KiptonART Newsletter | Issue 41
March 15, 2010
This Thursday, KiptonART is launching our new weekly sales opportunity.  Every Thursday from noon - 4pm there will be a 25% discount on any work by a particular artist, with KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner Avery McCarthy taking part this week. On Saturday KiptonART will be taking a tour of Daniel Cooney's gallery displaying works by Dan Estabrook. RSVP today.  For ART TALKS this week we have interviews with Director of the Art Production Fund, Casey Fremont and fashion designer Yotam Solomon.  Our own, Sarah Basile, writes on the opening of New York's most popular exhibition in Marina Abramovic, "The Artist is Present", while Greg Holliday, explains his work and what inspires him as an artist.

KiptonART offer's a close to the fall fashion shows with a look at the Rodarte exhibit. Along with a preview into our upcoming Studio visit to Julie Combal's space in Brooklyn, both Matthew Satz and Avery McCarthy are displaying works in Solo shows around the city.  The documentary of the moment is The Art of the Steal, with a full review enclosed. Experience Lies Maculan's opening party of "The Dream Shop", attended by A-listers. We would like to give thanks to artist Reed + Rader for creating such cool banners for the website. Meet Heidi Lee one of KiptonART Curators, take a peek at a few recent art sales, and learn of exhibitions showcasing works by KiptonART 2009 Rising Winner Jade Doskow.

Highlights & Recent News
Schedule for March Event
Featured Artist: Greg Holliday
Featured Gallery: Michelle Rosenfeld
End of Fashion Month: Closing of Rodarte at Cooper-Hewitt
Special offer: Art Impulse Thursdays!
ART TALK with Casey Fremont
ART TALK with Yotam Solomon
Film Review: The Art of the Steal
KiptonART Solos: Matthew Satz
KiptonART Solos: Avery McCarthy
Marina Abramovic, "The Artist is Present"
Meet KiptonART Curator Heidi Lee

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Avery McCarthy
SPECIAL OFFER: Art Impulse Thursdays!

This Thursday KiptonART will be launching a new sales opportunity. Once every Thursday an artist will be presented on the homepage. From the hours of noon to 4pm all registered users will have the option to receive a 25% discount on any artwork by the artist. This Thursday KiptonART's 2010 Rising Winner Avery McCarthy will be our first artist to take part in this special offer.

Read full information about the special offer
Reed + Rader Banner

Casey Fremont
March studio banner
Invite and Schedule for KiptonART March Events!

Here are two upcoming events taking place in March. To RSVP simply follow the links below. A KiptonART representative will get back to you to notify confirmed placement and address. See below in the newsletter for two current KiptonART Solo shows taking place in New York:

Sun March 21, 2pm:    Artist Dan Estabrook Artist Talk and Gallery Tour at Daniel Cooney Fine Arts
Sun March 27, 2pm:    KiptonART 2010 Rising Artist Julie Combal Studio Visit

Casey Fremont
ART TALK with Casey Fremont

Director of the Art Production Fund

Who is your favorite KiptonART Artists? Why?
I am very moved by the work of Kiritin Beyer. The images are quiet, sensitive and extremely powerful. Samantha Keely Smith's paintings are absolutely beautiful and complex.

Read the full interview with Casey Fremont
Matthew Satz
KiptonART Solos: Matthew Satz

Master of capturing smoke upon a canvas, 2010 Rising Artist Winner Matthew Satz is displaying 23 works of art at a private penthouse in Soho.   Private viewings can be made by contacting

The work at the Soho Penthouse represents several bodies of work that I have been developing over the last decade.  Smoke paintings, strip paintings, and by-products have all evolved from a determination to find intelligent and elegant solutions to challenges posed by a history of painting.- Matthew Satz

Painting on display: Matthew Satz, Untitled Smoke (White) 2009, 40" x 40", oil on canvas
Michelle Rosenfeld
FEATURED GALLERY: Michelle Rosenfeld Gallery

Q: How would you describe the work your gallery specializes in?

We deal with modern and contemporary masters in today's secondary market consisting of Renior, Picasso, Miro, Warhol, Lichtenstein along with current Chinese and Korean artists. 

Read the full interview with gallery owner Jason Rosenfeld
Image courtesy of Michelle Rosenfeld Gallery

The Art of the Steal
Film Review: The Art of the Steal

The City of Brotherly Love is a thief according to documentary The Art of the Steal. There is a distinct indie message with big city bureaucracy plundering a small town of its soul.  The elite of Philadelphia are portrayed as hatching a plan to move the impressive Barnes art collection from a small neighboring town to a location that will be (GASP) more accessible to the public.

Read Film Review: The Art of the Steal
Photo courtesy of The Art of the Steal

Reed + Rader Banner

Greg Holliday

KiptonART interviews Greg Holliday about his art, inspiration and life:

Q:Who/What is your biggest influence or inspiration right now?
The work of Mark Rothko has always been an influence.  Right now however...My a state of flux. 

