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April 15th, 2011 
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NASIMCO Conference 2011
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Qum Camp 2011
Community Development - Minnesota
Election Results - Orlando
Election Results - Miami
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Muslim Personalities

Husayn bin Rawh (Representative of twelvth Imam during Ghaibat Sugra)
"Husayn bin Rawh was the third special agent of the Imam. He was greatly respected by all Muslims; he closely worked with 'Uthm‚n bin Sa'Ód.

A few days before his death, Muhammad bin Uthm‚n had introduced Husayn bin Rawh to the elders of the Shi'a community as the next special agent of the Imam. Ja'far bin Ahmad al-Qummi was the closest of all companions to Muhammad bin 'Uthm‚n, and many Shi'as thought that he might succeed Muhammad as the next special agent. At the time of Muhammad's death, Ja'far was sitting by the head of his bed while Husayn bin Rawh was sitting by his feet. (In that cultural context, sitting by the head was a more honourable position.)
Muhammad bin 'Uthm‚n turned his face towards Ja'far and said, 'I have been ordered to hand over the affairs to Abul Q‚sim Husayn bin Rawh.' When Ja'far heard this, he stood up, went to Husayn, took hold of his hand and made him sit by the head of the bed while he himself sat at the feet of Muhammad.

...When Abu Sahl an-Nawbakhti, a prominent Shi'a theologian of the time, was asked as to why he was superceded by Husayn bin Rawh in attaining the position of the special agency of the Imam, he replied: 'They (i.e., the Imams) know better as to whom should represent them. I am a person who debates against the opponent with temperment. If I had been the special deputy of the Imam and had been aware of Imam's whereabouts -just as Husayn bin Rawh is aware of it- I might have disclosed it in the heat of debate [if cornered to disclose the Imam's whereabouts]. But Abul Q‚sim [Husayn bin Rawh] is such that if the Imam was hiding under his robes, he would not lift it even if he is cut into pieces by sharp knives.'

Husayn bin Rawh served in this position for 21 years till his death in 326 A.H. in Baghdad."

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Islam in the News


 Admissions Suspension Lifter for UCLA Islamic Studies Program


"UCLA's Graduate Council has lifted a three-year admissions suspension for its Islamic studies program and has begun accepting applications for the fall term.


Admissions to the program, among the oldest in the country focused on a scholarly study of Islam, were suspended after a 2007 review found ongoing issues with class availability, lack of advisors and faculty, and little funding. Last fall, a group of students began a petition and campaign, worried that the prolonged academic review and reorganization of the program would lead to its eventual closure.


...The program will accept applications until May 22, but the suspension was lifted too late for some students who had to accept other graduate schools' offers before the April 15 deadline for most universities.


One such student is Ilona Gerbakher, a UCLA senior majoring in Middle Eastern and North African studies, who began the student campaign.

'I'm ecstatic that the suspension has been lifted,' Gerbakher wrote in a recent email, but she added that two weeks earlier, unsure of the fate of the UCLA program, she had accepted a full scholarship to a similar program at Harvard University.

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As part of its vision and mission, the NASIMCO Post serves as a tool by which to bind our community together and promote a unified and caring environment for all. If you have anything you would like to include in this newsletter, contact us at  




NASIMCO Conference 2011
Conference LogoNASIMCO cordially invites you to attend the 31st Annual NASIMCO Conference hosted by Muslim Foundation Inc. of New Jersey on June 25th at their newly built Center, Masjid-e-Ali.

This year's conference theme is "Practical Pathways to Progress: The Female Role". Your participation in the Conference will be valuable as we identify the practical ways in which our women can further strengthen the future of our community.

The NASIMCO Conference provides an opportunity to meet the NASIMCO team, hear about NASIMCO activities over the past year and plan for the upcoming one. It is also a forum to connect, network and solidify partnerships and promote brotherhood. For further information, please contact


e-Learning Project Update

NASIMCO is pleased to announce the appointment of it's new e-Learning Project Manager, Br. Mohammad Reza Kanji, of Toronto. Br. Mohamed Reza has a strong background in software programming and project management and will be assisting NASIMCO with its new e-Learning Project on a voluntary basis. Additionally, NASIMCO has engaged Br. Hasnain Karim, also of Toronto, as an Advisor to this Project. He brings substantial infrastructure building experiences.

