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*Haiti Relief Update
*Muharram 1432 Appeal
*Volunteer Position Available
*Madressah Questionnaire - Participation Requested
*WF Constitutional Conference Update
*Ashura Film Festival
*Child Aid International
*Ahlulbayt TV Update


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Haiti Relief Fund


Ashura: Misrepresentations and Distortions


"The event of Karbala' is, inevitably, an event possessing great social meaning for us, and it has a direct impact on our morality and character. 

It is an event that prompts our people, without anyone compelling them, to devote millions of man-hours to listening to the related episodes and to spend millions of tumans for this purpose. This event must be retold exactly as it occurred and without the least amount of interpolation. For if the smallest amount of interpolation takes place at our hands in this event, that would distort it, and instead of benefiting from it we would definitely suffer harm.

Now my point is that we have introduced thousands of distortions in retelling the narrative of Ashura, both in its outward form, that is, in respect of the very episodes and issues relating to the major events and the minor details, as well as in respect of their interpretation and meaning. Most regrettably, this event has been distorted both in its form and content. 

At times a distorted version has at least some resemblance to the original. But there are times when distortion is so thorough that the corrupted version has not the least resemblance to the original: the matter is not only distorted, but it is inverted and turned into its antithesis. Again I must say with utmost regret that the misrepresentations that have been carried out by us have all been in the direction of degrading and distorting the event and making it ineffective and inert in our lives. In this regard both the orators and scholars of the ummah as well as the people have been guilty, and, God willing, we will elucidate all these matters." 

To read more, click here.


More States Enter Debate on Sharia Law

"At issue is an amendment to Oklahoma's constitution passed overwhelmingly on Election Day that bars judges from considering Islamic or international law in Oklahoma state courts.

Islamic law or sharia, which means 'path' in Arabic, is a code of conduct governing all aspects of Muslim life, including family relationships, business dealings and religious obligations. It is based on the Quran, or Muslim holy book, and the teachings of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. Islamic countries operating under the guidance of sharia may have varying interpretations of the code.

...Constitutional expert Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the law school at University of California-Irvine, says the Oklahoma law won't stand because it discriminates against one religion and violates the requirement for 'full faith and credit,' which requires Oklahoma courts to enforce judgments from other states and countries."

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Haiti Relief Update

After many difficulties at the Haitian border and customs due to the elections in Haiti, the container sent from NASIMCO has finally reached the Shias there. Clothing, food, school supplies and personal hygiene items were cleared by Br. Shu'yb Brioche and his team on

Haiti Container

Friday, December 3rd and have since been distributed among approximately 100 Shia families and two orphanages. Your donations have helped these people who are desperately trying to rebuild their lives and homes amongst severe outbreaks of Cholera and other illnesses. 


Although the delivery of the containers and its contents is a huge achievement, it will not alleviate the suffering of the Haitians for long. NASIMCO is currently preparing a team to travel to Haiti and assess the situation for rebuilding. In this holy month of Muharram, we appeal to you not to forget to help our brothers and sisters whose homes and hard work of many years has been completely destroyed. Assist us to give them what most of us take for granted: a home.


Muharram 1432 Appeal

"Only those shall maintain Allah's mosques, who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and establish prayer and give zakat, and fear no one except Allah. They, hopefully, will be among the guided." (Holy Quran, 9:18) 


In these holy days and nights of the month of Muharram and Safar, Shias everywhere look to keep the message of Imam Hussein (AS) alive by helping humanity and reviving the Shia faith. To this end, NASIMCO has partnered with the World Federation to launch the Muharram 1432 Appeal: 40 Islamic Centers in 40 Days.


Pakistan Appeal

The aim of this 40-day campaign is to raise funds for the rebuilding of 40 damaged Islamic Centers in Pakistan. The month of Muharram is a particularly pertinent time to try and re-establish Mosques, Imambarghas and Madressahs where the message of the Ahlul Bayt was being propagated. Let us come together to reconstruct the religious centers that are today flooded with water.


The cost of rebuilding one Islamic Center is $3,750. In order to build 40 centers, we will need to raise $150,000. There are a number of ways that you and your Jamaat can contribute to this cause. Jamaats can fundraise to sponsor the reconstruction of one or more religious centers. If you choose to do this, a personalized plaque in the name of your Jamaat will be put in the Islamic Center you help to build. Alternatively, family members can sponsor on behalf of their marhooms or in the name of their families. For general donations, click here.

