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ALGAE 101  

For several years, Mark Edwards has been authoring the popular Algae 101 blog for Algae Industry Magazine on the basics, the breakthroughs and the current state of global algae production and innovative algae foods today.


 International Exhibitions


We are prospecting exhibition venues and sponsors for  Algae Competition Exhibitions in museums, conference centers and universities around the world. These will be a multi-sensory experience of landscape and architecture designs on wall murals and video monitors, working models and algae food and beverages to delight the taste. Please contact us if you have recommendations, would like to participate, or would like to know more.




This is the third Algae Technology program after two successful editions in Europe (May 2011) and San Diego, CA (April 2012).
In this program, Smart Short Courses joins algae entrepreneur Dr. Koen Vanhoutte. Program schedule includes two main modules:
1. Investing in Growing, Harvesting and Processing of Algae
2. Short Course on Growing, Harvesting, Processing and Marketing 

This program is made for companies and technicians, new business development and R&D as well as producers and marketers creating novel products based on Algae. Major topics in the technical program cover: Markets, Trends and Challenges; Market Applications; Technology areas: Growing for Cell Harvesting; Downstream Processing. Target group: Investors and Fund Managers; Decision makers such as technicians, product formulators, plant engineers, processors, chemists and sales and marketing specialists.

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ABO LogoMark Edwards and Robert Henrikson presented International Algae Competition at a special session at the Algae Biomass Summit in Denver CO, Sept. 24-27, 2012. This is the world's largest algae biomass conference with 800 professionals.
AIMScalableRobert Henrikson writes a 6 part series in  Parallel to very large algae production systems envisioned by well-funded algae ventures, is the emerging interest in smaller, scalable algae farms and business models. Evolving from projects in developing world villages, algaepreneurs in France have been growing spirulina algae in small outdoor greenhouses. Along with outdoor pond systems, much algae R&D is focusing on bioreactors designed to grow more challenging algae under more controlled conditions. Automated smart technology combined with modular growing systems may soon make it feasible to successfully deploy algae microfarms and photobioreactors anywhere in the world. 


Visionary Algae Architecture and Landscape Designs
by Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards

ACImagineFHow will growing algae change the world and improve our lives?  

This book reviews algae production, products and potential today and showcases some of the amazing visions of our future from the International Algae Competition.
Our future with algae offers rich and diverse opportunities that will impact every aspect of our lives.

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164 pages * full color * 8"x10" ISBN 1475128185 * $29.95   

Best Green Wishes from Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards
Visionary Algae Architecture and Landscape Designs
International Algae Competitio
y Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards

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