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Mobile base station numbers explode in Japan
Mobile data traffic drive base station growth    Dec. 13, 2010
Greetings!,  mobile phone base station installations exploded in Japan during 2010. During 2010 about 65,500 3G-base stations were installed in Japan - about two times more than the sum-total of all base stations in the United Kingdom!

While DoCoMo's and KDDI's base station growth was steady, SoftBank ramped up base station installations dramatically, driven by SoftBank's excellent financial results, and to mitigate SoftBank's spectrum handicaps. Read more in this newsletter below, find more details in our JCOMM-Report.

DoCoMo starts commercial LTE services on Dec 24, 2010, and already has approx. 600 LTE base stations installed (for details see our JCOMM-report and our DoCoMo-report).

Well positioned base station vendors and companies offering components and software for base stations benefit, as well as subscribers, who will enjoy better coverage and better data speeds.

Japan's regulator, the General Affairs Ministry, has recently announced, that additional spectrum in the very favorable 800MHz region will be made available, fueling further growth.

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SoftBank's success drives jump in base stations
3G base station growth in Japan
3G basestation growth exploded during 2010

During the last five years, approx. 3000 - 4000 mobile phone base stations were installed in Japan. During 2010, this rate jumped to 65,500 mainly driven by Softbank's success.
Base station numbers grow steadily - explode in 2010
3G base station numbers jumped during 2010
3G basestation numbers jumped during 2010

This figure (from our JCOMM- report) shows that base station numbers have grown steadily over the years, and jump in 2010.

For comparison, the insert shows the sum-total of all installed base stations in the United Kingdom.
2G networks are switched off completely
Figure shows 3G, 2G, Wimax and LTE base stations
Figure shows Japan's 2G, 3G, Wimax and LTE base stations

While in most countries 2G and 3G mobile networks are maintained in parallel, in Japan 2G networks are switched off, as shown in the figure on the left (from our JCOMM-report).
LTE to start on December 24, 2010
LTE base station deployment in Japan
About 600 LTE base stations are ready to go live on Dec 24, 2010

To provide higher data capacity, DoCoMo will start LTE services from December 24, 2010. Currently about 600 LTE base stations are ready to go (detailed analysis and statistics of Japan's base station markets are in our  JCOMM-report).
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