A Fortnightly NewsletterJuly 15th, 2010
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*NASIMCO Conference 2010
*Help Haiti Rebuild Fund - Update
*Funeral of Ayatullah Fadlallah
*Community Event - Toronto
*Leadership Opportunity - AMCLI
Donate towards the Computers for Students Initiative
 Donate towards the Haiti Relief Fund
Islam in America: Origins & Later Developments - The Nation of Islam

"Elijah Muhammad's organization, the Nation of Islam, was begun in Paradise Valley (a Black Ghetto of Detroit) on July 4, 1930 by one Mr. W.D. Farrad. A mysterious peddler from the East and one- time contestant for Drew Ali's leadership of Islamic Nationalism in Newark, N.J.. W.D. Farrad was reputed to have been born of a white mother and black father (Mimi and Alfonso) on February 28, 1877 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. His education supposedly received at U.C.L.A. and Oxford. Farrad was to have been a member of the diplomatic corp in the Hijaz but decided against it in order to go to the "Wilderness of North America to find his Uncle (the Black Man)" and teach him (his Uncle) Islam and the true history of the Black Man. After teaching for three years he left the U.S. to points unknown."

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Project Uses Art as a Guide to Islam

"An artist who lives north of Greensboro, Drake always wanted to travel the world, but family obligations kept him in North Carolina. He found a way around that by befriending the state's most recent immigrants.

...His most recent project explores the lives of North Carolina's Muslims.
...Over the past three years, he has traveled the state asking Muslims to pose for a portrait. Among those who agreed are a Statesville Imam who grew up in a segregated town in Florida; a High Point rug salesman from Pakistan; and a dishwasher in an Outer Banks restaurant from Kazakhstan.
Drake let his subjects choose how they wanted to be portrayed. The Imam - Tamir Mutakabbir - said that in moving beyond the racism of his childhood and discovering Islam, he felt like Superman. Drake photographed him in a Superman T-shirt in the middle of a cornfield.
...Drake said he couldn't learn about Islam without meeting Muslims...Mutual engagement lies at the heart of what Drake does: 'I make art to remind us of our shared humanity,' he said."
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Annual NASIMCO Conference & Toronto Jamaat
As the largest member Jamaat within NASIMCO, the Islamic Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Toronto collaborated efforts with its umbrella organization to achieve some admirable outcomes during the 30th Annual NASIMCO Conference held in Toronto last month. During his speech, Br. Razak Damani, the President of the host Jamaat, committed to supporting NASIMCO and expressed his belief that the member Jamaats would be the first to reap the fruits of a strong and vibrant regional institution. He also commended the conference theme of "Care to Care?" and noted that Toronto Jamaat had already taken the initial steps to take the concerns to care forward.
In the same vein, Toronto Jamaat provided encouragement to NASIMCO at a later stage in the conference, to re-launch the NASIMCO Foundation Fund by pledging $5,000 towards it. Thus, they provided the lead and motivation, which was then followed by other Centers. Madagascar and Africa Federation each pledged $2,500 and the Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of New York pledged $250.

Signing of MOU

NASIMCO would like to thank Toronto Jamaat for the significant role it played at the Annual Conference and in providing NASIMCO an office in their new Jaffari Community Centre at 9000 Bathurst. A memorandum of understanding was also signed between NASIMCO and ISIJ for the office. The World Federation and Africa Federation bore witness to the signing of the MOU. Such an act of generosity befits a prominent member Jamaat of NASIMCO and is very much appreciated.
Rebuild Al Mahdi Center Appeal
Following the earthquake that devastated the people of Haiti, NASIMCO has assisted in several relief efforts to help bring aid to the victims. However, the Shia community remains in need of our help even now. The World Federation and NASIMCO are committed to rebuilding a permanent center for the Shia community of Haiti, including an orphanage, school and Masjid. Your donation is required to help reconstruct and make operational the Al Mahdi Center that once held the Shia community together. Please donate to the Help Haiti Rebuild Appeal and turn despair into hope.

Rebuilding Haiti

To donate towards this notable cause, see your Jamaat treasurer or donate online through NASIMCO.
Funeral of Marhoom Ayatullah Fadlallah 
It is with deep sorrow, that NASIMCO learned of the passing away from this temporal abode of a renowned scholar, a symbol of piety, an epitome of God-consciousness: Ayatullah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah (RA).

Ayatollah Fadlallah

Ayatullah Fadlallah passed away from this temporary abode on Sunday, July 4th, 2010. Thousands attended his funeral procession in Beirut and the Lebanese government declared a day of national mourning with flags being flown at half mast for three days.
The Shias are left without one of their beloved leaders, a selfless devotee to Islam. May Allah (SWT) grant him a position close to the Ahlul Bayt. We request all believers to recite Sura al-Fatiha.
Community Event - Toronto
The Senior Citizens Group of the Toronto Jamaat have been very active in organizing events. On June 6th, they organized an overnight trip to Niagara. Not only did they tour the Falls and the surrounding rivers and lakes, but they crossed the border into the US to enjoy some cheap shopping before heading back to Toronto.
On June 17th, the Toronto Seniors celebrated Father's Day the way the do every year: with a nice lunch gathering. More than 50 seniors attended this event which was held at a Persian restaurant. They enjoyed their meal and the entertainment: hillarious talks by Br. Bashir Versi and Br. Ahmed Kanji.

Toronto - Father's Day

Finally, on June 29th, the Seniors of the Toronto Jamaat organized a picnic at the Toronto Lakeshore. Those who made it for the picnic thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the open air.
Leadership Development Opportunity - AMCLI
The American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute (AMCLI) is accepting applications for the 2010-2011 program. AMCLI builds human capital and develops leadership potential among American Muslims between the ages of 25 and 40. Over the course of nine months, the Institute empowers emerging Muslim civic leaders to help their communities engage in effective civic participation. AMCLI identifies leaders who share a commitment to a vibrant pluralistic public square and provides practical training, community building opportunities, and resources.  Accepted applicants will join a dynamic and growing community of civic leaders from across the country who have participated in AMCLI.
Click here to download an application form or to learn more about the Institute.