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10pm, December 8th, 2011

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Bond Ladys Chat Dec. 8 from Bond Ladys Corner
Tomn Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum
Soonerfan _ Post By Shybaby PTR Forum
Thursday 7pm (ET) PTR CC Recording Link, Replay #'s and Call Notes
BGG chat in Dinar Updates Thur afternoon posted by Mona Lisa
The below posts were in our 6pm email
Jonnywg in 3S's forum trying to verife more info
Papajack and Soonerfan62 Thursday Chat as posted by Highhopes at PTR
Hammerman 12-08-11 Posted by AJ33:3 at MIG Forum
BWM and CAP1 chats as posted by Highhopes at PTR Forum
The IQD Team Conference Call 12-8 Latest Iraq Dinar & RV News
Jonnywg in 3S's chat Thur morning still no cash in but bank screens still at 000
Med Chat - Post By Tudor Dinar Speculator
Wise Word "LAUGHTER"
Bluedog - Final Briefing!! (RV must be Close) Post by Bluedog G.E.T. Forum
From Tony via BellaGrits - RacerX post at PTR Forum (early Thursday Morning)
Bluedog Chat - Post By Janna G.E.T. Forum
Wed. Night Poppy3/BGG CC MP# and Replay #'s
Historian's thoughts on the OOOOOO posted at the banks posted on the GET forum by ProsperityQueen
Jonnywg on 3S's forum late wed night posted by Asells
From Louisville-G - very interesting!! Post by BGG at Dinar Updates
Phoenix CONFIRMED Serious rumor is FACT (email from KA)
 Bond Ladys Chat Dec. 8 from Bond Ladys Corner


[BondLady] back
[lightingcslt] grashopa at first your right he did but backed down
[lightingcslt] BondLady wb
[BondLady] elections just around the corner anywazys its to late maliki is in it till the end
[BondLady] but maliki is settin the def min an he is from allis bloc
[BondLady] dulami is
[BondLady] there was a few things allawi wanted besides namein the def min
[BondLady] somethin about arrest with out basically a warrent   
[BondLady] an somethin eles
[BondLady] electorial council i think
[BondLady] hes given up on bein supreme council
[BondLady] so maliki could do this with allwi
[BondLady] an basically the kurds things i think are almost finished
[BondLady] when they pass the hcl thats gonna get article 140 on the road
[BondLady] an art 140 is done theve been doinstuff per that
[BondLady] budget is on parl
[BondLady] hcl is on parl
[BondLady] def min has been sent to parl by maliki
[BondLady] so its all lookin pretty dang good

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 Tomn Chat - Post By Highhopes PTR Forum


i do not know this person???? anyone else?

[tomn] the window is now thru the 12th. i will know 24 hours in advance. my guy has never been wrong so i believe him, he's told me all along no RV up until this current window. so we'll see. I spent 11 days on a plane in September flying around the U.S. meeting all the guru's in in different
[tomn] I'm pretty well connected to the right ones....

[zapper] tomn If you know 24 hours in advance does that mean it is at least another 24 hours out?..
[ tomn] yes..... , when everyone was calling for it, he told me not yet, thats why i'm at peace with this..

[tomn] window is by the 11th at this time, if a monkey wrench comes into play i will know it....but at this time all clear..the 11th and no holdups

[zapper] tomn ty I'm gonna make pancakes and smoke. (I'll probably choke because I don't usually smoke but I want to take your advice. lol
[tomn] cashinqueen no i'm not hammerman, jeez

[tomn] poppy BGG, transporter, dewey, and many others can vouch for me, i've met them all in person
tomn] one more time, NOW PLEASE go enjoy your day, there will be no RV today.......

Ok rocks: tomn you said anytime now to the 11th and then you said not today, is that because you did not get a heads up for today?
[tomn] Ok rocks correct, i'll be back and let you know if i get that call, it will be by 5 if i get it

 Soonerfan _ Post By Shybaby PTR Forum
From oomc

[soonerfan] OK guys, I have had Tommy (the guy with the 30 mil Dinar) on the phone for the last hour. He had a long conversation with his intel guy this morning explaining all the reason why this has to happen before the weekend and why it will NOT RV during banking

[soonerfan] banking hours. Without going into a lot of detail, I'll just say this: My statement from yesterday still holds, if we don't have an RV by Midnight Friday, you will not see me back on Chat until post RV.

