite of rooms on the second floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where some of the world's most precious Islamic artifacts sit sequestered behind locked doors.

On a recent afternoon, Navina Haidar stood in these rooms as a wash of voices echoed up from the halls of the Greek and Roman galleries, far below. Only three weeks remained until the long-hidden Islamic galleries were to be unveiled to the public, and Haidar - an elegant 45-year-old who was raised in New Delhi by a Muslim father and a Hindu mother - still had decisions to make. She has spent more than eight years devising a vision of Islamic tradition that is far more diverse, and less foreign, than the caricature mullahs and zealots who have come to define Islam for much of the non-Muslim world.
"We're thinking of putting the Koran pages right here, by the entrance," Haidar said, gazing at two eight-feet-tall manuscript pages in sloping Arabic script that date to the 15th century, parked casually on dollies. "That would make a bold statement right up front about Islam." Around her, ladders and scaffoldings stood casually alongside life-size Afghan figures in stone and curved Ottoman daggers in gold. 

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CSAA Scholarships Awarded

NASIMCO is pleased to announce the following winners of the Community Service and Academic Achievement (CSAA) Awards 2011-12. The awards will be presented on Eid-ul-Adha through the respective Jamaats.


Marhum Sultan Davdani Scholarship Award ($2,000):

 Taha Kermalli of Allentown


Jaffer Family Foundation Scholarship Award ($2,000):

Qurat-ul-Ain Abbas Gulamhussein of New York


Marhum Abbas Alloo Scholarship Award ($1,000):

Fatima Rawji of Toronto


MP Charitable Foundation Scholarship Award ($1,000):

Kazim Ali Habib of Toronto


Marhum Mohamedali Kanji Memorial Scholarship ($1,000):

Sayyeda Khalfan of New York


Sajeda Karim-Alidina Memorial Scholarship ($1,000):

Mohamed Kadhim Nathani of New York 


Sura-e-Fateha is requested for the marhumeen in whose names the scholarships are sponsored. Contact NASIMCO to create a scholarship in memory of your marhumeen.


40 Centers in 40 Days Appeal

40 centers reportIn towns across Pakistan, Mosques, Imambarghas and Madressahs sponsored through the '40 Islamic Centres in 40 Days Appeal' (launched last Muharram) are nearing completion.


203 Shia Islamic Centres were destroyed by the floods that devastated Pakistan in July 2010. The aim of this project was to rebuild these Islamic Centres to restore communities and revive Islam across Pakistan's flood affected areas through the teachings and guidance of the Ahlul Bayt (AS). The appeal was launched worldwide and thanks to donors from Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and Middle East, the campaign raised enough funds to rebuild 105 Centres in the remote and disadvantaged areas of Pakistan's rural areas.


A report has been released outlining the progress of the rebuilding of these centers. Click here to read the full report.


NASIMCO and the World Federation would like to thank you for your donations. It is only with your help that we are able to address a critical need in so many villages where Islam was beginning to vanish.


Sheikh Usama Al-Attar Detained in Medina

On Sunday, October 30th, 2011, Canadian-Iraqi scholar, Sheikh Usama Al-Attar, the Resident Alim of the Islamic Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Edmonton, along with other members of a Hajj group were gathered at Janat-ul-Baqee in Medina when he was detained.


The Canadian Broadcast Corporation reported the following:


"The attack took place at a cemetery in Medina early Sunday morning and was reportedly sparked when religious police approached an international group of pilgrims that included the imam, Usama Al-Atar of Edmonton. Witnesses said angry words were spoken, then things calmed down. That's when a single member of the religious police approached Al-Atar, offered to shake his hand and then called out to a group of men at a taxi stand. They rushed in and began beating Al-Atar, kicking him and attempting to throttle him, the witnesses said. Medina central police arrived, escorted the Canadian to a car and drove away, according to the witnesses."


NASIMCO issued a press-release on Sunday and many community members prayed for the release of Sheikh Al-Attar. Sheikh was released on Monday. We thank the community for their support. 


Interfaith Event - Allentown

AllentownOn Thursday, October 13th and Sunday, October 16th, 2011, the members of Al-Ahad Islamic Center in Allentown, PA, and New Goshenhoppen United Church of Christ, in East Greenville, PA, agreed to visit each other's place of worship to better understand each other, and find the common ground between the two faiths.


35 Christians journeyed to the Al-Ahad Center for evening prayer and worship on Thursday. They were introduced to Islamic customs and practices, toured the center and were then invited to observe the service. On Sunday morning, 45 Muslim brothers and sisters arrived at New Goshenhoppen UCC.  Guests from the Al-Ahad Center came into the sanctuary, some sitting as a group, others side-by-side with new friends they had made on Thursday evening.


Russ Gates, the Associate Pastor of Outreach and Discipleship at the New Goshenhoppen UCC had the following words to say about the event:


"As we parted, it was the express hope of both communities that we might continue this process through mutual events. These might include theological discussion, topical conversations, outreach to the needy in the world around us, and of course, fellowship and food! May Allah/God continue to bless our time together."


As-Sadiq School Charity Event - Toronto

as-sadiq presentationA student of As-Sadiq Islamic School of Toronto initiated a fundraising event for the East African famine and the floods in Pakistan. Saba Rizvi put boxes in every classroom and encouraged parents and children alike to donate money to the causes. The school raised $2,316.00, which was later presented to Br. Gulamabbas Najafi, the President of NASIMCO.


Al-Hujjat Monthly Supplement
Al-Hujjat Monthly Supplement is a monthly e-publication aimed at connecting with the youth and the young at heart, with a goal to engage, inspire and motivate. Read the latest edition, published on the occasion of the Shahadat of Imam Mohammed Taqi (a.s). 

Losing Liberty

Muslim Advocates recently announced Losing Liberty: The State of Freedom 10 Years After the Patriot Act, a report released on the ten-year anniversary of the passage of the Patriot Act.


The report, which includes a forward by former Senator Russ Feingold, illustrates how the government has created and expanded unprecedented powers to spy on innocent Americans; how charitable giving has suffered because of stifling fears and confusing regulations; and ultimately, how the acceptance of religious and racial profiling has created a hostile environment and a breeding ground for anti-Muslim rhetoric and hate. The report also sets forth concrete steps that Congress and the President should take to amend the law and uphold the nation's founding freedoms, which are guaranteed to all Americans, regardless of faith. Click here to access Losing Liberty  


ALI Courses for Women

The following courses are available online from the Academy of Learning Islam for Women. 


Parenting to Build Moral Intelligence in Children 

In this 4 week workshop, you will explore, learn and practice parenting strategies that will help develop children's character and moral consciousness. Classes will be held Wednesday evenings beginning November 2nd.


Imam Ali (a)'s Letter to Malike Ashtar 

A study of letter no. 62 of Nahjul Balagha will include discussions on issues raised in this letter including duty towards God, responsibilities towards people, and personal accountability. Classes will be held Tuesday evenings beginning November 1st. Note: For women only


Email: to register.