Read the full interview with Greg Holliday

Log-in for price and full portfolio

Marina Abramovic, "The Artist is Present"

Right now Yugoslavian-born artist Marina Abramovic is seated, silent and motionless, at a wooden table in the Museum of Modern Art's second-floor atrium.   She will remain in this position until May 31st for a total duration of 700 hours, marking her most ambitious endurance test to date. 

Read Marina Abramovic, "The Artist is Present"

Photo courtesy of Marina Abramović and Ulay Imponderabilia. 1977 Still from 16mm film transferred to video (black and white, sound).

Event Recap: Artist Lies Maculan's Opening, "The Dream Shop"

At Thursday's opening of "The Dream Shop" guests discussed the various meanings of artists Lies Maculan's photographs.  Hosts fashion designer Erin Fetherston, Arden Wohl and KiptonART's Kipton Cronkite socialized with guests including Lucy Sykes, Euan Rellie, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Countess LuAnn Lesseps, Chessy Wilson, artist Ellen von Unwerth, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Lara Meiland-Shaw and event coordinator Susan Shin in the thought-provoking atmosphere.

Read the full event recap of Lies Maculan's opening
Photo: Artist Lies Maculan with artwork; Patrick McMullan
End of Fall 2010 Fashion Shows: Closing of Rodarte at Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Things happen faster in teams. With most artists waiting at least a decade for a retrospective of iconic works, Laura and Kate Mulleavy waited half the time. Founded in 2005, their innovative fashion designs have soared to immeasurable success. Zero formal training arguably makes them the most successful young designers of the contemporary market.

Read Closing of Rodarte at Cooper-Hewitt Museum
Photo courtesy of Cooper-Hewitt Museum

ART TALK with Fashion Designer Yotam Solomon
Yotam Solomon

Q: Who is your favorite KiptonART artist? Why?
Julie Combal: Her paintings express many feelings and demonstrate much emotion, which is very inspirational. Ula Einstein: Absolutely beautiful forms that are innovative and delicate yet make a very strong statement. I adore the shapes and patterns created by Jill Broussard and Daniel Rosenbaum.

Read the full interview with Yotam Solomon
March studio banner
Heidi Lee
Meet One of KiptonART's CURATORS: Heidi Lee

Owner, Principal, Heidi Lee Art Advisory

Heidi Lee is a New York based art advisor with extensive experience in Modern and Contemporary art. She founded Heidi Lee Art Advisory in 2002 providing comprehensive consulting services for corporations, private collectors and estates. Ms. Lee advises private wealth clients for JP Morgan Chase, Sotheby's and Christie's auction houses, the Armory Show, America's premiere art fair and others.

Keep a look out for future coverage on the KiptonART Curatorial team: Susan Bright, Daniel Cooney, Melanie Flood, Stephen Frailey, Alexander Glauber, Heidi Lee, Karline Moeller, Anastasia Rogers and Rachel Smith

Avery McCarthy
KiptonART Solos: Avery McCarthy

Partnering with McGuire Furniture 

Continuing our second season, KiptonART is excited to partner will McGuire's Furniture located at 200 Lexington. For the next several months 2010 Rising Artist Avery McCarthy will be showcasing six 40" x 40" photographs in the showroom. For further details kindly contact

Photograph on display: Avery McCarthy, There Are No Stars Here IV, 40" x 40", C-print
Reed + Rader
Digital Banners Created by Reed + Rader

KiptonART would like to acknowledge the incredibly artistic website banners created by 2010 Rising Finalist Reed + Rader. The two team artists attended SVA and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. They work in mixed media and combine still photography with video, installation, collage and design. They current reside in Brooklyn. The banner's come from two separate projects

Read the artists' statement on the banner art
Paul Seftel
Overview of a Select Group of Art Sales, March 2010

March 2009 has been a busy month for us and we'd like to share a selection of some of the recent artworks sold.  Congratulations to the following artists: Paul Seftel, KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner Avery McCarthy, and KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner Matthew Satz.

Special Commissioned Piece Inspired by already sold Artifact - Paul Seftel 

jade doskow
KiptonARTISTS Happenings, Jade Doskow

Here are upcoming March art exhibitions with works done by the talented KiptonART Rising 2009 Winner Jade Doskow with works of impressive photography:


Opening March 19, 2010 7-10pm
ABC No Rio, 156 Rivington Street, New York, NY

In this building-wide exhibition, returning artists take the wonderful, dilapidated and charismatic structure that is the ABC No Rio community center and transform it into a mini-museum. This year the Ides of March is especially exciting as the building will be demolished and rebuilt following the show; this is the last major exhibtion in the 100 year + old structure

Opening March 24, 2010 6-9pm
South Oxford, 138 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, NY

These for photographers take the idea of utopian nature and the landscape and upend it, questioning and examining our relationship to both nature and the markings humans leave on the environment.

Go to Jade Doskow's portfolio
Image by Jade Doskow, Treehouse
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