[soonerfan] That is how much confidence I have in this mans intel person. By the way, Tommys investment group holds a total of 80 mil Dinar. That's it now now, all I got, will post if I hear anything else. He told me to relax, were here>



 Thursday 7pm (ET) PTR CC Recording Link, Replay #'s and Call Notes



760 569 7699 pin 169679# 

Call Notes from Cassie1966 and Highhopes posted at PTR Forum - Thank you

Dan is on saying its going o be a short call. Still on hour to hour watch that is why they are doing the call

Dan been on the phone today since 6am this morning. 

Dan says that everyone is battering against each other. Not bring up names ... LOL 
Talked to Bella yesterday and today still may not totally agree but thats ok and Dan is saying he is sorry to her. 

Basically dont do anything that is gonna come back on you ... 

Dan is about to hand it over to Tony. 

Dan said he KNOWS it will RV 

Tony ..... not going to tell you anything so he dont know why we got on this call. LOL 

Got a call at 11 pm lqast night and 1am in the morning then started @ 6am. I am having a hard time hearing Tony .... Granny can you postwhat Tony is saying. Tony said by NOON tomorrow we will be jumping up and down .,, THAT I HEARD 

Not sure what we will hear by NOON TOMORROW ... but Tony said WE WILL BE VERY HAPPY! 

 BGG chat in Dinar Updates Thur afternoon posted by Mona Lisa
2:14 PM [glryan11] BGG thoughts on this? bookings] i just read on forexpros that has the bullish and bear is on. Bull had this to say.said chapter 7 will only be lifted once all articles of it have been met by iraq and things holding them upright now is the issues that exist with kuwait. Said the rv in 2012 at the earliest!!!!
2:15 PM [BGG] glryan11 - Deep contacts tell us otherwise.* * 2:16 PM [BGG] CH 7 might not be lifted (no matter what Iraq wants) but they will RV their currency pretty soon.2:16 PM 
[BGG] Just like I already said....
2:16 PM [glryan11] BGG TY* *

2:23 PM [shalone] BGG so do you believe there is a connection between the RV and CH 7?
2:23 PM [BGG] shalone - sure, but not the kind everyone thinks.
2:24 PM [BGG] They have to RV to get out of Ch 7 not the other way around.
2:26 PM [BGG] all the articles the talk about current exchange rates and "their progress" are mainly from very poorly (economically) educated Middle Eastern points of view. Their currency was not deflated due to decades of war and oppression - that is all bull pucky!!

2:26 PM [shalone] BGG there are many that think that since Iraq is close to being removed from CH 7, that this must also mean the RV is close. 2:28 PM [BGG] Their currency was artificially deflated because we "imposed" a very low "program rate" as enforced by the UN so these a$$ hats couldn't buy bombs and guns while we subdued the subversive terrorists!! If they don't like the last 20 years - don't put up with terrorism in your country.
2:29 PM [shalone] BGG so do we think that Iraq is keeping the rate still low because of the terrorist threat?
2:29 PM [BGG] And one of the conditions of them being allowed a seat back at "the big kids table" is an internationally recognized currency - NOT an 1170 rate!! It will have to reflect the true value of the Dinar.
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 The below posts were in our 6pm email
Jonnywg in 3S's forum trying to verife more info posted by AndieZ1


jonnywg] Got some great info from Papajack1952 regarding the IQD sitting on forex and we are trying to get verified .... will have more info soon. Bank rates are still showing 0.0000 for buy and sell but we await changes and hope they are soon.