The aims for the NASIMCO e-Learning portal are to deliver Islamic learning to supplement Madressah teachings and to facilitate self paced learning. The project hopes to cater for remote learners with no other options, distance learners, learners who require flexibility, teachers looking to supplement their teaching resources, and parents looking to supplement their children's teaching. 


Leadership Development Program - Toronto
A three day Leadership Development Program (LDP) was held in Toronto from March 18th to March 20th. The goal of the program was to "Unlock your Potential to serve your Community and Humanity". The program was made possible with the support of the ISIJ of Toronto and the Jaffari Education Board of ISIJ. The program was facilitated by Dr. Akber Mohamedali and Sr. Siddika Jessa.

Discussions and outcomes of the course included the difference between respect and tolerance, understanding the self, Emotional Intelligence (EI), power, Political Intelligence (PI) and giving constructive feedback.

LDP Group

The LDP received a lot of positive feedback, including this statement from one of the participants: "It (the LDP) is an eye-opener. I hope to use the skills gained not only in the community but personally and professionally too."


Book For Sale
Karbala Complete PictureNASIMCO is pleased to announce the release of a new book by Dr. Mahmood Datoo entitled, "Karbala: The Complete Picture". The publication is unique in its contextual breadth with regards to the event of Karbala, allowing the event to be understood by familiarizing the reader with what went on before, during and after Imam Hussain (AS)'s campaign. Moreover, the book is written in a simple narrative form by utilizing plain language, short paragraphs and bullet points. This makes it ideal for a quick and easy read and appeals to a wider readership, including people of different faiths and varying age groups. The books are available through your local Jamaat Secretary. Or you can order your copy by calling the NASIMCO Office at (905) 763-7512.


Qum Camp 2011 Update

The Qum Summer Camp unites Muslim youth from all over the world in the holy cities of Qum and Mashhad for three weeks, an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life. This year's camp is particularly special as students will get the unique opportunity to spend eleven days of the month of Ramadhan in Mashhad.


The camp will run from July 24th to August 12th. The full cost of the camp is $3,500 and the subsidized cost is $2,800. Visit for more details.


apply here 


Community Development - Minnesota

NASIMCO, in coordination with Anjuman-e-Asghari and Imam Hussein Islamic Center in Minnesota, held a New Executive Committee Orientation on April 3rd. The presentation on "Operations and Good Governance" by Dr. Mujtaba Datoo introduced community leaders to the responsibilites of a religious non-profit organization. Topics covered included legal compliance, transparency and accountability and how these can ba translated into practical application. 


The seminar was attended by officials of both organizations including youth, sports, women and Madressah personnel. The seminar received a lot of positive feedback, including this statement from one of the participants: "This session was a good step in increasing the professionalism, efficiency and continuity of our community work. More Jamaats should take advantage of this opportunity offered by NASIMCO." 


Election Results - Orlando

The Husseini Islamic Center (HIC) of Orlando recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2011-2013 are as below:  


President: Riyaaz Jivraj  

Vice President: Raza Dhanji  

Secretary: Murtaza Dharsi 

Director of Finance: Rizwan Jessa

Director of Operations: Mustafa Yusufali
Director of Ladies: Shelina Karmali 


Election Results - Miami

The Islamic Jaffaria Association of Miami recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2011-2013 are as below:   


President:  Liaquat Ali

Vice President:  Dr. Afzal Khan

Secretary:   Mazahir Ali

Treasurer: Mohammed Iqbal


Quran Exhibition at Mulla Asghar Resource Center
Quran ExhibitionThe Mulla Asghar Memorial Library and Resource Center is pleased to present a Quran Exhibition entitled, "The Holy Qur'an: From Parchment to iPad". The exhibition intends to showcase the timeless and divine guidance of the magnificent Quran.

The exhibition will take place on Sunday, April 24th at 5:00 PM at the Marhaba Banquet Halls, Jaffari Community Center.

Please click on the poster for more details.


Al-Hujjat Monthly Supplement
Al-Hujjat Monthly Supplement is a monthly e-publication aimed at engaging the youth and the young at heart, with a goal to engage, inspire and motivate. Download it here.