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March 15th, 2011 
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Japan Earthquake Relief
Samarra Shrine Reconstruction
New Position Available
Summer Camps 2011
Qum Summer Camp 2011
Inter-Faith Event - Toronto
Ahlulbayt TV Update
Global Islam Lecture
Scholarship Opportunity

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Japan Earthquake Relief Fund  

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Samarra Shrine Reconstruction Fund

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Muslim Personalities

Imam Hassan Askari (AS)
"During the seven years of his Imamate , due to untold restrictions placed upon him by the caliphate , he lived in hiding and dissimulation (taqiyyah). He did not have any social contact with even the common people among the Shi'ites population. Only the elite of the Shia were able to see him.

Even so, he spent most of his time in prison. There was extreme repression at that time because the Shi'ites population had reached a considerable level in both numbers and power. Everyone know that the Shia believed in the Imamate , and the identity of the Shi'ites Imams was also known.

Therefore, the caliphate kept the Imams under its close supervision more than ever before. It tried through every possible means and through secret plans to remove and destroy them. Also , the caliphate had come to know that the elite among the Shia believed that the Eleventh Imam, according to traditions cited by him as well as his , forefathers, would have a son who was the promised Mahdi.

The coming of the Mahdi had been foretold in authenticated hadith of the Prophet in both Sunni and Shi'ites sources. For this reason the Eleventh Imam , more than other Imams , was kept under close watch by the caliphate. The caliph of the time had decided definitely to put an end to the Imamate in Shi`ism through every possible means and to close the door to the Imamate once and for all.


To learn more about the 11th Imam, click here and read the newsletter produced by youth in our community.


Islam in the News


Rep Peter King's Muslim Hearing: Plenty of Drama, Less Substance
"Ellison's testimony was the emotional peak of a dramatic, long-awaited hearing, in which Congress was in the spotlight as much as Islam. During more than four hours of testimony, there were other moments of touching depth: Two men told personal stories of seeing loved ones seduced by Islamic extremism.
...And Democrats used much of the hearing to angrily bash the idea of holding a hearing at all. 'It has already been classified as a way to demonize and castigate a whole broad base of human beings,' said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.). She waved a copy of the Constitution and said the hearing might be a violation of laws prohibiting religious discrimination.

The hearing was called by Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Congress has previously examined the problem of homegrown radicals, but this time was different." 

To read more, click here.


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Japan Earthquake Relief Fund 

Japan EarthquakeOn March 11th, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of northeastern Japan. The quake lasted for more than two minutes and was recorded as the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan since the late 1800s. It ranks as the fifth-largest earthquake in the world since 1900.


Food, water and fuel are reported to be running short in some parts of Japan where even the Shia Muslim community was affected. Reports received indicate that all of our community members living in the quake-affected zone are safe and healthy. However, most of them have lost their businesses as well as some of their properties. Efforts are underway to relocate these and other non-Muslim families to other parts of Japan, find suitable shelters for them, and then help them restart their businesses. These efforts are at the mercy of the roadways and transportation services which are not fully functioning.

NASIMCO, in partnership with the World Federation, is launching the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund to raise donations to help the people of Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake. Your donation will go towards aid and relief efforts. To donate generously, please click here.

Samarra Shrine Reconstruction Fund

On February 22nd, 2006 and again on June 13th, 2007, this Holy Shrine was bombed, causing extensive damage to the mosque, including the collapse of the prominent golden dome and the two minarets. 10th Rabi'al Thaani marks the Wiladat of our eleventh Imam. On this blessed occasion, the World Federation is inviting all brothers and sisters from across the world to make a contribution to the "Samarra Shrine Reconstruction Fund" as a gift to Imam al-Askari on his birth anniversary.


Your donation brings us a little closer to the day when the construction is complete and all of the doors to this Holy Shrine are open for those who come from far and wide to visit our Imams. Funds collected through this appeal will be remitted by the World Federation to Agha Sistani's office in Najaf. To donate towards this cause, click here.

New Position Available

NASIMCO is offering a part-time paid position at its Toronto office. Applications are being accepted for the position of Assistant Office Administrator. Candidates will be responsible for assisting the Administrative Officer in all aspects of office administration, including but not limited to email and other correspondence, record keeping, and providing an efficient and friendly service to all callers and stake holders of NASIMCO.  


The applicant must have previous experience of working in an office, and must also be proficient in MS Office and Access applications. For a full job description, visit the NASIMCO website. The application deadline is March 31st. To apply, send cover letter and resume addressed to the Secretary General to


Az-Zahra and Al-Muntadhar Camps

Zahra_MuntadharNASIMCO is pleased to announce the Az-Zahra Mother-Daughter Getaway and the Al-Muntadhar Father-Son Retreat taking place at Pearce Williams Campsite in Ontario. The camps offer fun activities in an Islamic environment. The subsidized cost is only $175 per person and full price is $250 per person. Please click on the flyer for details. If you have any questions, you can write to: or call (905) 763-7512. Registration forms and more information will be available on the NASIMCO website soon!  

Qum Summer Camp 2011

NASIMCO, in conjunction with the World Federation, is pleased to announce that preparations for the Madinah al-Ilm and Bab al-Ilm Qum Summer Camps 2011 are now underway. The dates for this year's camp are July 24th to August 14th. Participating in these courses provides a unique opportunity for self development and an increased understanding of Islam. A participant from North America had this to say about her experience during the 2010 camp.


Although registration is not yet open, if you are interested in the camp and would like to receive more information, please email Please include your name and age in the email and 'Qum Summer Camp' in the subject line.


Inter-Faith Event - Toronto

Islamic PhilosophyThe ISIJ of Toronto Tabligh Committee is organizing an inter-faith event titled "Islamic Philosophy of Governance: Is there such a thing?" on March 26th. The event offers insight into what true Islamic governance looks like against a background of turmoil in the Arab world. Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi and Mr. Vinay Khetia will discuss this important topic. For more details, click on the flier.  

Ahlulbayt TV Update

Ahlulbayt TV has launched "Global Hijab Awareness" to address contemporary issues surrounding the Hijab, both for those who wear it and for those who perceive it. The campaign aims to tackle the misconceptions about the Hijab and to give confidence to the millions of courageous Muslim women who continue to and independently decide to wear the Hijab, despite the negative perceptions highlighted in the western media. 


Global Hijab Awareness will be running from March through May. Visit the website as it's being updated regularly with your videos, artwork, articles, and so much more! Send your submission to


Global Islam Lecture

Global LectureThe Department of Religious Studies at McMaster University is holding its first annual Sharjah Chair in Global Islam Lecture entitled, "Islam, Gender and the West". The lecture will be delivered by Professor Yvonne Haddad of Georgetown University and aims to create an intellectually stimulating environment and involve the Muslim community in the academic activities at McMaster. Please click on the flyer for more information.


Scholarship Opportuntiy

The Islamic Scholarship Fund, in coordination with Illume Foundation, is now offering a scholarship worth $3,000 to a Muslim-American student studying in the field of Media. Some of the eligibility requirements include:

  • Majoring in Media
  • Minimum 3.4 grade point average
  • College junior standing or above
  • Active member of the community

For more information or to apply, click here.