[jonnywg] Tomorrow should be a great day for all


papajack: I got a call from a friend in DC, he said he heard it was to happen Monday and was stopped again, banks are very upset and losing lots of money.

pansieboy] THE DUKES TIMELINE o marks end of iraqi war on 14th. Maliki addresses congress in washington on 12th. chap.7 report due on 10th to the un. so anytime on or before 10th is what "the duke" is saying

[PaPaJack1952] All i will say for now is whooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo
[PaPaJack1952] jonny please call me I have some awesome info for you asap
[PaPaJack1952] and a big whooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo

[soonerfan62] Maliki will not go home without Chapter 7 being lifted and an Internationaly traded currency> That is only two of many reasons. By the way Maliki leaves Sunday
[soonerfan62] he is not leaving and coming back, he is staying until done
[soonerfan62] Guys common sense, what kind of response would he get coming home still in Chapter 7, and a worthless currency
[soonerfan62] Squirrelcheeks No he really wanted to work on his golf game with O lol



12-08-11 (Revised by AJ33:3 with permission from hammerman)  1:42 PM P1 [hammerman] Hello all, just real fast AJ33:3 back me up ,,,lol ,,ok i just said that 4am to 12 noon was a good time never said the opnly (only) time ( good window) ,,,,but as i have stated more than once anytime i give a time there a 72 to 96 hour time fram (frame) before are after that time so we just watch, it is over its all done comfermed (confirmed) today threw (through)more callsj ust know (now) it (it's)coming [[[[ more coming part 1 of 2 ]]]

12-08-11 1:50 PM P2 [hammerman] ok i cant say much an (and) also theres (there is) really nothing new ,,but there is a hold up [[[we believe ]]]dont really now (know) what theres  (that is) nothing other than the smaller mom an pop banks local home town banks filled (filed) some papers (for equal cash in rights) to be able to compete with the biggeer banks ,,they asked for time get (to get) curincey (currency) programs set up ,,,, aslo can comferim (confirm) the big banks will be bring (bringing) in a lot of extra money an (and) personal on tu sday (tuesday) ,,, [[[[i now (know) amounts but cant (can not) share ]]] i can say (all) people in my intel circle and me are saying it is over done an (and) all (my) intel are saying it has rved just no cash in avlabile ,, i stand firm on this ,,,, (only big players are cashing out no one like us has cashed out as of yet)

12-08-11 1:56 PM P3 [hammerman] an (and) i have totaliy (totally)  talk (talked) to nmore (more) than one legal aganicy (agency) belive it are (or) not these chaty (chat) rooms am (and) cc (conference calls) do make a big play in when this goes down they wont do it will (while) we are looking so pleaase stop looking ,,just let it come ,,,it (it is) all over an (and) done an (and) they wil (will) just toss it at us when ever (meaning the rate) ,,, theres (there is) still a lot in play between know (now) an the 18 th  (of December),,(not really a reason, stock market issues, gold issues getting everything ready..when bank orders large amount of money it will take 2 to 3 days to get the currency to the banks),(Banks were ready weeks ago but they sent the money back due to security issues) an (and I) cant rember (remember) if i said but the 72 hours out somtime (sometime) tomorrow not today (once they show the 5.71 rate they have to activate it within 72 hours or change the rate and the 72 hours begins again),, but al (all) they have to do is move they (the) rate a fraction up are (or) down to get anther 72 hours (meaning another exstension) ,,,hope this helps im still supper higfh (high) an even more posstive (positive) ,its all good good good huggs an love ,,live ,,love an learn please (know without a doubt) my hearts (is) in this with yall ( I am expecting more intel some time tonight I will keep you posted) Hammerman

BWM and CAP1 chats as posted by Highhopes at PTR Forum


[BWM] OK.. guess this is merely to reiterate what Jonny has already stated today.... still looking between now and tomorrow afternoon/evening as possible to show... not trying to limit it but just give you a "range" to work with as usual... don't sit on watching the clock and expecting it on every hour hand rotation... I know this is a rollercoaster for you and you only get a small percentage of what all gets put out after verification...with that said, I know that many of you are hurting and hanging on every word that gets released... another reason we are hesitant to say much sometimes until we can sort thru to make sure this isn't going to cause undo stress. The other side is that some of you may be getting your own information that is contradictory to what we are saying.

[[BWM] we are trying to distribute the information without causing the issues to arise between membership and still bring you as much as we possibly can...

[CAP1] Yesterday afternoon, my contacts were celebrating. They had gone home early, because all was done they believed. Then I get a call late last night,and they are back at work because something else came up that needed to be handled. We are still on target to see this happen AMN.

