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July 6, 2010
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Andrew MatusikFEATURED ARTIST: Andrew Matusik

Q: Who is your biggest influence and inspiration right now?
Andrew Matusik: Cindy Sherman

Andrew Matusik, Radiance in F-Sharp Minor, Photography, 46" x 36", $5,500

Seven Seas GalleryFEATURED GALLERY: The Seven Seas Gallery

The Seven Seas Gallery is located in Nantucket, MA, operated by Vanessa Noel.  Read the interview with the owner before heading to the opening of PASSAGES at the gallery this weekend.

William T HillmanOpening Saturday: PASSAGES, a KiptonART Exhibition

On Saturday, July 10 the KiptonART Exhibition PASSAGES will open at The Seven Seas Gallery in Nantucket.  The show will run through September 6, displaying work by 9 artists.

Willam T. Hillman, Giverny 22, Photography, Glossy cibachrome, 20" x 20",  $3,500

James KennedyOverview of a Select List of KiptonART Art Sales, June

Including four works by Julie Combal, Bon Duke, Avery McCarthy and James Kennedy.

James Kennedy, Planear, Oil on masonite/mixed media
Sarah DuethKiptonART Solo Exhibition at McGuire Showroom, Artist Sarah Dueth

Sarah Dueth's entire Girl series is hauntingly captivating, classic and will empower the viewer.  Running through October 31st at McGuire.

Sarah Dueth, Untitled Girl, Oil on canvas, 30" x 30", $6,200

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Baring It All For ArtTunick

A year ago, this emotionally stuck woman found unexpected release by posing nude in public.

Images courtesy of artnet;Spencer Tunick, Montauk 2, C-Print
BambuTangled Mess at The Met

Site-specific art is so-hot-right-now, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not generally an institution that feels pressured to be trendy.

Image of Big Bambū, courtesy of AFP/Getty Images

July Art Picks from Alliance for the ArtsAlliance for the Arts

Alliance for the Arts selects the 10 top New York City art events for the month of June.

Image courtesy of
KerenKiptonART Curatorial Board News

KiptonART would like to welcome Keren Moscovitch to the board.  And congratulate Anastasia Rogers, who was recently named Director of Sales at Chelsea Marlborough Gallery.  Rogers curated the summer PASSAGES exhibition in Nantucket.

Keren Moscovitch
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