KiptonART Newsletter | Issue 40
March 1, 2010
Tomorrow, KiptonART is kicking off Armory Arts Week 2010 at The Box with a special performance by Paula Valstein.  Valstein was a top contender on an Israeli version of American Idol.  RSVP here.  For ART TALKS this week we have interviews with People Magazine's Deputy Managing Editor, Peter Castro and Marketing Consultant, Christopher Westley.  Our own, Kiritin Beyer, writes and share photos from her life-changing trip to Haiti while featured artists, Michael Rollins, explains how he uses the lingual abstractions created by the daily stock market ticker to express himself. 

KiptonART offer's a recap of emerging fashion designers below. Along with a preview into our March Studio visit and gallery series and VIP preview and access to photographer, Lies Maculan's new "Dream Shop" exhibition opening this month.  KiptonART has exclusive VIP access, RSVP now.  Indre Vengris Rockefeller takes us inside the Curtain Call Circle. Jonathan Pozniak takes us behind the scenes in his New York photo shoot at home with Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl in this month's L'Officiel Russia. Meet Susan Bright one of KiptonART Curators, explore Art Middle East with Nazy Nazhand, hear a testimonial from Sabina Forbes II and learn of international exhibitions showcasing works by artist Ula Einstein.

Highlights & Recent News
Schedule for March Event
Featured Artist: Michael Rollins
Featured Gallery: 1500 Gallery
Fashion Week: Emerging Designers of Artistic Form
Kiritin Beyer - "Back From Haiti"
ART TALK with Peter Castro
ART TALK with Christopher Westley
Interview with Indre Vengris Rockefeller
March Top Ten Art Events
Inside Home of Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl
Meet KiptonART Curator Susan Bright

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March EventsInvite and Schedule for KiptonART March Events!
Here is a list of upcoming events taking place in March. To RSVP simply follow the links below. A KiptonART representative will get back to you to notify confirmed placement and address:
*Kindly note that there is a $25 charge for attending the studio visits. This covers cost of appetizers and drinks along with a high networking situation. Those attending receive  a 10% discount for works of art purchased from the artist.

 Tue March 2, 10 pm - 12 am
KiptonART & Patrick Duffy kick off Armory Arts 2010 Week at The Box
 Sat March 6,  1pm - 4 pm:       Artist Lies Maculan VIP Preview Brunch of Photo-Realistic Installation
*Sun March 7,   3pm:    Marlborough Gallery's Artist Stephen Talasnik Studio Visit
*Sat  March 13, 2pm:    KiptonART Artists James Kennedy and Shay Kun Studio Visits
*Sun March 21, 2pm:    Artist Dan Eastbrook Artist Talk and Gallery Tour at Daniel Cooney Fine Arts
*Sun March 27, 2pm:    KiptonART 2010 Rising Artist Julie Combal Studio Visit

See all March events in KiptonART's calendar

Privdream shopate Brunch for artist Lies Maculan Saturday March 6, 1pm - 4pm

KiptonART is hosting a VIP Brunch for artist Lies Maculan and her new photo installation, "The Dream Shop". True to its name, the installation will house over one hundred dreams, desires and wishes that have been objectified and placed in wooden shelves.
Michael RollinsFEATURED ARTIST: Michael Rollins

KiptonART interview 2010 Rising Finalist Michael Rollins about his art, inspiration and life:

Q:Who/What is your biggest influence or inspiration right now?
This is a difficult question for me because my parents are on my mind right now. My dad just had a stroke and was paralyzed down the entire left side of his body. That's made me think a lot about what I do every day - and I'm inspired by that situation.

Read the full interview with Michael Rollins
Log-in for price and full portfolio

Painting by Michael Rollins: Completely Different, oil on canvas
Peter CastroART TALK with Peter Castro
People Magazine's Deputy Managing Editor

Who is your favorite KiptonART Artists? Why?
Azadeh Ghotbi. The pieces I've seen from this artist inspire thought while not assaulting my senses in a contrived manner which sadly is too often the norm among modern painters.

Read the full interview with Peter Castro
Kiritin Beyer-Haiti"Back From Haiti" - KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner Kiritin Beyer

"On January 22nd I was able to join a team of nurses, doctors, rescue workers, sanitation helpers and volunteers flying down to Port au Prince, Haiti... Some patients had not eaten any food for days and were dying of malnutrition and dehydration rather than untreated wounds. I worked every day at the hospital. There were not enough nurses, leaving doctors without extra hands..."
- KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner Kiritin Beyer

Read Kiritin Beyer's full story on KiptonART
Image courtesy of Kiritin Beyer: Artist with children in Haiti
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KiptonART Interview with Indre Vengris RockefellerNew York City Center

Q: What is the Curtain Call Circle and how does one get involved?
I founded "Curtain Call Circle," New York City Center's young patrons group in 2007.  Friends were asking me for advice where they should go see dance, whether we could go as a group, and whether they had understood what they had just seen.  I realized that many of my peers sought exposure to dance but found it unapproachable.

