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2011 International Algae Competition News

Freedom Foods: New Healthier Foods thanks to Algae                   June 2011

Registrations by Country
Australia, Canada, Chad, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Myanmar, New Zealand, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States
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 Freedom FoodsFreedom Foods  Superior new Foods, Low on the Food Chain for People, Producers and Our Planet.

by Mark Edwards            Forward by Robert Henrikson  

Download  a free color PDF of Freedom Foods. We ask that you provide comments and ideas about this new food supply. For teachers, students and food and energy policy leaders, please share how you and your students react to Freedom Foods. We need a revolution to transform our food supply and we need your help!

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Competition Schedule

Registration deadline is September 11. Submission deadline is October 11, 2011. Finalists will be announced February 12, 2012.    

$10,000 in cash prizes will be awarded. Finalists will receive international media recognition and will be included in books, publications and exhibitions around the world in 2012.


Freedom foods grow low on the food chain and enhance health for our children, ourselves, growers and our ecosystems. Freedom foods grow with abundance methods, the first new agriculture in 60 years.


Abundance methods grow algae and other microflora for food and other sources of energy using plentiful resources that will not run out - sunshine, CO2 and waste, brine or ocean water. Freedom Foods grown with resources that are free or surplus reduce the cost of food production and provide an alternative food supply that does not compete for resources with industrial agriculture. We believe a distributed model of abundance microfarms growing algae for food, nutrition and feeds locally will enable all people access to the inputs to grow good food.


Freedom Foods that reinvent our food supply from the foundation of the food chain and liberate consumers to make smart choices for healthier, delicious food. Food grown low on the food chain free us from the consumption, waste and pollution caused by modern industrial foods. These foods are clean, healthy nutrient dense  nd low in fat and cholesterol. They offer twice the protein of food grains as well as higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Consumers do not have free choice today because freedom foods are not widely available yet. 


We created to build capacity for freedom foods. You may download a free color copy of Freedom Foods on this site. We hope you will read Freedom Foods, share the concepts, and create algae foods or recipes in the Algae Competition. 


Freedom Foods enable:

  • Food democracy; where all people have access to good food.
  • Healthy foods that moderate obesity and diabetes.
  • Natural and clean foods, low in fat and cholesterol.
  • Nutrient dense foods with superior aroma, taste and texture.
  • Naturally biodiverse foods that are fresh and grown locally.
  • Fossil-free foods that preserve resources for our children. 
  • Growing systems that create local jobs for microfarmers.
  • New food production that cleans and repairs our ecosystems.
  • Production independent of climate, weather, and  geography.

Freedom foods will attract some consumers for the health benefits from eating low on the food chain. Others will choose freedom foods to avoid GMO crops, preservatives, chemical, and pesticide residues. Some will want freedom foods to lighten their ecological footprint. The majority will probably make their choice based on superior nutrition and taste.


Algae Competition creates an open source collaboratory to expand and share our vision for abundance. We envision a food democracy where everyone has access to food or the inputs to produce food. The competition asks for your ideas for algae in our future with designs for algae production for food medicines, feed, energy, nutrients, water remediation, carbon capture and new algae foods. We believe abundance growing methods can provide a healthy and sustainable future for integrated living communities. 

How will algae production systems (APS) be integrated into future landscapes, farms and eco-communities and what will they look like and how will they work? 
What are the best designs, engineering and systems for algae production to work effectively and economically on a community scale or distributed model?
What will be the next algae foods and recipes and the future uses of algae as a food and feed ingredient that will transform our health?
We hope you will join the 2011 International Algae Competition.  Please forward this newsletter to someone who might be interested. 
Best Green Wishes,

Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards for the International Algae Competition 

Green Solar GardensSpirulina World FoodSpirulina World Food
How this micro algae can transform
your health and our planet.

y Robert Henrikson

Green Solar Gardens
Algae's promise to end world hunger. by Mark Edwardss
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