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August 1st, 2011 
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Qum Summer Camp 2011
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Muslim Personalities

 Ayatollah Motahari in Revolutionary Iran

Ayatollah Morteza Motahari, born 1920, received his elementary education in theology from his father, Sheikh Mohammad Hossein in his home town, Fariman in Khorasan province and later completed his education in Islamic Beliefs and Jurisprudence under the supervision of the renowned philosopher Allameh Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai, Ayatollah Khomeini and many other distinguished scholars.


Ayatollah Motahari wrote assiduously and continuously from his student days right up to 1979, the year of his assassination. He was one of the most versatile Islamic scholars and prolific writers of recent times, deeply rooted in traditional learning and enamoured of its exponents. 

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Islam in the News

 Islam goes Green

As Chicago-area Muslims begin the fast of Ramadan Monday, religious leaders are calling on the faithful to keep two causes in their prayers: the health of the planet and the people of Somalia who have been devastated by environmental crisis.

"Everyone is aware and concerned about war and global warming, drought and water shortage," said Zaher Sahloul, chairman of the Islamic council. "But we need to change the behavior of our communities ... and link it to the practice of fasting."

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NASIMCO Nominated Councillors to the World Federation

Regional Federations are entitled to nominate five councilors to The World Federation as per clause 19.1.2 [d] of the WF Constitution. NASIMCO Executive Council is pleased to appoint the following as the Nominated Councilors to The World Federation from the region for the term 2011-2014: 

  • Br Gulamabbas Najafi (Toronto)
  • Br Shabir Karim (Minnesota)
  • Br Habib M. Habib (Seattle)
  • Br Sadique Jaffer (New York)
  • Br Aliraza Rajani (Toronto)

Ramadhan Relief 1432: Children Helping Children

RRF_ChildCalling all children to join our campaign against hunger - every penny you fundraise counts!


300 million children go to bed hungry every day. This Ramadhan, NASIMCO has partnered with the World Federation, and inviting children in North America to join the campaign against hunger. The money that kids fund-raise will provide hot meals to thousands of hungry children.


All the kids have to do is choose a task to be sponsored for. They can be sponsored for fasting, reciting Quran, learning a surah or participating in a sports tournament. Download a sponsorship form and ask family and friends to sponsor them for their task. Finally, the money collected should be given to your local Jamaat or sent to NASIMCO. Click here for more information.


Qum Summer Camps 2011

The Eighth annual Bab al-Ilm and Madinah al-Ilm Summer Camps are now underway. Students have been busy settling in, making new friends and adjusting to their new environment. The students have spent their time in Qum visiting Masuma -e-Qum (A.S.), attending lectures and participating in leisure activities. Inshallah, the students will spend 10 days of the blessed month of Ramadhan in Mashad.

As they go forth on their journey of spiritual upliftment, you can share their experiences by reading their daily diaries. Girls Diaries
. Boys Diaries


CSAA Scholarship Awards

CSAAEach year NASIMCO awards scholarships to students for Community Service and Academic Achievement (CSAA). The awards aim to encourage the youth of North American communities to excel in their academic achievements and also to reward them for their voluntary services in their communities.


NASIMCO always receives an overwhelming response to these scholarships. This year, the following five scholarships are available:

  • Marhum Sultan Davdani Scholarship - $2000
  • Jaffer Family Foundation Scholarship - $2000
  • Marhum Abbas Alloo Scholarship - $1000
  • Sajeda Karim-Alidina Memorial Scholarships - $1000
  • Marhum Mohamedali Kanji Memorial Scholarship - $1000

More information and application forms can be found on the NASIMCO website. Application deadline is August 15th, 2011.


Solidarity Day - Africa Federation

Solidarity DayWho is there that will offer Allah (SWT) a good gift so He will double it for him, and shall have an excellent reward?" (Holy Quran, 57:11)  


The Africa Federation has dedicated this year's Solidarity Day Fund towards assisting in the education of children in our community in Africa who cannot afford to pay school fees. NASIMCO is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Africa Federation to raise funds for this worthwhile cause. 


The aim is to cover full student fees for orphans and provide partial assistance for children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their children's education. In the West, many of us take the education of our children and the opportunities that come with it for granted. Let us take the time to think about those for whom this is not the case and donate generously towards this cause. Click on the poster for more information. 


Community Event - Toronto

A team-based tennis tournament will be held in Toronto on the 23rd of September by the Mis-Hits Tennis Club.The tournament will be similar to the highly successful event that was held in Orlando last year and will consist of singles and doubles matches. This year the tournament will be held  at the Mayfair Racquet & Tennis Club in Toronto. 


Masumeen Cup Tournament organizers are Imtiyaz Kara (, Rizwan Khalfan ( and Hasnain Panju (