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The Leaky Gut and its cascade of problems

Healthy Summer Recipe

A Client's Story
Doug Grunther Radio Show
I had a great time on Doug's award-winning radio show The Woodstock Roundtable on July 15th.  It will be posted on my website soon, so please check back!
Comfrey - A Medicinal Plant

I have used Comfrey for 40 years and it has many therapeutic properties.  It is also known as symphytum officiate, or "knit all".  There are benefits from both internal and external use.
- Healing wounds
- Helping bones to knit and repair after a break
- Swelling
- Skin conditions
- Insect bites
- Sprains
- Nosebleeds
- Torn ligaments and bruises

It's an amazing plant that has a tap root that will grow up to 120 feet in search of water!

Taking Comfrey internally is subject to legal restrictions in some countries due to liver toxicity that can be caused when taking excessive amounts.  It shouldn't be used by pregnant women.
I believe if you respect the plant and use it in moderation, or use it in the form of a salve, tincture, or in its homeopathic form, it can be of great support and aid to the body.  
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Dear Friends,
I hope you are enjoying the farmer's markets, fresh air, and sunshine.  In this newsletter, I have included an article about the leaky gut, which is something I treat in a huge number of my clients.  I have also shared a delicious kale salad recipe, a heartfelt story from one of my clients, and the benefits of Comfrey.  I hope this is useful for you and your loved ones!
The Leaky Gut
I have written about this topic before, and I feel that this is an important topic that needs to be written and spoken about more than once.  Just before I wrote this article I saw a commercial for One a Day Vitamins that talked about the leaky gut and the immune system.  In all my years of working with people, I would never have believed that the mainstream vitamin companies would be advertising this.  The only problem is that their products are made with chemicals which the body can't process, so it causes toxins and other problems. But kudos to them for at least acknowledging this issue. 
Symptoms can begin with indigestion, nausea, heartburn, gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, and diarrhea.  Then there are ramifications outside the digestive tract causing allergies, anemia, fatigue, weight loss, arthritis,eczema, psoriasis, muscle pain, and more serious autoimmune diseases.  While symptoms are varied and the diseases have different names, they have one root cause - a leaky gut.  Since many of these conditions are not readily associated with the intestines, symptoms may persist for years before the patient is properly diagnosed.
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Delicious & Healthy Summer Recipe
Kale from my garden

Raw Kale Salad 
- Large bunch of kale 
- 1 avocado 
- 1 bunch of green scallions 
- vinegar or lemon juice to taste 
- 1/4 cup olive oil, or to taste 
- 2 tsp liquid Braggs aminos, more if needed 
Separate leaves from thick vein and cut into small pieces.  Wash well and drain.  Mash avocado and mix in all ingredients.  Cover and refrigerate, shaking 2 or 3 times.  Marinate for 3 - 4 hours and enjoy!

A Client's Story

Dear Lainy,

I want to first start off by giving you a warm thank you. You helped me get my life back to a point were I can be happy again. This letter tells not only what struggles i went through, but also what you helped me overcome. I hate to think about what my life might be like right now if I had not met you.  


I started coming to you about four months ago at the age of 19. At this time I was unable to get out of bed, or even have the energy to eat. I was sleeping about 15-18 hours a day. Since I can remember, I have been a strong young girl who loves to play sports. I had been playing soccer since I was 11. This sport was a part of my life.  


Unfortunately, slowly this part of my life was being taken away from me. This unknown that was making my life so unbearable was becoming very scary.  I went to doctors who were baffled by my symptoms. Everyone had their own ideas. After many guesses and misdiagnoses the doctors gave up. I refused to give up. I had to get better and fight this unknown.  


Many people began to recognize my symptoms as chronic fatigue syndrome. The doctors said that there was nothing they or I could do. I wasn't about to accept that and just wait. I was to start my sophomore year at college in two months. I had a soccer scholarship and needed to get better quickly.  


This is when I heard about Lainy. My chiropractor suggested I try her after she had great success with her. She told me she uses alternative medicine that may help me. With no more real explanations I called Lainy and made an appointment. I had no idea if she could help me at all but it was worth a try at this point.  