[CAP1] We have to remember that in order for Chapter 7 sanctions to be completely lifted, which the Iraqi's have been pushing hard for, the RV has to take place. And for that to take place, the dinar must RV.

[CAP1] sonnayhwh -I never saw the statement that Euro would crash in three days. I did monitor the Euro Council meetings and they were hot and heavy on getting intitial agreements signed for a forth coming resolution to the crisis. This is what we are seeing played out at this time., i. e. Geitner's visit to France, Germany and France meeting etc.

[c-wilson] Just MO, but since UST codes expire today, 7 out of 9 times Iraq RVed on a Friday, little radios or tv's etc in IRAQ, Imman's disiminate info at mosques on Fri morn, and Fri in IQD town is still late late Thurs for us, it could happen very late this evening. Any thoughts?

The IQD Team Conference Call 12-8 Latest Iraq Dinar & RV News - SHARE THE LAND


The IQD Team 
Joey, Vic, Diana, Tim, Debbie, Yukon  

CC  Thursday  Dec. 8, 2011     8PM EST

Call in Number:   760-569-7676  Pin 219055# or
Back Up 760-569-7676  Pin 709973# (listen only)
Tonights Theme
All the up to the minute news related to Iraq, Dinar, RV and our investment......The News just Keeps getting better every day...Its All Good
Call all of your fellow dinarians to be on the call  8PM EST
Go Shabibi.......Get R Done!

The IQD Team
"As Always...The Latest Iraq, Dinar & RV News
and More...Pre & Post RV...Followed by Live Q & A"
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 8PM EST

Jonnywg in 3S's chat Thur morning still no cash in but bank screens still at 000


[jonnywg] WELL TO SAY THAT THIS RV HAS NOT GONE THE WAY THAT WE WANTED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. i FOLLOWED THE BANK OPENINGS AFROM sIMGAPORE TO nz AND THERE WAS NO rv DINAR AT THIS time. So this dispells Cashins elsewhere. I talked to banl contacts in Europe and to many other sourcesover last night. Freeway Bill is very htounded right now and on top of the situation. Lojak is working the political angles and BWM is fishing ........oops "whale hunting LOL" these men have a great knowlege that helps us go forward. While i cannot speak for them I feel Collectively we feel that the impossible dream is close to reality. Information, NEW bank postings and annponcements will be made today and tomorrow. Hint Gaetner speaks tomorrow. THE banl sdreens are still 00.0000 on the BUY AND SELL as always Keep the Faith jonny

more Jonnywg revised

[jonnywg] FYI Mac does not allow cut and paste thus i have issues withtyping as vision is poor.....below is a corrected version jonnywg] jonnywg] WELL TO SAY THAT THIS RV HAS NOT GONE THE WAY THAT WE WANTED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. i FOLLOWED THE BANK OPENINGS FROM SINGAPORE TO NZ AND THERE WAS NO rv DINAR AT THIS time. So this dispels Cashins elsewhere. I talked to bank contacts in Europe and to many other sources over last night. Freeway Bill is very grounded right now and on top of the situation. Lojak is working the political angles and BWM is fishing ........oops "whale hunting LOL" these men have a great knowledge that helps us go forward. While i cannot speak for them I feel Collectively we feel that the impossible dream is close to reality. Information, NEW bank postings and announcements will be made today and tomorrow. Hint Gaetner speaks tomorrow. THE bank screens are still 00.0000 on the BUY AND SELL as always Keep the Faith jonny We have been told the bank screens are scheduled to Change this afternoon


    cdjsilver51 says to (23:08:59): I sure hope Maliki keeps his appointment in the US next week. It is not unlike him to renig on a commitment

    Med says to (23:09:37):  CD

    cdjsilver51 says to (23:09:46)   yes

    Med says to (23:09:50):  WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IRAQS MALIKI RIGHT

    cdjsilver51 says to (23:10:05):  yes


   mikeC says to (23:10:55):  Maliki seems to have shrewd & ruthless political savvy, IMO he will probably glam all the credit for and economic turnaround in country...

    Med says to (23:11:03): EITHER WOULD I
    cdjsilver51 says to (23:11:07):  please continue Med. He needs this meeting?


