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A Fortnightly Newsletter April 1st, 2010
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*Leadership Development Program - Orlando
*Haiti Relief Fund Update
*Inter-Faith Event - Orlando
*Election Results - Los Angeles
*Election Results - Allentown
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"For nearly 14 centuries, calligraphy has been the most important medium of artistic expression in Islamic culture. This is due to it being the noblest of the visual arts in the world of Islam, for it is the writing of the Quran that is sacred art par excellence.
...Thus calligraphy itself was considered a major art - great calligraphers, who introduced new styles of forming the script, were more famous than great painters, and calligraphy was not only the affair of the craftsman, it was also practiced by many learned people and even by sultans.
...This preoccupation with beautiful writing extended to all arts-including secular manuscripts; inscriptions on palaces; and those applied to metalwork, pottery, stone, glass, wood, and textiles-and to non-Arabic-speaking peoples within the Islamic commonwealth whose languages-such as Persian, Turkish, and Urdu-were written in the Arabic script."
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Muslim Population in Metro Vancouver will Triple by 2031

"Expect to see more minarets punctuating our West Coast skyline in decades to come.

The elegant spires towering above mosques likely will become more common in Metro Vancouver as Islam strengthens its status as the second-largest religion across Canada after Christianity.

Statistics Canada projected Tuesday that Muslims are on target to make up half of the country's expanding non-Christian religious population by 2031. That means roughly one out of 10 Canadians might be Muslim in two decades.
...Many of those new Muslims will have origins in Arabian countries, Pakistan and India, which are a rich source of new immigrants to Canada."
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Leadership Development Program (LDP) - Orlando
NASIMCO, in partnership with the Husseini Islamic Center of Orlando, is proud to announce that the next Leadership Development Program (LDP) will take place on June 11th-13th at the Hyatt Place Orlando. 
The primary aim of the program is to develop leaders across the Muslim communities in North America that will develop strategies to effectively contribute to the Muslim society and beyond. It will be facilitated by professionals that have experience from previous LDPs.


Participants will understand their personl leadership styles as well as develop and enhance their skills to ensure more productive and efficient working methods. The program is offered at a subsidized cost of $275.00 to the Muslim community and participation is limited to 25 people. The application deadline is April 25th. For more information, contact or visit the NASIMCO website.

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Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund Update
The World Federation, in partnership with NASIMCO, had agreed to focus donations received on rebuilding the Al-Mahdi Center and surrounding housing. However, in view of the current situation, funds were also allocated to immediate relief efforts.
The Shia community in Haiti have expressed that their food supply is dwindling, their tents are leaking and they need clothing. Unfortunately, much of the food delivered to Haiti by the United Nations is not halaal. Other everyday items such as soap, hijabs for the women and prayer rugs are also needed. Furthermore, the orphanage school is in need of tarps to shelter the children from the seasonal rains as they hold their classes in the yard.


In cooperation with our contact in Montreal, a container of clothes, tents and food items was sent to the Al-Mahdi Center in Haiti. NASIMCO will continue to help fulfill the immediate needs of the Shia community in Haiti as well as support efforts to reconstruct the Al-Mahdi Center.

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NASIMCO will be launching an initiative to obtain a statistical record of our communities in North America. With the help and cooperation of member Jamaats, we hope to distribute the "Census and Skills Data Form" to gain an understanding of the demographics and skills of our community. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

The aim of the initiative is not only for a statistical analysis in terms of population and resources in our community, but also to serve students, established professionals and the community at large through a better understanding of their needs. Look for more details in the upcoming Posts.
Continuing Personal Development, New York
NASIMCO, in conjunction with the Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of New York Islamic Education Board is pleased to offer two CPD workshops for the purpose of promoting spiritual and academic advancement and progress throughout the community. The workshops are entitled, 'The Transition from Me to We - Preparing Muslim Youth for Marriage' and 'Too Much of a Good Thing - The Challenges of Raising Children of Character in an Age of Indulgence.' The courses will be lead by Sr Marzia Hasan, a trained Marriage and Family Therapist (MSW - University of Toronto). 


For more information, please click on the poster.
Inter-Faith Event - Orlando
On March 26th, the youth of the Husseini Islamic Center in Orlando joined efforts with the Muslim Congress for the "No More Hunger Campaign", a multi-faceted project that aims to promote charity, self-building, community-building, social justice, da'wah and outreach. Volunteers helped prepare halal meals at the Coalition for Homeless Orlando Center for Women and Families, serving about 240 individuals in need. 

no more hunger

One of the youths who participated in the event, Sameer Jagani, reflected on his experience: "It gave everyone a chance to make a difference and help in a way that may have seemed small, but was in fact very large to those in need. Moments like these make one truly appreciate and thank Allah for what we have and for being able to help in such efforts."
Election Results - Los Angeles
The Shia Ithna-Asheri Islamic Jamaat of Los Angeles recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2010-2012 is as below:
President: Sadik Alloo
Vice President: Khalil Dewji
Secretary: Farha (Dhun) M. Nathani
Treasurer: Mohsin Haji
Councilor: Sherbanu Khakoo
Councilor: Minhaal Kalyan
Election Results - Allentown
The Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Pennsylvania recently held elections for their executive committee. The elected positions for the term 2010-2012 is as follows:

President: Mohammed Khaku
Vice President: Riyaz Kermalli
Treasurer: Aliraza Visram
Secretary: Aliraza Somji
Joint Secretary: Salim Bhimji
Committee Member: Ali Abdul
Committee Member: Aliasgher Mohamedali