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April 1st, 2011 
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Justice in Bahrain
Qum Summer Camp 2011
Inter-Faith Event - Minnesota
Tawheed Summer Camp 2011
Inter-Faith Event - Halifax

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Muslim Personalities

Marhum Mulla Asgharali MM Jaffer
"At a very young age Mulla Asgher involved himself in social activities...His interest in the educational welfare of the students started at this very young age. He devoted his free time in the evenings in conducting coaching classes for the primary and the secondary School students.
With Abdulrazak Molu, Musa Firdousi, Amirali Peermohamed, Abbas A.M. Jaffer and Hassan G.A.D.Musa they formed Hyderi Cultural Group. Private tuition for weak students was expensive and not within the means of many parents at that time. This welfare group targeted such students...Nominal fees were charged to pay for stationery and books. The classes were held at the Huseini Night School premises located within the compounds of the current Hyderi Imambara, Mombasa.

While working with his father in his optical shop, Mulla Asgher also utilized his spare time to pursue religious education. He enrolled himself as a private student of the late Chief Kadhi of Kenya, Sharif Ali Badawy to study Arabic language. At the same time according to Mulla Abdulrasul Mulla Hassanali he learned Farsi in his association with his father and Mulla H. M. Nasser. He also associated with the various Ulema transiting through Mombasa. He further improved his command over Farsi language by reading and relentless practice."

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Islam in the News


Leaders Condemn Criticism of Plainfield School Assembly with Nation of Islam Speakers
"City schools officials are denouncing criticism of a recent Plainfield High School assembly that featured two leading figures with the local Nation of Islam chapter.

Nation of Islam is a national black religious movement with Plainfield roots that date back decades, as current national movement leader Louis Farrakhan launched a resurgence of the organization here during the late 1970s. Local chapter leaders, including Nation of Islam Minister Mustapha Muhammad, have spoken at civic and schools functions for years.

...'We don't do anything to compromise the law as it pertains to the separation of church and state, and we don't promote any religion within our building,' Plainfield High School Principal Brian Bilal said. 'What hurts the most with this whole thing - and this is just me personally speaking - is that what makes America great is that you have choices, and one of those choices is religion...but nowadays, if a person chooses the religion of Islam, often times they're frowned upon based on the actions of extremists - which is awful.'"
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Justice in Bahrain

Regarding the aggression in Bahrain, NASIMCO has written to the Bahraini and Saudi Arabian Embassies in both the US and Canada to express its grave concern about the current situation and to urge them against violent measures as a solution. You can read the letter sent to these authorities by clicking here.


NASIMCO encourages all Jamaat and community members to continue writing to the relevant authorities, so there is a strong and continuous voice demanding justice.


Annual Youth Leadership Retreat

Youth Leadership RetreatNASIMCO is proud to announce its second annual Youth Leadership Retreat for both male and female members of the Muslim community aged 18 to 25. The Retreat will take place from April 29th to May 2nd at Camp Cedar Ridge, an outdoor summer camp facility approximately three hours from Toronto. This three day retreat will aim to strengthen the identity of Muslim youth as well as teach them essential leadership skills through a series of professional workshops and honored keynote speakers, all in an informal learning environment. For more information, click on the poster.


Qum Summer Camp 2011

Register for Qum Summer Camp 2011 now!


The Qum Summer Camp unites Muslim youth from all over the world in the holy cities of Qum and Mashhad for three weeks is an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life. This year's camp is particularly special as students will get the unique opportunity to spend eleven days of the month of Ramadhan in Mashhad.


The camp will run from July 24th to August 12th. The approximate cost per person is $3,000 CAD. Please note that this is only an approximate cost and is subject to change. If you would like to register for the camp, please send you name, age and contact details to A deposit of $100 is required to secure your place. This deposit is refundable until the beginning of May 2011.


Election Results - Minnesota

The Jaafair Islamic Center in Minnesota recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2011-2013 are as follows:

President: Mohamed Remtula

Vice President: Nazmul Jaffer

Treasurer: Naushad Karim

Secretary: Munir Walji

Building Administrator: Shabir Walji

Committee Member: Amin Aaser


Community Event - Orlando

Orlando CampThe Husseini Islamic Center of Orlando held its first Family Retreat last weekend at Camp Winona in De Leon Springs, Florida. The retreat offered kids, adults and seniors from the community a chance to participate together in a weekend full of activities.   


Among the activities were intellectual games such as Team Pictionary and Force the Word, and recreational activities such as 'The Amazing Race', a treasure hunt, Tug of War, Water Balloon Volleyball, Relay Race, and Home Run Derby. There were also community-wide activities specially designed for young children and seniors, including an Orange Peeling and an Apple Bobbing contest.    

On one of the nights, ladies and gents gathered around seperate bonfires. Seniors from the community shared interesting and funny stories with children about their personal experiences from when they were younger.  


Inter-Faith Event - Minnesota

On March 11th, youth from Church of the Open Door joined the youth of the Jaafari Islamic Center for sports during the Jaffery Sports of Minnesota's weekly activities. The boys event included basketball and the girls event included badminton. A short discussion was also held between the youths (boys and girls seperately) allowing them to socialize and enjoy some snacks. The director from Church of the Open Door had this to say after the event:


"I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with us last night and for welcoming us into your home and your lives...A friend of mine had told me that if I was ever to run into some Muslims, that I would be treated with the highest hospitality and friendship. And you know what, he was right. I experienced that last night. So, thank you for that. It meant a lot to me and I know it meant a lot to the rest of my group as well." 


Tawheed Summer Camp 2011

Tawheed Camp has been conducting an annual summer camp at various locations in New York, New England, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania over the past 18 years. From this year onwards, the camp will be permanently located at Camp Taha in Columbiaville, Michigan.


The camp allows families and/or young children to partake in two weeks of physical and mental exercises in a fun and friendly environment. Sporting activities include swimming, zip lining, adventure runs, canoeing and wall climbing. Lectures, Q&A sessions and bonfire discussions are led by Br. Hassanain Rajabali and other visiting scholars. There are also debates, public speaking sessions, plays, recitations and quizzes by the participants.


For more information or to register, visit


Inter-Faith Event - Halifax
Building BridgesThe Al-Rasoul Islamic Society in Bedford is taking part in an inter-faith event titled "Building Bridges" on April 8th. The Buddhist, Christian and Islamic communities are uniting to explore and discuss Islam. For more information, click on the poster.