(Comments may be made on this subject and will be posted upon approval - Thank You)

You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing  Michael Pritchard

Total absence of humor renders life impossible. Colette (1873 - 1954), Chance Acquaintances,

We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.  Agnes Repplier (1855 - 1950), Americans and Others, 1912

He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh. Anonymous, (wrongly attributed to the Koran)

The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it.  Bill Nye, Interview with, April 2005

Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on. Bob Newhart (1929 - )

Laughter is by definition healthy.  Doris Lessing

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.   E E Cummings (1894 - 1962)

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Bluedog - Final Briefing!! (RV must be Close) Post by Bluedog G.E.T. Forum 

My comments will follow and more

General Calls Iraq Operations 'Worth It' in Final News Briefing
By Lisa Daniel
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7, 2011 - As the final U.S. military convoys roll out of Iraq these next three weeks, marking the end of eight years of operations, Americans can be proud of the work service members did there, U.S. Forces Iraq's deputy commanding general said today.

In USFI's final news briefing from Baghdad, Army Lt. Gen. Frank G. Helmick told the Pentagon press corps that Americans and Iraqis will have different opinions about whether Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn "were worth it."

"From where I sit, it was," Helmick said.

It was because of the U.S. military role that the country held historic elections in March 2010, giving Iraq "the opportunity for a sovereign future," the general said. And, he added, violence is at an eight-year low.

 From Tony via BellaGrits - RacerX post at PTR Forum (early Thursday Morning)


Posted by truckerbabe67 on BSP

msg. from Tony tonight 12/7/11 

=====Message from tony -- you will hear some misinformation tonight and you must disregard-- all is well-- have a good night-- relax====== Please disregard anything negative....Tony 9:55pm cst======

(BellaGrits had just gotten off the phone with him and posted that in chat......ShawnW)

Also, Country Girl followed up in the thread:
Tony is saying that any negative info we hear tonight will be misinformation. THAT is the info he is saying to disregard.

me: so everybody get ready for the onslaught of bad news, mis-info n mis-direction! We got this.

 Bluedog Chat - Post By Janna G.E.T. Forum
Bluedog Chat  12:30 AM  EST   12/8/11
[bluedog] Hi all just got chance to sit down and be with you sorry I could not make the call but my business is busy this time of year   

[Ks_dad] bluedog What ya know?
[ProsperityQueen] bluedog       
[comsec] bluedog hey there brother blue. good to see you.
[bluedog]    ProsperityQueen TONI1960 comsec
[bluedog] I could say alot from one angle but I will refrain on military thoughts but it is real funny did research this morn

[Ks_dad] bluedog Learned anything interesting?
[bluedog] one thing is and take it as a clue we hired south Asian workers to get our equipment out that's all I will say on that
[Ks_dad] bluedog Whoa......
[cooldinar] Maiereh   

[bluedog] why would we hire people
[bluedog] if we have thousands there   
[bluedog] ran like rabbits hiding in the bush
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(Post by Freeway at 3sIntel Forum)

I am so glad to finally come over to this site! What a great site... Love the Christmas Theme...

Will it happen tonight? Would be fabulous!
Will it happen tomorrow? Would be wonderful!

Truth be known, I am as anxious as you and am ready to start Giving Forward! So Let's Get this RV done and start making our world a better place to live!!!


 Wed. Night Poppy3/BGG CC MP# and Replay #'s
MP3 provided by Kauila - Thank you 

760-569-7699 157478#

or here is the RECORDING LINK

49 Minutes

DEC.8,2011 12:52AM CST.


Bulldog75: HI EVERYONE~ !