Read interview with Indre Vengris Rockefeller
Image courtesy of

Marina AbramovicMarch Top 10 New York Art Events from Alliance for the Arts

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present at the Museum of Modern Art

This performance retrospective traces the prolific career of Marina Abramovic with approximately 50 works spanning more than four decades of her early interventions and sound pieces, video works, installations, photographs, solo performances and collaborative performances made with Ulay.

Read full list of top New York art events from Alliance for the Arts

Photo courtesy of MOMA: Marina Abramovic. Portrait with Flowers, 2009.

Meet Hit Singer Paula ValsteinPaula Valstein

Hard-to-please overseas press have said things like, "... if you haven't already heard of Paula Valstein then you soon will have. Possessing a rich and powerful voice she delivers each vocal as if it were her last. Her influences are as strong as they are varied and she incorporates them all in order to further her own unique style."

Valstein is performing at KiptonART's Armory Week Party at The Box this Tuesday

1500 Gallery-SeahorseFEATURED GALLERY: 1500 Gallery, New York

Q: How would you describe the work your gallery specializes in?

1500 Gallery specializes in Brazilian photography, and is the first art gallery in the world with this explicit focus. 1500 interprets the notion "Brazilian photography" to comprise photography by Brazilian photographers, as well as images bearing a conceptual or thematic relationship to Brazil.

Read the full interview with 1500 Gallery

Image courtesy of 1500 Gallery: Christian Gaul, Seahorse
March studio banner

We are planning an art exhibit that opens on April 15th in a high-end  Bal Harbour (Florida) department store. All Florida based artists are  encouraged to apply for a chance to show your work. Please send an email to with a link to your KiptonART profile page.

Painting by KiptonART Rising 2010 Artist Julie Combal: Night Vision 2, Oil on Canvas

Art Talk with Marketing Consultant Christopher Westleyvenanzio

Q: Who is your favorite KiptonART artist? Why?
Paul Seftel - The textured effect that he is able to produce enable the viewer to see many layers to his work, provoking questions and discussion that involve the spectator as participant in his work. What are should be; compelling, approachable and infinitely individual.

Read full interview with Christopher Westley

Charlotte KempSean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl open their Artistic Home to Photographer Jonathan Pozniak

"We are each others muse..." laughed Charlotte when describing their influence on each other. "But unlike my parents, we are not trying to make a political statement" chimed in Sean before conceding that they are constantly coming up with new projects so as to keep working with the people closest to them.

Read full story on Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl shoot
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Pozniak and The HUB
Timo WeilandEnd of Fashion Week: Emerging Designers of Artistic Form

During New York Fashion Week, hundreds of designers aspired to present their line in front of influential press, buyers and guests with the hopes of being noticed. 

If you're lucky like
Timo Weiland it will happen sooner than later. Flipping through this month's Elle, a satin ruffled skirt is paired with a cotton button down top. The shirt from GAP is $50, the skirt $2,200. Weiland designed that skirt. Not bad for only showing two seasons...

Read the full fashion coverage on Fall 2010 Timo Weiland and Keith Lissner
Image: Timo Weiland/KiptonART

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Sabina ForbesArtist Testimonial, Sabina Forbes II
2009 KiptonART Rising Winner

"KiptonART has been extremely helpful in promoting and selling my art. I have found them to be a pleasure to deal with and would encourage my fellow artists to work with them." - KiptonART Rising 2009 Winner Sabina Forbes II

Image: Sabina Forbes, Galactic Sea (Red, Blue), Acrylic on Canvas
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Susan BrightMEET ONE of KiptonART's CURATORS: Susan Bright

Susan Bright was Assistant Curator of Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, Curator at the Association of Photographers and Acting Director for the MA Photography (Historic and Contemporary) at Sotheby's Institute, London.

Keep a look out for future coverage on the KiptonART Curatorial team: Susan Bright, Daniel Cooney, Melanie Flood, Stephen Frailey, Alexander Glauber, Heidi Lee, Karline Moeller, Anastasia Rogers and Rachel Smith

Armory WeekArts Middle East to Debut during 2010 Armory Arts Week

"In making the decision to include Art Middle East as part of their 2010 VIP Programs, The Armory Show organizers are taking a visionary step forward by recognizing the burgeoning art movement from and about the Middle East," states Nazy Nazhand, Founder of Art Middle East.

Read Art Middle East debut during the 2010 Armory Arts Week
Photo courtesy of Art Middle East: Julia Mandle's Performance Art
KiptonARTISTS Happenings, Ula Einsteinvenanzio

Here are upcoming March art exhibitions with works done by the talented KiptonART Rising 2010 finalist Ula Einstein with works that play with space, medium and delicacy.

Group Exhibition with Ula Einstein
: Reader's 10
When: March 10 - April 23
Place: Susan Hensel Gallery

Zurich, Switzerland
Group Book to be exhibited with Ula Einstein: The Last Book
When: March 10 - July 31
Place: Zentral Bibliothek

Image by Ula Einstein: Renewal IV, mixed media fire drawing/sculpture

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