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*WF Constitutional Conference
*Community Event - Orlando
*Community Event - New Jersey
*Voice of Justice Award


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 Young British Muslim Artists' Gallery


IslamExpo hopes to give visitors a sense of the enormous talent that exists within Britain's Muslim community. It has devoted a whole wing to young British Muslim artists. This is a vast and diverse exhibition. It features the beautiful work of a large number of artists, including Arabic graffiti by the young urban artist Muhammad Ali, mixed media on canvas painting by Taslim Rashid, digital art by Jamil and Samsul Islam, photography by Mudasar Rasul, and the beautiful work of other talented young artists.


To read more, click here.


Amherst Mosque Draws Little Opposition


"A mosque and Islamic community center planned near ground zero in Manhattan stoked a storm of controversy.

The construction of a mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn., spawned an arson attack at the building site and a lawsuit questioning whether Islam is a religion.

Residents vowed to stop construction of a proposed mosque in Brooklyn, with one neighbor threatening to bomb the building if it gets built.

Mosque opponents in recent years have tried to impede construction of new facilities around the country.

Yet, in Amherst, the area's newest mosque -- one of 13 now in Erie and Niagara counties -- has sprouted along Transit Road with relatively little hullabaloo."


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WF Constitutional Conference 

The Sixth World Federation Constitutional Conference is scheduled to take place in Birmingham, UK on December 4th. The North American delegation to the conference is as follows:

NASIMCO Councillors to WF

-          Br. Gulamabbas Najafi - Toronto

-          Br. Habib M. Habib - Seattle

-          Br. Sadique Jaffer - New York

-          Br. Razak Damani - Toronto

-          Br. Hussein Walji - Minnesota 

NASIMCO Delegates

-          Br. Hussein Ismail - New York

-          Sr. Siddika Jessa - Vancouver

-          Sr. Mumtaz Ladak - Orlando

-          Sr. Shyrose Dhalla - Toronto

-          Dr. Mohsin Dhalla - Toronto

-          Br. Mahmood Datoo - Allentown

-          Br. Gulam Jivraj - New York

-          Br. Arif Asaria - Toronto

-          Br. Ghulamabbas Sajan - Toronto

-          Br. Mustafa Karim - New Jersey

-          Br. Mujtaba Datoo - Los Angeles 

WF Elected Councillors

-          Br. Shabir Karim - Minnesota

-          Dr. Mohsin Jaffer - Miami

Community Event - Orlando

The Husseini Islamic Center in Orlando organized a workshop about domestic abuse on Sunday, October 31st entitled "Truth Hurts: The United Voices of Muslims Against Domestic and Child Abuse". The workshop addressed the need to recognize, counter and educate the community about abuse within the community and in society in general.

Domestic Abuse

There was an encouraging turnout of 80 participants. Speakers included Sr. Akilah-Haneef Jabari of Jafari Support Services, Toronto, Maulana Shamshad of Dallas, Texas, Imam Sykes and Maulana Baig, Resident Alim of Orlando Jamaat.

Among the topics discussed were: "What is Abuse?", "Domestic Abuse in our Communities Worldwide", "The Effect of Domestic Abuse on Children", "How to Prevent Marital Conflicts from Escalating into Violence" and "The Role of Teachers and Community Leaders in the Lives of Abused Children".

Community Event - New Jersey

Muslim Foundation Inc. in New Jersey will hold the opening ceremony of their new masjid complex, Masjid-e-Ali, on Saturday, November 20th. All members of the community are invited to attend the occasion and celebrate as we open the the doors of the Masjid to the adults and the doors of the Madaris for our younger generations.

In addition to members and ulemas of our community, the ceremony will be attended by various officials, including Representative of the Governor of New Jersey, Rep Rush Holt (Congressman for District 19), and Mayor of Franklin Township.  

Please click on the invitation for more information.

masjide ali

President of Seattle Jamaat Receives Justice Award

Muslim Advocates will be awarding Br. Jawad Khaki, President of the Ithnasheri Muslim Association of the Northwest, Seattle, with the Voice of Justice Award during their annual banquet on December 10th in San Francisco, California. 

Br. Jawad Khaki is an important activist in the community. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks Br. Jawad spoke at several forums. He regularly meets with leaders from other faiths and has helped to build four homes. More recently, Br. Jawad Khaki has spoken out and taken steps to address the racial-profiling of Muslims going through US customs and immigration.

In 2003, Br. Jawad Khaki earned national recognition when he was presented with the Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award from the Interfaith Alliance Foundation. If you would like to attend and support Br. Jawad, sponsor the event or for more information, please contact Munleen Soni at (415)-692-4931.