 Historian's thoughts on the OOOOOO posted at the banks posted on the GET forum by ProsperityQueen
[TamRon400] tonight presenting theory
[Agent 007] talking about all of the 0.00000 out there
[Agent 007] 1. all those zeroes is actually happening
[Agent 007] some sources say they have seen them
[Agent 007] Historian is not saying it is correct but assuming it is so
[Agent 007] 2. all those zeroes are part of the RV process asset backed vs fiat currency
[TamRon400] (no wealth associated with it)
[TamRon400] is fiat
[TamRon400] asset could be backed by gold etc
[Agent 007] notes have to have an actual value attached to them
[TamRon400] the notes have an actual value
[Agent 007] everyone is talking about a lot of currencies revaluing and realigning
[Agent 007] 130+
[Agent 007] also talked about the dinar rate being based on oil and other assets
[Agent 007] that is an asset backed currency
[Agent 007] lots of talk about a gold backed currency again
[Agent 007] especially with global financial crisis
[Agent 007] analysts on TV - talking about functioning like a reserve
[TamRon400] it would make sense to go to an asset backed currency
[Agent 007] to those zeroes - essentially you have
[TamRon400] front and back end in a system
[Agent 007] a front end (what you see the screen and interact with)
[TamRon400] front end - screen, keyboard, mouse
[Agent 007] back end is processes the data
[Agent 007] feeding in data, processes it, sends out the results
[Agent 007] those results get sent in a feed to the front end
[Agent 007] many will change a front or a back end with out changing the other
[Agent 007] all of those zeroes meant the old back end had been unhooked from the front end and thus showing the zeroes

 Jonnywg on 3S's forum late wed night posted by Asells
[jonnywg] Katt has made me a grinch because I have not delivered the RV.... Thus I will try better over the next 24 hrs to produce it. As stated earlier all appears to be done, all agencies satisfied, all countries and politicians paid off ooooops. All paperwork signed. We learned Geithner will speak again Friday and this is the day that USA will give the 1 TRILLION dollars to the EU. I will be here most of the night to answer questions. We are still in the best position possible to finish the journey ....jonny pray

 From Louisville-G - very interesting!! Post by BGG at Dinar Updates
This is from one of our guys....very interesting.

[louisxxxxx-g] I think they are working in the background, not sure if that should have been active or if rates are right but for as short of a period that it was their I would say that someone didn't intend to make that visable, but it sure was exciting to see!! It was up for a quick minute around 4:50 EST. When I refreshed it was gone.

(Dinar Recaps Note: BGG or Louisville-g didn't say this, but we believe this was on )


CAP1: Let me give you guys a heads up! This is serious business. Mainly because most jof us never thought we would reach this point in time. Most of you will be millionaires shortly.....very shortly. For your safety, it is imperitive that you begin to think safety. From this point forward, I would not give out any real names, any P. O. or physical addresses, any phone numbers, any email addresses. Give nothing out. If you do, you do at your own risk. People, who you probably wouldn't have to supper are and have been monitoring all sites. We tend to call them CROOKS. They want your information. They need your information. they will lie in wait to oget your information. In your excitement over the next few days, you need to be aware that this is happening. So, be careful.

CAP1: Mods, if you happen to see any of the above information divuldged on this site, including IP Addresses, it is your responsibility to "WHITE" the board out immediately.

CAP1: Now, does anyone have the information on the card holder that prevents people from scanning your credit cards while on your person or in your car. They can do this from as far away as 100 yards or more.

CAP1: matter of fact, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring those security steps over here for all to read and discuss again.

[pamsue] CAP1 thanks for looking out for us CAP

CAP1: pamsue -All of your safety is of utmost importance.

Phoenix CONFIRMED Serious rumor is FACT (email from KA)


Last night Dinar Recaps posted the following rumor and PICTURE.  Below it is a post Phoenix made on his private forum Wedn. night.

This is from TempleJC - one good dude!! - BGG post at Dinar Updates Tues. Evening 
OK guys - I got brave today - I was hearing about 1st Conv Bank and folk seeing a rate. So I have been to this bank in our town to buy VND - so I paid them a visit. At other times when I was there and got a print out all of the currancies about 100 or so had the buy and the sell rate - I asked them to put up the currancies screen and they did - they were all showing 0.00000. I got a print out and also got a picture. 

Here is Phoenix's Confirmation

Ok Many may have seen the above rumor:

Now you know we do not post rumors on the forum and do not even have a rumor section.
I have warned people about rumors and how to deal with such but also remind everyone that just because something is a rumor does not mean it is not true.

This post and picture above is a case in point...I Phoenix after seeing this picture did some digging today and found what bank this picture of a bank screen was reportedly take at.


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