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An Introduction to Islamic Culture

"Religion cannot merely be regarded semantically, ie. by only considering supernatural aspects, and ignoring materialistic, economic, legal, political and artistic affairs or issues adjusting human life virtues, for none of man's potentials cannot embrace reality without a logical connection between man's physical, social and worldly affairs with his supernaturally spiritual.

 ...Since moral, religious, political, legal and revolutions should be based on man's original needs, any constructive revolution must have been established on the basis of human spiritual motives. Hence, some sociological experts have stated that any change truly advantageous to humanity, must definitely arise from religious motivation."
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US Muslims Urged to Engage in Culture

"Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss-born Islamic scholar who was just allowed into the United States after a six-year ban instituted by the Bush administration, told American Muslims on Tuesday to get involved with all sectors of American society, instead of being 'obsessed' with whether they're considered terrorists.

...American Muslims must not 'be obsessed with Islam meaning terrorism,' he said, referring to efforts by creators of the popular animated TV show, South Park, to poke fun at Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Mr. Ramadan urged his fellow believers to 'take a critical distance' if Islam appears to be mocked in the popular culture.
...'There is
only one Islam,' he said, 'but many interpretations and many Muslim cultures.'"
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Az-Zahra Camp
Az-Zahra Camp, in collaboration with NASIMCO, is pleased to announce the launch of its second Mother and Daughter Weekend Getaway from August 5th to August 8th, 2010.

The purpose of the weekend is to promote effective communication between mothers and daughters (between the ages of 9 and 19) and to aid personal development. Speakers include Masuma Jaffer, Shahnaz Alidina and Sabiha Jaffer.


In addition, the Getaway will offer activities such as archery, swimming, campfires and much more. The cost is $325 per mother and daughter pair. To apply, please contact Jamila Dewji at The application deadline is June 15th, 2010.
LDP - Understanding Self for Success
The Shia Ithna-Asheri Islamic Jamaat of Los Angeles (SIIJLA) in partnership with NASIMCO, held a one-day workshop titled "Understanding Self for Success" on April 24th at the Huseini Center in Los Angeles, California. This workshop was part of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) initiated by the World Federation and NASIMCO. 


The participants enjoyed a full day of activities including reflective exercises, interactive discussions, self assessments and a closing circle. The topics covered at the workshop were understanding yourself using the iceberg principle, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), political intelligence and emotional intelligence.
One of the participant's feedback on the LDP: "This is excellent! The group exercise was very practical and engaging. The workshop is very useful to understand and apply the skills in our daily interaction."
The World Federation Extraordinary Conference
The World Federation Extraordinary Conference is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 1st in Dar-es-Salaam. The NASIMCO delegation to the conference is as follows:
Councillors to WF:
Gulamabbas Najafi - Toronto
Habib M. Habib - Seattle
Sadique Jaffer - New York
Razak Damani - Toronto
NASIMCO Delegation:
Riyaaz Jivraj - Orlando
Mumtaz Ladak - Orlando
Shyrose Dhalla - Toronto
Mahmood Datoo - Allentown
Hasnain Walji - Houston
Mujtaba Datoo - Los Angeles
Hussein Manekia - Orlando
Mazahir Ismail - Toronto
Gulam Dinani - New York 
Hussein Ismail - New York
Al Haj Mustafa Jaffer - New York
Also attending from North America:
Shabir Karim - Minnesota
Mohsin Jaffer - Miami
Ahlul Bayt TV Update
In response to feedback from viewers and partners, the Ahlulbayt Television Network has inaugurated the first phase of its renovated and expanded website. One of the most sought after services is the live webcast, which extends the channel's reach beyond the 3 digital satellites and into every computer with a simple broadband internet connection.   


Ahlul Bayt TV hosts a variety of Islamic programs from current affairs and political issues to the creative arts. To find out more, visit their website by clicking here.
Inter-Faith Event - Texas
On Saturday, March 6th, the Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association (IABA) in Austin, Texas hosted members from Church Without Walls (CWW) for a meeting with Sheikh Ja'far Muhibullah, members of the Executive Committee and other IABA members.  

CWW is made up of members from several non-Catholic denominations who believe in reaching out to different religions and learning about their beliefs. Reverend McDonald of CWW spoke about the oneness of God from a Christian perspective.  Sheikh Ja'far then spoke on the same topic, quoting the Quran and ahadith. A thought provoking Q&A session followed, with questions directed to both the Reverend McDonald and Sheikh Ja'far. 

The meeting was adjourned on a friendly and cordial note. The guests and IABA members continued their discussions over lunch, discussing Muslim/Christian history as well as contemporary issues. Commonalities between both faiths were highlighted and acknowledged by the attendees.