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May 15th, 2011 
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NASIMCO Conference 2011
WF - India Office
Election Results - Toronto
Election Results - Brampton
Memorial Day Tournament - Minnesota
Scholarship Opportunity - IMAN Seattle
UMAA Convention 2011

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Anti-Muslim Incidents Follow the Death of Osama

"When he announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, President Obama acknowledged and echoed his predecessor, telling the nation, 'I've made clear, as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam.'

 Not everybody listened. While the incidents are for the most part isolated, several public expressions of anti-Muslim sentiment have occurred across the country.

The Maine Muslim Community Center in Portland was vandalized, a wall spray-painted with the words 'Osama today, Islam tomorrow' and 'Long live the West.' The mosque serves a large Somali community in Portland.

A teacher was put on leave in Friendswood, Texas, after he reportedly asked a female student in his 9th grade algebra class if she was grieving over the death of her 'uncle'.
In Anaheim, Calif., eggs were thrown at the Fusion Ultra Lounge, even though the nightclub's owner, Mohammed El Khatib, had served in the U.S.'s armed forces and, after hearing of Bin Laden's death, said, 'We're happy that he's gone.'"

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NASIMCO Conference 2011

NASIMCO is pleased to announce that its 31st Annual NASIMCO Conference will be hosted by the Muslim Foundation Inc. of New Jersey on June 25th at their newly built Center, Masjid-e-Ali.


This year's conference theme will be "Practical Pathways to Progress: The Female Role". To help us engage in meaningful discussion will be special guest speaker, Dr. Niloufer Saeed. It is sure to be an enlightening experience as we discuss the importance of women's role in Islam and chart out ways in which our communities will progress in women participations.


The World Federation - India Office 

On behalf of The World Federation, NASIMCO would like to inform you that an office has been established in India. The Office is situated in the Palla Gulley area of Mumbai at the heart of the community. 


The primary role of this office will be Tableegh, but will also have the ability to incorporate the other aspects within which The World Federation works. We pray for success of this office and the Tawfeeq to continue to serve Islam.


Election Results - Toronto

The Shia Ithna asheri Jamaat of Toronto recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2011-2013 are as below:


President: Aliraza Rajani 

Vice President: Shabbir Jeraj 

Honorary Secretary: Mazahair Dhirani 

Honorary Treasurer: Habib Meghjee 

Mukhi: Raza Kassam 

Chairlady: Zehra Dilawar Hussain 

Elected MembersHasina Alidina, Zuhair Kanji, Safdar Noorani


Election Results - Brampton

The Masumeen Islamic Centre of Brampton, an affiliated Center of Shia Ithna asheri Jamaat of Toronto, recently held elections for their Management Committee. The elected positions for the term 2011-2013 are as below:  


Chairman: Kauser Ladha


Vice Chairman: Arif Teja


Secretary: G. Abbas Khawaja


Treasurer: Mustafa Visram


Director of Operations: Hasnain Moledina


Memorial Day Tournament - Minnesota

The Jaafari Islamic Center in Minnesota will be holding the Annual Memorial Day Tournament on May 27th to 29th.  It will be a competitive weekend of both Men's Traditional Style Volleyball and Ladies Badminton.  Teams from across North America are joining in the competition.  For more information please go to 


The Minnesota Jamaat is also conducting a "Invest in a Brick Campaign", to reduce the remaining debt owed for its Multi-Purpose Center (MPC) project that was completed 8 years ago and where the Memorial Day Tournament will be hosted. The cost is $300.00 per Brick. The Jamaat will engrave a plate with the name of your choice and attached it to a brick on the wall, to be permanently mounted in the MPC. 


Scholarship Fund - IMAN Seattle
Ithna-asheri Muslim Association of the Northwest  (IMAN) is pleased to announce the creation of The Dr and Mrs. Amir-Hossein Naini Graduate School Scholarship Fund, a graduate scholarship fund that will award up to $5000 to a qualified Muslim student attending an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States.  

This Scholarship fund exists to assist students seeking a graduate degree in the United States who have shown the potential for great vision, leadership and professionalism in serving Muslim and non-Muslim communities.  For more information please go to :

For 2012 school year, completed application forms will be accepted beginning September 1 of 2011 and due by no later than February 1 of 2012.


UMAA Convention 2011
The 9th annual UMAA convention will be taking place in Toronto, Canada from May 27th to May 29th. The theme for this year's conference is "The Quran, Ahlul Bayt & Modern Society: A Focus on Identity, Citizenship and Collaboration".


The conference promises to be insightful and dynamic with high profile speakers, including Dr Hassan Abbas (
Professor at Columbia University, Senior Advisor at Belfer Centre, Harvard University), Sheikh Dr Usama Al Attar (Renowned Islamic Lecturer, recitor and accomplished scientist), Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hilli (Renowned Islamic lecturer and scholar from the UK), Sayed Haider Bahar Al-Uloom (Islamic lecturer) and Sheikh Mukhtar Faezi (Resident Scholar, Baitul Ilm Academy, Chicago, Illinois). Click here for more details.