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English Words of Arabic Origin

"Without al-gebra there would not be physics, without al-gorithms there wouldn't be computers, and without al-kaline there wouldn't be chemistry. Welcome to the world of Arabic used in the English language.

 ...The biggest beneficiary of this knowledge is medicine and today, there are thousands of Arabic terms used in this branch of science. In fact, the medical textbook written by Iranian physician and philosopher Ibnu Sina or Avicenna (981-1037) is still being referred to today. The works of third century Greek physician Galen, translated into Arabic and later into Latin and English, are also still in use today."
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Give'em a Break

"Last month, the Cambridge Public School district announced that it will cancel school not only for Jewish and Christian holidays, but also on either Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha, both Islamic holidays. This decision was a step toward cultural inclusion and conveys positive recognition of the needs of Muslim students. At a time when anti-Islamic sentiments and fear of Islam are pervasive throughout American society, Cambridge's demonstration of acceptance and tolerance is a significant and positive step toward making sure all citizens feel accepted. "

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Qum Summer Camp 2010 Update
The Seventh Annual Bab al-Ilm and Madinah al-Ilm Camps that took place from in the summer were a resounding success. Students from all over the world gathered in Qum to study Islam, make Ziyarat, explore Iranian culture and create lasting bonds of friendship.

The majority of students returning from the Camps are enthusiastic about their experience and ready to recommend it to other youth in the community. Despite the minimal sleep and Eastern toilets, each participant was able to attain a degree of spiritual growth. Many enjoyed the Hawza atmosphere and realized the value of Shia Islam.

During the course of this year's Camps, the participants were blessed with the opportunity to have an audience with Grand Ayatullah Waheed Khurasani and Grand Ayatullah Mikaram Shirazi - two of the leading Maraje of the Shia world. One participant commented on their experience: "15th Shabaan on Mount Khizr and in Masjid e Jamkaran was just epic."

twilight session

If you have any suggestions or comments about the camp, please write to
Pakistan Federation Becomes Regional Member of The World Federation
By unanimous vote, the Executive Councillors of The World Federation approved the application of the Pakistan Federation to become a regional member of The World Federation. The individual Pakistan Jamaats, including Mehfil e Murtaza, that were direct members of The World Federation have thus become members of the Pakistan Federation instead.

The Office Bearers of the Pakistan Federation are as follows:
President: Al-Haj Altaf Hussain
Vice President: Br. Ghulam Abid Lakhani
Secretary General: Br. M. Ali R. Merchant
Assisstant Secretary: Br. Turab Ali
Treasurer: Br. Hassan Abullo
Councilor Executive Committee: Br. Muhammad Ali

Asghar Moledina, President of The World Federation said, "I am very pleased to see that Jamaats of Pakistan have joined together to form the Pakistan Federation. I am very happy to now have them as a federated member of The World Federation. Inshallah we will be working together closely to assist our fellow Muslims throughout Pakistan."
Online Course in Quran Tafseer
Understanding the Quran is essential as it is a mercy to mankind and a guidance to those who have faith. In order to obtain a better understanding of the Holy Quran, webinars are being hosted to facilitate the tafseer of this Holy book.

Dr Shomali

Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali will present a series of webinar lectures on the interpretation and practical application of Surah Luqman.
Lectures will start on Tuesday, October 19th and continue on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 9:00 PM (EST). Each lecture will be approximately 40 minutes long, followed by a Q&A session.  To attend, please visit was launched on 28th July 2010, it is a matrimonial site for all Shias. SimplyShia is a trading name of Muslim Sphere Limited, a company registered in UK.
Why SimplyShia? Well, this as an additional channel for Shias looking for a spouse with similar religious and cultural backgrounds.  
People can sign up and use a screen name - you do not have to reveal your real name or email address until you are comfortable - your personal details and communications are secure and confidential
You can search the users on the site and see if someone interests you and you would like to communicate with them  A variety of options are available to get to know your potential spouse such as messaging, icebreakers and salaams.
The administrator, screens the initial profiles and is on hand to help with any queries. Please check out the website. Insha'allah it will help lots of people in their search for a soulmate.