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Being Muslim in America
The United States Department of State published a booklet titled "Being Muslim in America" in March of 2009.
"The young women pictured on [the] cover are both Muslim. They live near Detroit, Michigan, in a community with many Arab-American residents. Each expresses her faith in her own way, with a combination of traditional and modern dress...They, along with the other men, women, and children in this publication, demonstrate every day what it is like to be Muslim in America."
To view the booklet, click here.
French Fast Food Chain Makes Menus Halal
"Quick, one of France's most popular fast food chains, has taken pork off the menu at eight of its restaurants, turning them into halal-only outlets.
...Some Muslim customers welcomed the move...But other regular customers were outraged. 'I don't understand, why can't they sell halal burgers and bacon burgers at the same time?' asked Delphine, 26."
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NASIMCO Conference 2010
The 30th Annual NASIMCO Conference will be held from June 5th to June 6th in Toronto and will be hosted by the Islamic Shia Ithnasheri Jamaat of Toronto. The Conference provides leaders and members of the North American Jamaats, together with representatives of other regional organizations and The World Federation, to meet each other, build bonds, review the activities of the previous year and plan for future years. It is also an opportunity to share experiences and practices for the benefit of all our communities.
Member Jamaats are requested to confirm the number of delegates and guests that will attend the conference. This information will help the NASIMCO Secretariat and the host Jamaat to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made. Information on accommodations, as well as any other questions can be obtained by contacting the NASIMCO Secretariat at
Hadith-e-Kisa Blanket Drive
This winter marked the sixth year of the "Hadith-e-Kisa Blanket Drive", an initiative of The World Federation, COEJ, NASIMCO and the Hussaini Foundation. The aim of this appeal is to "spread the warmth" of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) by gifting warm blankets in their names to families and individuals trapped in the vicious circle of poverty.

Hadith Kisa

NASIMCO would like to thank all those who contributed toward this cause. In North America, NASIMCO received contributions directly from donors; the total amount raised was $5,325.00 (CAD) and $2,850.00 (USD). In addition, member Jamaats that assisted with this Appeal reported the following contributions:
- Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre, Vancouver: $585.00 (CAD)
- Islamic Shia Ithna-asheri Association of Edmonton: $200.00 (CAD)
- Islamic Jaffaria Association, Miami: $1200.00 (USD)     
A total of 1213 blankets were gifted to Muslims living in the cold northern mountains of Pakistan. For the most part, volunteers are making door to door visits to gift the blankets to the needy. In some cases, families have been requested to come to a central location to pick them up. Almost all the blankets have already been distributed.
Inter-Faith Event - Minnesota
The youths of the Minnesota Jamaat participated in the Inter-Faith Youth Day of Service on President's Day, February 15th, 2010. They helped with boxing books, packing food, folding bedsheets and packing diapers, all of which were being prepared to be distributed to the homeless and the needy. Not only did the youth have the opportunity to participate in these service projects, but they contributed during the structured discussion and group activities with the youth of various faiths and denominations.
Community Event - Orlando
The Orlando Jamaat's education sub-committee of Husseini Islamic Center, Orlando held a seminar called "Conflict Resolution" on Friday February 19th. The seminar's main focus was on settling conflict that arises among family members, including spouses and/or siblings. The event was aimed at girls aged 16 and above, and mothers; it was a good way of building stronger family relationships and therefore, a stronger community.