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September 1st, 2011 
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Ramadhan Relief 1432
Pakistan Flood Appeal
East Africa Famine Crisis
Project Qur'an
Al-Hujjat Supplement

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Pakistan Flood Appeal 


Muslim Personalities

 Persian Astronomer:  Jamshid al-Kashani

Jamshid al-Kashi was born in Kashan, which lies in the eastern foot of the Central Iranian Range in 1380 CE.  When al-Kashi was growing up, Timur Leng was the ruler of that area, and he was not interested in science and education. Timur died in 1405 and his empire was divided between his two sons, one of whom was    Shah Rukh.

During Timur's reign, conditions were difficult, with widespread poverty. Al-Kashi lived in poverty, but devoted himself to astronomy and mathematics while moving from town to town. Conditions improved when Shah Rukh became the ruler. He brought economic prosperity to the region, and strongly supported science and intellectual activity. With the change in economic conditions, al-Kashi's life also improved markedly.


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Islam in the News

Eid Around the World

Muslims offer prayer during Eid al-Fitr morning prayer at the Niujie Mosque in Beijing Friday, Sept. 10, 2010. Muslims in China celebrate the Eid al-Fitr that marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

To see more photos of Eid celebrated around the world, click here.


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Ramadhan Relief 1432 Update

Alhamdulillah, the Ramadhan Relief and Ramadhan Relief Gift Basket campaigns brought in donations from far and wide. These donations have enabled us to feed the hungry people in Somalia and other parts of the World on your behalf. Donations that have already been remitted by Jamaats as well as individual donations to NASIMCO are listed below:

- ISIAA of Edmonton: $8,063.72
- HIC Orlando: $423.00
- IMF Boston: $1,167.00
- ISIA of Ottawa: $1,032.00
- IJA Miami: $4,000.00

- IHIC Minnesota: $8,408.17

- A-e-A Minnesota: $6,820.16 
- NASIMCO online: $24,829.83

- TOTAL: $54,743.88 

Pakistan Flood Relief
Flood2After the devastating floods that occurred in Pakistan earlier this year, unprecedented rainfall during this past month of August caused even more damage in the country. The rain greatly affected the southern districts of the Sindh Province and has resulted in a huge loss of homes. To complicate the situation, irrigation systems has been damaged, making it imperative that relief efforts be undertaken as fast as possible in order to provide maximum assistance to people. Please click here to see the news release and donate.
East Africa Famine Relief
famineSimilar to the work done by the World Federation in East Africa, CHEPs and Ar-Rahman have also been providing relief in the Lagdera District in Kenya. Recently, they published a report on the extremity of the situation. The report describes the dry terrain, baked earth and thorny claws that used to be trees. The air is filled with the stench of rotting carcasses of animals that have died and been left to decay. It states that 'thousands of people cross impossible distances in the hope of finding enough food and water to survive just one more day, and a large number of them never make it'.

Countless Muslims are suffering in these kinds of conditions and are in desparate need of our donations. Please click here to donate.*


*Canadian donations received before September 16th will be eligible for the Canadian Government's Matching Fund program.

eLEARNE-Learning stands for "electronic learning" and allows individuals to acquire knowledge from the comfort of their own homes. NASIMCO has realized the need for a structured Islamic learning portal that can be accessed by anyone throughout the world. We are therefore happy to announce our new initiative, eLEARN: eLearning - Edification and Achievement in Religion by NASIMCO. At our recent conference, NASIMCO officially launched its e-Learning whitepaper. Within the next year, we hope that eLEARN will be available on a computer near you!


To read more about eLEARN, download the brochure by clicking on it.

Project Qur'an

An organization called Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an (TTQ), along with AhlulBaytTV, has recently launched a project called 'Project Qur'an'. This project aims at spreading the message of the Qur'an to as many people as possible. Having launched this project during the holy month of Ramadhan, they have successful shared the Qur'an with many people of different walks of life. TTQ is now asking all individuals to join in their pledge to share as many Qur'an's as possible with friends, neighbors or colleagues. To find out more details, click here.

Al-Hujjat Supplement
Al-Hujjat Monthly Supplement is a e-publication aimed at engaging the youth as well as the young at heart, with a goal to inspire and motivate. A special edition has been published for Eid-ul-Fitr and can be downloaded here.