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August 15th, 2011 
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Ramadhan Relief 1432
Drought of the Horn Relief
NA Speakers for Ramadhan
Message of the Quran
Community Event - Orlando
Webinar - Charitable Giving
Webinars - Holy Ramadhan
Eid Gift Program

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Ramadhan Relief Fund 


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East Africa Famine Relief

Muslim Personalities

Sheikh Bahai


He has been recognized as one of the Mujaddadad's, the revivalists of the faith in the 10th Century. Not only was Sheikh Bahai a cleric of very high caliber, but he was an outstanding scholar in different disciplines and has also left behind his writings. Sheik Bahai was an adept at engineering and mathematics. There is a mosque in Iran built on the banks of a river by the name of "Chahel Sutoon-The Mosque of Forty Pillars". When you look at it from the front, it seems there are forty pillars in the structure. but in actuality it has only twenty pillars. The mosque was designed and constructed by Sheik Bahai. 
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Islam in the News

U.S. Wants Muslim Allies


Rolling out a new strategy for combating radicalization, White House officials warned that casting broad suspicion on Muslim Americans is counterproductive and could backfire by alienating a religious minority and fueling extremism...
Accusing the entire Muslim community of complicity in terrorism could "feed the sense of disenchantment and disenfranchisement that may spur violent extremist radicalization." Instead, he said, Muslim Americans should be treated as a crucial ally of the government in combating extremism.

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Ramadhan Relief 1432

Ramadhan Relief 1432This Ramadhan, sponsor an Iftaar basket or two or three...


In the homes of many Muslim families living in poverty, the odds of having enough food for Iftaar are almost nil. By sponsoring an Iftaar basket, you can make sure these families are provided with staple rations that will allow them to prepare proper meals for Iftaar as well as for Sehri. One Iftaar basket costs $24 and can feed a family of four for one month.


Funds collected for the Ramadhan Relief will also be allocated towards relief efforts in East Africa where a severe famine is currently devastating millions of people. 

Kids Helping


The Holy Prophet said, "The best act of charity is carried out in the Month of Ramadhan."

Drought of the Horn Relief

Famine ReliefNASIMCO, in conjunction with the World Federation, is launching the Drought of the Horn Relief Fund for the famine crisis in East Africa. The lives of more than 13 million people are being threatened by the severest drought in decades. Crops and livestock have been destroyed and malnutrition and disease are on the rise. The children and families are in desperate need of aid and emergency supplies.


Although funds for East Africa are being collected through the Ramadhan Relief Fund, money donated specifically to this cause will be eligible for matching from the Canadian Government. 

North American Speakers for Month of Ramadhan

Jamaats in United States:


- Buffalo (Jaffarya Center) - Maulana Muslim Mehdi Chawla

- Boston (Imamia Muslim Foundation) - Maulana Rizwan Rizvi

- Los Angeles (Shia Ithnasheri Islamic Jamaat) - Dr. Fareed Moosavi and Dr. Hasanain Walji
- Maryland (Imam Mahdi Education Center) - Sheikh Ahmed Al-Haeri and various other speakers

- Minnesota (Imam Hussain Islamic Center) - Sayed Mahdi Qazwini, Sheikh Odeh Muhawesh, Br. Hameed Atia and Br. Saleh Radhi
- Miami (Islamic Jaffaria Association) - Br. Ijmal Naqvi and Maulana Mohamad Jaffar Baglori
- Minnesota (Jafari Islamic Center) - Maulana Muhammed Reza Rizwani
- New Jersey (Masjid-e-Ali) - Sheikh Salim Yusufali  and Sheikh Mukhtar Faezi

- New York (Husseini Madressah) - Sheikh Ayub Rashid, Sayed Ammar Nakshawani and Dr. Raza Dungersi

- Orlando (Husseini Islamic Center) - Sheikh Jaffer Ladak and Sheikh Jaffar Jaffar 

- Seattle (IMAN) - Sheikh Aliasghar Karmali and Br. Mohamed Jawad Khaki


Jamaats in Canada:
- Brampton (Masumeen Islamic Center) - Sayed Mohammad Rizvi and Sayed Asad Jafri

- Edmonton (ISIA) - Dr. Usama Al-Atar

- Kitchener (ISIAJ-KW) - Br. Muhammad Nasser, Br. Maysum Panju and Br. Hussein Walji

- London (Al Mehdi Al Muntathar Union) - Sheikh Mazin Sadkhan

- Montreal (Shian-e-Haidery) - Maulana Inayat Hussain Shakir

- Ottawa - Sheikh Mumtaz Ali and Maulana Javed Jafri

- Toronto (Islamic Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat) - Sayed Mohammad Rizvi
- Vancouver (Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre) - Sheikh Murtaza Bachoo, Sheikh Hasanayn Kassamali, Br. Asad Dharsi and Br. Rizwan Rashid

Message of the Qur'an: A Thematic Exegesis, Volume 1

QuranThis Holy month of Ramadhan, learn more about the Holy Qur'an by reading this enlightening book. Volume One of the "Message of the Qur'an" series explores types of Tafseer, the importance of the name of Allah (SWT), effects of knowledge and ignorance, sources of ma'rifat and much more. Order your copy by emailing Click on the poster for more information.


Community Event - Orlando (Haider Cup)

At the recently concluded Annual Haider Cup Charity Golf Tournament, held in St. Augustine, FL, 56 golfers from various cities in North America raised approximately $26,000 for the Orlando Husseini Islamic Center's (HIC) investment charity fund. 




The funds were raised through personal donations, raffles, auctions and a skills competition. With these funds, HIC finalized the purchase of its third investment property. The proceeds from this investment property will benefit various funds and special programs of the Orlando Jamaat.


Webinar - Charitable Giving


Muslim Advocates will be hosting a special webinar/conference call for members of the American Muslim community on the topic of domestic and international charitable giving. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, August 17, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern. This one-hour event will feature Marcus Owens, a well-respected tax lawyer and former head of the IRS Exempt Organizations Division. The session will give attendees an opportunity to ask questions about selecting reputable charitable organizations and steps to ensure that donations go to the charitable causes for which they are intended.


If you are interested in attending, please register here or call (415) 692-4931.  Please RSVP as soon as possible as space is limited. This webinar is free of charge and open to all.

Webinars - Holy Ramadhan

Millions of Muslims have begun fasting in obedience to Allah (SWT). This month is the best season for building closer relation with the Holy Qur'an. It is also important that we appraise our progress during this month by looking at the philosophy of fasting. The Academy for Learning Islam (A.L.I.)  is offering the following three online seminars for the benefit of all Muslims who have access to broadband internet.


1) Qur'an Tilawah in Holy Ramadan

2) Developing a Closer Relation with the Qur'an

3) Philosophy of Fasting


Visit for details

Eid Gift Program

eidThis year, as in the past years Child Aid International is aiming to distribute Eid gifts to1,700 orphan children in the cities of Baghdad, Karbala and Basra in Iraq. Last year 1,500 gifts were distributed to orphan children for Eid ul-Fitr.


For only $10, donors can bring happiness to an impoverished orphan child living in Iraq on the day of Eid. Each gift consists of two pairs of clothing and one pair of shoes for an orphan child. For more information visit