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Imagine Our Algae Future                                                                  July 2012

Participants are from and represent projects from 40 countries.

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Competition Schedule 

Major award winners were announced April 12, 2012 at The Algae Platform Tech USA Conference in San Diego California. $10,000 in cash prizes were awarded.

Finalists will receive media recognition and many entries will be included in Imagine Our Algae Future, a new book about the International Algae Competition, publications and exhibitions around the world.    



New Book from the International Algae Competition:
Visionary Algae Architecture and Landscape Designs
by Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards
 Available at

164 pages * full color * 8"x10" * ISBN 1475128185 * $29.95 

ACImagineFHow will growing algae change the world and improve our lives?

Imagine our future living in cities where buildings are covered with photosynthetic skins and vertical gardens, collecting the sun's energy and producing food and energy for urban citizens.

Imagine greening desert coastlines and producing food for millions of people. Imagine algae systems that recycle polluting wastes into high value animal food, fuel and biofertilizers.


This book reviews algae production, products and potential today and showcases some of the amazing visions of our future from the International Algae Competition. Our future with algae offers rich and diverse opportunities that will impact every aspect of our lives.


International Algae Competition is a global challenge to design our future with algae food and energy systems

As a participatory design game, Algae Competition invited global citizens from around the world to design their own future with the foods they eat, systems that grow algae, and landscapes and cityscapes they dream of living in. 140 participants responded, representing 40 countries, and they submitted some amazing designs, projects and food ideas.
Imagine Our Algae Future chapters

1. Introduction

2. Algae Production, Products & Potential Today

3. International Algae Competition Awards

Exhibits from the International Algae Competition

4. Algae Production Systems

5. Visionary Architecture and Landscape Designs

6. Algae Food Development and Recipes

7. References and Author Biographies     
International Exhibitions 
ExhibitSpace6We are now prospecting public exhibition venues and sponsors for  2012 Algae Competition Exhibitions in museums, conference centers and universities around the world. These will be a multi-sensory experience of landscape and architecture designs on wall murals and video monitors, working models and algae food and beverages to delight the taste. Please contact us if you have recommendations, would like to participate, or would like to know more.
Best Green Wishes from Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards
Visionary Algae Architecture and Landscape Designs
International Algae Competitio
y Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards

Available at