New Volunteer Position Available

"O Muslims! you are the best of peoples, who have been selected for the guidance of mankind; you enjoin them to do good deeds, and prevent them from forbidden things; and you have firm faith in Allah." (Holy Quran, 3:110)


NASIMCO is building an e-Learning portal with a view to deliver Islamic learning to those who do not have access to it, to supplement Madressah teachings and to facilitate self-learning. The project is aimed towards remote learners with no other options, distance learners, learners who require flexibility, teachers looking to supplement their teaching resources, parents looking to supplement their children's teaching and disciplined self-learners.


NASIMCO is looking for a volunteer with knowledge of content management systems, a strong Islamic grounding and management experience to lead the e-Learning project. The Project Manager should demonstrate a passion for the project, have strong organizational skills and be self-motivated. To read the full job description and apply, click here.

WF Madressah Retreat and Questionnaire

Madressahs have been responsible for years of education, training and nurturing of our younger generation to help them become spiritual and God-conscious individuals. These institutions have achieved tremendous milestones. The World Federation intends to build on the good work of the past by enhancing the Madressah agenda.


The first step in this will be a global Madressah Retreat that is being organized for February 2011. In order to collect the relevant data about the Madressahs for this Retreat and for the betterment of the Madrsessah system, the Islamic Education Board of the World Federation requests YOU, as a parent, guardian, teacher, student, community leader, scholar or Jamaat executive to complete a questionnaire by December 20th. Your participation is appreciated. For more information, visit the NASIMCO website.

WF Constitutional Conference Update

The Sixth Constitutional Conference of the World Federation was held in Birmingham on December 4th. Most of the proposed amendments regarding the Presidential election process were passed by the Conference and, as a result, the Electoral College system of elections, idea originally suggested by NASIMCO, has been adopted.


Subsequently, the Executive Council has set May 28th and 29th, 2011 as the conference date to be held in East Africa for electing the board members. Presidential Elections will be held prior to this on April 21st, 2011.


Additionally, the Conference also reverted the following Associate members to full membership until October 2011.

1. Aden Jamaat

2. Dubai Jamaat

3. Kutch Federation

4. Muhammadi Welfare - Australia

5. Mumbai Jamaat

6. Panjatan Society of Victoria - Australia


To read more about the outcomes of the Conference, click here.

Ashura Film Festival

This Muharam, NASIMCO has partnered with Ahlulbayt TV in their initiative to give viewers the chance to partake in spreading the message of Imam Hussein (AS) to the world.

The International Ashura Film Festival is the very first global film competition centered around the theme of Ashura and Imam Hussein (AS). The festival invites viewers to capture the essence of the tragic events of Ashura in a unique and creative way by making their own film/video. The winners of the Ashura Film Festival will be presented with special prizes, while the runners up will all have their work shown on Ahlulbayt TV and will be given the chance to talk about their projects.


The themes for the film festival are as follows:


  • The day of Ashura and its commemoration
  • Imam Hussein (AS): his life, his teachings, his tragedy
  • Muharram-based poetry/video clip
  • Personal stories
  • Muharram practices (processions, majalis, ziyarat and azadari)
  • Ashura awareness for campuses

The deadline for submissions to the Ashura Film Festival is February 1st. Please make sure you visit the NASIMCO website for more information, rules, regulations and genres of material submitted.

Child Aid International - Walk for Life

This year, Child Aid International will join CAI Walkmillions of Iraqi pilgrims and partake in an epic walk during Arba'een to raise funds for poor orphan children in Iraq. The Child Aid team of six volunteers will travel to the historic city of Najaf in central Iraq and embark on a challenging three-day, 90 kilometer walk to Karbala. Putting their feet down on the soil of the land of our Imams, it will provide them with a chance to share in an Iraqi experience and a display of solidarity. Sponsor them and help the children of Iraq. For more information, please click here. 

Ahlulbayt TV Update

Ahlulbayt TV is hosting a special fundraising event with a keynote speech by Sayed Mahdi Modaressi. The event will include a dedicated, live presentation from the Holy city of Karbala, a live address from the Ahlulbayt TV headquarters, a special fundraising auction and dinner. 


Date: Sunday, December 19th at 2 PM - 6 PM

Venue: Angus Glen Golf Club and Conference Center

            10080 Kennedy Rd, Markham, ON L6C 1N9

Ticket Price: $150.00

Contact: Br. Mahmood Bhimji at (416) 716-2227