At my first visit Lainy told me that she believed she could help me. That right there lifted about 200 lbs off my shoulders. She told me my body has been through a lot. I took pills after pills and every two weeks I found myself with just a little more energy. I wasn't able to play soccer right away, but after going to see her for just two months I went from not being able to get out of bed to playing in a game here and there. It was really a miracle and it was happening so fast. Every two weeks I visited her and I was making huge improvements. I began sleeping normal hours and being that girl I once remembered and love.


Lainy kept me going in a positive direction not only with her vitamins but with her positive attitude. Would you believe it I made All American. I sleep normal hours and have no real trouble getting out of bed.  


I was really scared that my life was never going to be the same. In four quick months I was well. I have no one to thank but Lainy. Lainy gave me the strength to get better with both the herbs and her warm heart. She is a special person who I admire so much. I will always be grateful to her.  



I hope you enjoyed my August e-newsletter and found some valuable tidbits.  Summer is a time to enjoy a healthy body to the fullest, so if something ails you, please call me to get back on track.  If you know someone who may benefit from a consult with me, I accept referrals with much gratitude.


Thank you,
Lainy Reicher, ND, CDN, CN
Vital Health of Woodstock

Phone:    (845) 679-7892 
FullArticleContinued from Above:  
In the leaky gut, the small intestine wall becomes inflamed and breached with tiny holes that leak proteins into the blood stream.   The immune system builds antibodies to these proteins and attacks them as if they were foreign germs.  Confusing its own protein with foreign protein, the immune system may go on to attack proteins in other parts of the body.  For example, when the immune system attacks the joints, the result is rheumatoid arthritis.  Bone and muscle pain of  fibromyalgia and lupus can also be attributed to the spread of toxins through a leaky gut.  
As the cascade of inflammatory reactions spreads to the lungs, asthma results.  When these toxic substances overload the liver's ability to detoxify them, they empty into the skin as psoriasis or eczema.  Dry skin, anemia, and other problems result from impaired assimilation and malabsorption of essential fats and B-vitamin deficiencies.  Nutrient deficiencies cause a host of problems even though supplements may be taken faithfully.  
With the continued stream of toxins, allergies and chemical sensitivities develop, accompanied by mental fog and fatigue.  Since 60% of human antibodies are produced in the intestinal tract, intestinal permeability compromises immunity, leaving the body vulnerable to viral and bacterial infection.  Patients and doctors alike are often amazed that so many other conditions are resolved when the leaky gut is successfully treated. 

Two Major Risk Factors for Leaky Gut Syndrome:  
Two of the main causes of leaky gut are overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, parasites, fungi, and Candida albicans (yeast) and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 
Normally, potentially pathogenic bacteria co-exist in the intestines with healthy lactic acid-producing bacteria such as acidophilus and bifidobacteria.  This poses no problem as long as the "friendly" bacteria remain dominant.  Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in the gut, good and bad, leaving an opening for opportunistic yeasts, fungi, and parasites to move in.  Once these organisms become dominant, they can wreak havoc on the intestinal mucosa. 

Caprylic acid is effective for removing Candida albicans (the yeast fungus) from the intestines.  If other parasites are present, herbs such as garlic, Artemisia (wormwood), pau d'arco, or a homeopathic vermifuge can be used.  For additional digestive support, vegetable enzymes are generally recommended.  


The second main cause of leaky gut is the use of NSAIDs such as aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.  These inflame the intestinal lining, causing the spaces between the cells to widen. Although they are anti-inflammatory in other parts of the body, these drugs decrease the production of prostaglandins, which protect the intestinal mucosa. 
There are several herbal, amino acid, and vitamin supplements that I use to help repair the leaky gut. L-glutamine and N-acetyl-glucosamine rebuild and repair the damaged gastrointestinal mucosa.  Quercetin inhibits the release of histamine and other inflammatory compounds, and greatly reduces the inflammatory response, as well as allergic reactions. 
Despite suffering from a variety of symptoms for months or even years, supplements and dietary changes can heal the leaky gut, but it takes time.  It depends on how long the person has had the problems.  But when the balance of intestinal flora is restored, digestion becomes normal, nutrients are absorbed, and the immune system can do its job to restore itself to balance again.  Your entire system begins to function in health, and vitality becomes a sustainable reality.