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"The Shepherd's Granddaughter" by Anne Laurel Carter

"The Shepherd's Granddaughter" is the story of a Palestinian family and their suffering under the occupation.

Amani lives with her extended family outside a Palestinian village on land that has belonged to her ancestors for over a thousand years. She is only six years old when she decides she wants to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather and become a shepherd.

 Although her family has had generations of male shepherds, her grandfather realizes her potential and hands over his shepherd's crook to her. She fulfills his expectations and becomes a great shepherd. Amani's life changes when Jewish settlers intrude into their lives and take over their land, their olive orchards and their sheep. The building of Jewish settlements and construction of a new highway through their land destroys the family's peaceful and pleasant way of life forever. 
The book tackles many interesting issues, including multigenerational families, relationships, resilience, the importance of education, and the struggle to hold on to culture.
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Michigan Coalition Asks Obama to Begin Probe into Imam's Death

"A coalition of religious leaders is calling on President Barack Obama to initiate a civil rights investigation of the death of an Islamic cleric during an FBI sting operation.

...Abdullah was shot at least 20 times, police said. Calls for a review have been made by the religious community almost since it has occurred. Islamic leaders have openly questioned whether the shooting was justified. 
...'We have to get past the (religious) differences that we may have and come together,' said the Rev. Charles E. Williams II, pastor of Historic King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church. 'This community is going to stand together and insist on knowing the truth.
...The call to action comes as the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan is hosting open houses at various Metro Detroit Muslim places of worship to foster better relations with the community.'"   
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As part of its vision and mission, the NASIMCO Post serves as a tool by which to bind our community together and promote a united and caring environment for all. If you have anything you would like to include in this newsletter, contact us at
Annual NASIMCO Conference
NASIMCO cordially invites you to attend its 30th Annual Conference which will be held at the Islamic Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Toronto on June 5th.
This year's Conference theme is "Care to Care". Your presence and participation at the Conference will be valuable as we define and set our ambitions in becoming a more caring community.

NASIMCO Conference logo

The NASIMCO Conference provides an opportunity to meet the NASIMCO team, hear about NASIMCO activities over the past year and plan for the upcoming one. It is also a forum to connect, network and solidify partnerships and promote brotherhood.  For further information, please contact
Haiti Relief Fund Update
On May 3rd, Haiti was hit by another earthquake, measuring 4.4 on the Richter Scale. Sadly, many of the buildings that had survived the devastating quake in January, were completely destroyed in this one. It left more injuries as well as the dread of further disaster in its wake.

NASIMCO in partnership with The World Federation are continuing to work with the Al Mahdi Center to provide aid and relief to the children and families of Haiti. In addition to contributing towards a container of basic supplies, funds have also been sent for the temporary school that has been set up for the children of the orphanage. Furthermore, there are plans to send a team to Haiti in the near future to meet with Br. Shu'ayb and assess the situation for rebuilding.


Only your continued generosity can make it possible for the people of Haiti to rebuild their homes and their lives. Please click the link on the sidebar to donate towards this fund.
The World Federation Extraordinary Conference
An Extraordinary Conference of The World Federation of KSIMC was held on May 1st in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. The Conference engaged in a lengthy discussion to deliberate the main agenda item for this meeting, the election of the President. The result of these discussions was a Resolution that read as follows: 

"While deliberating agenda item No. 4, it has emerged that a considerable doubt has been cast on the validity of the processes, conduct and results of the elections for the term of 2009 - 2012 with the consequence of a perception of division amongst The World Federation members, and therefore this Extraordinary Conference resolves that fresh elections be held after effecting any amendments necessary to the constitution relating to the processes and conduct of elections, it is further resolved that the Constitutional Conference shall be held in December 2010 in accordance with the resolution passed in the Toronto conference (2009) and that the intended elections be held within appropriate number of days stated in the constitution upon the adoption of the amendments to the constitution then in effect, whilst the current Executive Council continues." 

In regards to the Conference, the President of The World Federation, Dr. Asgar Moledina expressed, "The discussions and decisions that transpired at the meeting were necessary and healthy to remove the uncertainties that had been looming for so many months. Given the resolution that was passed...we will now continue to work full force to serve the community until the new election." To read more, click here.
INSIGHT Magazine
The World Federation published its latest issue of INSIGHT magazine earlier this month. The theme of the issue is "Reflecting on our Communities' Achievements". The articles in this year's magazine include initiatives undertaken by NASIMCO and various North American Jamaats, as well as Shia communities worldwide from 2006 to 2009.


Download and/or view the latest issue of the INSIGHT magazine by clicking on the image above.
Community Event - Orlando
On April 18th, the Husseini Islamic Center (HIC) Youths of Orlando hosted a workshop at their Center with Dr. Liyakat Takim, a guest speaker from Hamilton, Canada.
The day began with refreshments and recitation of the Holy Quran. Dr. Liyakat Takim then addressed the participants with his first topic: "Islam in Modern Times". He discussed how Islam has impacted the Muslim World as it spread to every corner of the world.

HIC workshop

The topic for the second workshop was "Comparative Religions", in which Dr.Takim discussed the similarities and differences between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The workshop received ample positive feedback.
Election Results - Kitchener-Waterloo
The Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Kitchener-Waterloo recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2010-2012 are as follows: 

President: Shan Jamal
Vice President: Safina Hussein
Secretary: Bashir Sachoo
Treasurer: Hadi Saeed
Gents' Administrator: Mohamed-Abbas Hussein
Ladies' Administrator: Fatima Rashid
Webinars on Self-Knowledge
The Organization for Islamic Learning has organized an eight week program of study to understand the benefits of self knowledge and the relationship between self knowledge and knowledge of God.

The course will examine what the Holy Quran and the Hadith say on the nobility of human beings, their virtues, vices, and how perfection depends on exercise of free will. In addition, the course will examine and discuss what scholars of Islam have to say about topics such as resurrection and life in the hereafter, reward and punishment of actions and the role, importance and type of knowledge needed to achieve the purpose of creation.

The webinars are conducted by Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali, every Sunday at 9:00 PM (EST). To participate, log on at: