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*Pakistan Relief Update
*Funeral of Marhoom Ayatullah Amri
*Inter-Faith Event - New York
*A.L.I. Update
*JIBA Regional Conference
*Child Aid International Update
*New Book for Sale


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Giant 500-Year-Old Copy of Quran


"A rarely-seen manuscript of one of the world's most important copies of the Koran is to be published online. The hand-written holy book, estimated to be around 500 years old, is so precious and fragile scholars have been unable to put it on display.


...Each of the 470 pages measures 35in by 24in, the size of a large plasma screen TV. The ornate book was written by several scribes and illuminators for Kansuh al-Ghuri, the penultimate Mameluke sultan of Egypt.


The paper it is written on was made from bombycine, a silken fabric which after sizing is polished with smooth stones so that the ink sits on the surface rather than being absorbed (similar in properties to vellum). Historians disagree on when it was written, with estimates ranging from the second half of the 14th century to 1500." 


To read more, click here.


Mosque Attack Thwarted in Dearborn


"About 700 people were attending a funeral inside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, the largest mosque in metro Detroit, when Dearborn police arrived to arrest a man in a car in the parking lot.


The comments a worker at a bar heard were enough to make the employee think a 63-year-old patron might target Muslims or Arabs in metro Detroit, Islamic Center of America executive administrator Kassem Allie said.


He had driven to Michigan from California and reportedly was overheard in a bar making threatening comments about Muslims or Arabs. His car was loaded with large, illegal fireworks, police said. Now, Roger Stockham, 63, is jailed on charges that include making a false report or threat of terrorism.


...'We owe a debt of gratitude to him,' Allie said."


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Pakistan Flood Relief Fund Update

In response to the humanitarian crisis that hit Pakistan in July 2010, the Canadian government announced it was launching a Pakistan Relief Matching Appeal in which it guaranteed to match the donations collected by registered Canadian charities toward the flood relief efforts. NASIMCO promptly communicated the information to the Canadian Jamaats, asking them to emphasize their drives and collect funds before the deadlines. A total of $424,527.74 (CAD) was raised and the required form was submitted to the Canadian government to request matching of this amount.


These funds and the additional $125,000 (USD) raised by the American Jamaats, were then sent to the Husseini Foundation in Pakistan and have been directed toward relief efforts, including the building of 549 houses in Sindh.


On December 23rd, 2010 a letter was received from the Canadian International Development Agency thanking NASIMCO for its participation in the government's Pakistan Flood Relief Fund and stating that the funds had been matched and contributed towards the provision of shelter, clean water, medical supplies and the rehabilitation of land and livestock in Pakistan. Click here to read the letter.


NASIMCO would like to thank all those who donated towards this cause for their efforts. May Allah (SWT) reward you.

Funeral of Marhoom Ayatullah Amri

It is with sadness that NASIMCO learned of the demise of Ayatullah Mohammed Ali al-Amri in Medina. The funeral of the late Sheikh was held on Thursday, January 27th.

Sh Al AmriIn Saudi Arabia, al-Amri played a critical role in the religious education and social upliftment of the Shia community. He was the first person to establish a Shia mosque in Medina which has subsequently developed as the central place of worship for Shia Muslims in Medina.

The Shias are left without one of their beloved leaders, a selfless devotee to Islam. May Allah (SWT) grant him a position close to the
Ahlul Bayt. We request all believers to recite Sura al-Fatiha. 

Inter-Faith Event - New York

Hussain DayOn Saturday, January 22nd, the Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of New York held its second annual Imam Hussain (AS) Awareness Program. The program revolved around 5 converts to Islam and was hosted in conjunction with Ahlubayt TV. Abd Al Rauf Shokoya, an Ahlulbayt TV host moderated the day's events. Feedback from the program indicated it was a great success. You can watch a video of the program by clicking here. The show will also be aired on Ahlulbayt TV in February.

Academy for Learning Islam Update

The Academy for Learning Islam (ALI) is holding courses for the term February-April 2011. To register, please email Classes will be held in Richmond Hill, Ontario (Bayview and 16th Ave). Click here for more information about the courses.



ALI 182: Understanding and Appreciating the Quran - Level II



ALI 184: Sirah of Imam Ali Zaynul Abideen (AS)

ALI 185: Sirah of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (AS)



ALI 183: Reading and Understanding the Holy Quran



ALI 186: Understanding and Appreciating the Quran - Level I

ALI 187: Quranic Arabic Level II

ALI 188: Understanding and Appreciating the Quran - Level II 

ALI 189:  Learning Farsi, Level II

JIBA Regional Conference

JIBA International in association with Indian JIBA chapters have organised a Regional Conference in Bhavnagar on Sunday, February 27th, 2011.

JIBA ConferenceFor the first time in the history of Gujarat, close to 200 businessmen and professionals from across India will gather under one roof. Large businesses, industrialists, manufacturers and service providers will be reperesented. The platform will present an excellent opportunity for businessmen within the community to interact with their Indian counterparts. 

Apart from the networking opportunity there will be speakers presenting papers on various business-related topics as well. The conference is also an ideal chance to tour the various cities in Gujrat.

Please click on the poster for more information and contact details.

Child Aid International Update

On January 22nd, six volunteers joined the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims walking from the city of Najaf to Karbala in order to raise money for Iraqi orphans. The walk takes three days to complete and can be life-threatening due to the risk of bombings. The five walkers accomplished the walk last weekend.


Whilst in Iraq the Reuters News Agency interviewed the volunteers. Click here for the published article or here for a video of the interview. 

New Book For Sale

Islamic Publishing House is releasing a new book called "Moral Management". The work, authored by Abbas Rahimi and translated with an introduction by Saleem Bhimji, features 30 moral and ethical foundations required to develop and nurture the leader within. It also contains 41 tips to successful management and leadership.


Quoting extensively from the Holy Quran and wisdom of the Prophet (SAW), this publication presents a holistic approach to management and presents the Islamic code of life in an entirely new light.Moral Management


Excerpt from the book: "This manual will help gear the CEOs, CFOs, directors, managers and others who are at the helm of leadership and management to be able to fulfill their responsibilities to both the shareholders and their own conscience, helping them to guide those under their direction to that which will grant them success in this life and more importantly, the life to come."

To purchase, click here.