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June15th, 2011 
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NASIMCO Conference 2011
Al Mahdi Camp
Az-Zahra and Al-Muntadhar Camps
WF Conference Report
Community Development - Africa Federation
Al-Hujjat Supplement
Ahlulbayt TV Update

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Muslim Personalities

Father of Chemistry: Jabir Ibn Haiyan

"Jabir Ibn Haiyan, the chemist Geber of the Middle Ages, is generally known as the father of chemistry. Abu Musa Jabir Ibn Hayyan, sometimes called al-Harrani and al-Sufi, was the son of the druggist (Attar). The precise date of his birth is the subject of some discussion, but it is established that he practiced medicine and alchemy in Kufa around 776 C.E. He is reported to have studied under Imam Ja'far Sadiq and the Ummayed prince Khalid Ibn Yazid. 
 ...Jabir's major contribution was in the field of chemistry. He introduced experimental investigation into alchemy, which rapidly changed its character into modern chemistry."

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Islam in the News


At Debate, Republican Candidates Spar Over Islam

"There weren't too many sharp differences among the Republican presidential candidates in Monday night's New Hampshire debate, but a crack did emerge over how Islam and Muslims ought to be treated in the United States.

...The exchange on that issue opened with a question to former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who had said previously that he wouldn't feel comfortable appointing a Muslim to his presidential Cabinet.  

'I would not be comfortable because you have peaceful Muslims and then you have militant Muslims - those that are trying to kill us,' Cain said at Monday night's debate. 'And so when I said I wouldn't be comfortable, I was thinking about the ones who are trying to kill us.'

...Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who spoke next, appeared to brush aside Cain's concerns about Sharia and his suspicions of American Muslims."

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NASIMCO Conference 2011

Conference LogoNASIMCO would like to invite the community to attend its annual Conference to be held by the Muslim Foundation of New Jersey at their new venue, Masjid-e-Ali. The theme chosen for the Conference will address the way in which women can contribute to the progress of the Muslim community. If you believe that women have a role to play when it comes to community affairs, NASIMCO offers you this forum to partake in valuable discussions on the theme, "Practical Pathways to Progress: The Female Role".


We are pleased to welcome Dr. Niloufer Saeed, a practicing physician as well as an active member of the community in Kitchener-Waterloo, as one of our guest speakers. She will elaborate on the role of women in the decision making process. We are also delighted that Sr. Zehra Naqvi, an attorney by profession and the co-founder of the Council of Shia Professionals, has agreed to address the conference. Her discourse will examine certain current community practices in an effort to understand how they may be undermining the community's efforts to enhance female involvement.


Enlightening presentations will also be made on initiatives being taken across North America by NASIMCO, including the Census and Skills Database, e-Learning and Capacity Building. The Conference will take place on June 25th. Please visit the NASIMCO website for more information. 


Al Mahdi Camp 

NASIMCO, in collaboration with the ISIAA of Edmonton is pleased to announce the Al-Mahdi Camp  that is taking place in Edmonton on June 17-19, 2011. The camp is being held on Sundre, Alberta, which has a beautiful view of the Rockies and overlooks Red Deer River Valley.

Accommodation includes dorm rooms, heated cabins and lodges. The weekend will consist of activities such as horse riding, hayrides, hiking, climbing and campfires. Speakers for the camp are Shaykh Usama Al Atar and Sr Tahera Rashid who will deliver sessions catered specifically to nurturing Islamic growth. For more information and to register for the camp click here


Az-Zahra and Al-Muntadhar Camps

Zahra_MuntadharNASIMCO is proud to present the Az-Zahra and Al-Muntadhar camps to take place this summer. NASIMCO values the opportunity for parents to nurture their relationship with their children in a fun and social atmosphere. If you are a mother who would like to spend some quality time away with your daughter, or a father wishing that you had the time to do different activities with your son, then the Az-Zahra and Al-Muntadhar camps are the perfect solution. Both camps include swimming, archery, campfires and many other recreational activities as well as interactive sessions on pertinent Islamic topics. To find out more or to register, visit the NASIMCO website.


World Federation Conference Report

The Thirteenth Ordinary Conference of The World Federation of KSIMC took place in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, from May 27th to 29th. Delegates from around the world attended the Conference. Thanks were was given to the Chairman of the Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat, Br. Shiraz Walji, for hosting the Conference.


Presentations at the Conference included an address by the incumbent President Elect of the World Federation, Dr. Asghar Moledina, the Foundation Fund, Media Strategies, Capacity Building Initiatives, International Relief and Development and the Women's Needs Assessment. The Conference ended with elections of the Executive Council. The results are as follows:   


Vice President: Munawar Rattansey (UK) 

Honorary Treasurer: Reza Hooda (UK) 

Executive Councillor: Sibtain Asaria (Dubai) 

Executive Councillor: Mohsin Jaffer (USA) 

Executive Councillor Saeeda Jiwa (UK) 

Executive Councillor: Shabir Najafi (Uganda) 

Executive Councillor: Anver Rajpar (Pakistan) 


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Community Development - Africa Federation 

In celebration of the birth of our 12th Imam on the 15th of Shabaan, Africa Federation has dedicated this year's Solidarity Day Fund towards assisting in the education of the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri children in Africa whose parents cannot afford to pay their school fees, as well as that of the deserving orphan children in our community. Africa Federation is requesting all well-wishers, benefactors and donors of the Khoja Shia fraternity worldwide to donate toward this noble cause.  For Further information, please contact   


Al-Hujjat Monthly Supplement & Website

Ahlulbayt TV Update
Ahlulbayt TV has launched an application for the iPhone to allow users access to videos, facebook updates and live broadcast. The application can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store at a cost of only $0.99. For more information, click here