KiptonART Newsletter | Issue 39
February 11, 2010
For New Yorkers, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has arrived (with lots of snow) and will celebrate its final season in Bryant Park. Although in September the shows will move to Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park, KiptonART will take you on a front row ride inside the tents at Bryant Park following 19 designers.

Today are debuting our new world map feature so you can see where each active artists in our directory is located around the world!  View our google world map here and discover artists in your city, state or country. We're also ramping up our art coverage to spotlight more galleries and artists in our growing artist directory.  Last week, we debuted our "Weekend Art Picks" so be sure to check back each Friday for art ideas for the weekend. Gallery owner James Salomon gave us exclusive access into his new venture and we went behind closed doors to obtain four ART TALK interviews from Fox News Anchor and Analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle, Promotion Factory's Venanzio Ciampa, Socialite Annabel Vartanian and author Anisha Ahooja.

Valentine's Day is only 3 days away, so surprise your loved one with works of art starting at $250 or sign-on for our new art rental program. We'll provide free curation too so give us a try and see how simple it is to buy art. View our global selection of artists now and get started!

Highlights & Recent News
Featured Artist: Vincent Edmond Louis

Featured Gallery: James Salomon of Salomon Contemporary
Fashion Week Kick-off Story Honoring Ralph Rucci
Video Clip of Feb 6 Studio Visit
Video Clip of KiptonART on NBC
Video Clip of KiptonART on Fox News

ART TALK with Kimberly Guilfoyle
ART TALK with Venanzio Ciampa
ART TALK with Annabel Vartanian
ART TALK with Anisha Ahooja
Art for $250 or enter Rental Program, First Month Free
Celebrate the Frick's 75th at the Young Fellows Deco Ball

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Vincent Edmond LouisFEATURED ARTIST: Vincent Edmond Louis

KiptonART interviewed newly joined artist Vincent Edmond Louis about his work, life and inspiration.

Q: Why do you work in this medium?
From a young age I have been visually intrigued by all images: films, tv shows, comic books, art books, etc.. I took a camera on my first trip to India when I was 12 and still go over the images. I hope to compare them upon my return this summer. The reason why I paint and write on my photographs stems from living with my Vietnamese grandmother. Every time we go through photo albums or a shoe box full of pictures we have to turn the image around to see when it was taken, and who was in it, to understand the story. So I thought I should write the story on the front of the photograph? I have the space (considering that my photographs are 20 times bigger then the ones she has from years past) and why not allow my imagination to run and add color to black and white pictures?

Read the full interview with Vincent Edmond Louis
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Chado Spring 2010 PhotoKiptonART is grateful for the opportunity to speak with fashion designer Ralph Rucci prior to his upcoming Fall 2010 collection. His upcoming show taking place tomorrow, will reveal clothes with a base of silk tulle because he is obsessed with the material.  "If you take silk tulle wrinkling a huge amount, throwing it in the air, it looks like vapor, or powder." Mr. Rucci confessed, "We are trying to temper tulle to create clothes that become powder around the body."  What could be more futuristic than this?

Attending his collection, one will experience more than a fashion show, rather a work of performing art. His line is not even sold under his title, but rather with the word Chado floating above his name.  Chado is a graceful ceremony that has been apart of traditional Japanese culture for centuries, in which 331 steps lead to offering a cup of tea.  

Although Rucci admits that his clothes are the most expensive ready-to-wear in the world, he produces quality art to hang in your closet, and on your wall. His team of "geniuses, just geniuses" who help him prepare each season, include thirty year associate Vivian Van Natta and his sister Rosina Rucci. For fans of Mr. Rucci's art work, you can find them at Serge Sorokko Gallery in San Francisco. 

Click here to read KiptonART's full story with Ralph Rucci

Image Above: Runway shot from Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2010, New York
Image Courtesy of KiptonART

FEATURED GALLERY: Salomon Contemporary, New York

In what dirMichael Combsection do you see the art market heading?

I will not predict where the "Art Market" will go, besides up and down, like everything else. I have a responsibility to do a great job in servicing artists, collectors, and institutions. If I can wake up and go to bed with that, then Salomon Contemporary will move forward.

Read the full interview with James Salomon here

ART TALK with Venanzio Ciampa
Owner of The Promotion Factory, a marketing and communications agency
specializing in lifestyle products and services from Italy, France and the U.S.

Who are your favoriteVenanzio Ciampa KiptonART artists?
KiptonART has a wide variety of artists and a wide gamet of different talents. The ones I like the most are Moses Foster. I love the way he tries to remake the Italian masters, and Mark Johnson because I get the feeling of gossip and his reinterpretation of pop art.  Besides these two, I also enjoy Edie Nathelhaft's "Big Cherry Biter No 3."  Many of the artists seem to be in their prime and the interesting part is that the level of artists is so high that the choice range is between good and better, not between good and bad.   

Read the full interview with Venanzio Ciampa
Image courtesy of The Promotion Factory
NBC Arlog Segment features KiptonART


If you are still looking for that special gift for Valentine's Day, check out Artlog's latest segment on NBC New York.  Manish Vora presents special Valentine's Day gifts from the best museum and gallery shops.  In the video clip, Kipton Cronkite talks about the KiptonART rental program.

KiptonART Studio Visit: February 20th with Paul Seftel

Paul Seftel Feb 20KiptonART is excited to announce our upcoming visit to Paul Seftel's studio in Harlem. Seftel's work has sold to top collectors in the past year since joining KiptonART and this week received a large private commission request from a private collector.  Currently he is displaying art at Linden 78's model apartment on the Upper West Side and in LA at a private viewing space. His pieces focus on natural elements of spirituality shown with deep colors and cool contemporary works using stamps.  Join us on February 20th at his uptown studio to view his most recent work, hear him speak. RSVP here!

Image: Paul Seftel's, Tarnished Age My Two Stamps, Mixed Media, 72" x 48"
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Kimberly GuilfoyleART TALK with Fox News Anchor and Analyst, Kimberly Guilfoyle

What is the last exhibition you attended?
I don't limit the word exhibition to art; the last exhibition I attended was the launch of the 24/7 Jimmy Choo collection at The Plaza Hotel.  Shoes are also an art form, and for someone who has to go from work to evening in a moment's notice, I love the line because it consists of footwear that can go from the office to the evening cocktail party.  Art is about beauty and functionality, and I think everything I see that is visually pleasing or inspiring is an exhibition unto itself.

Read the full interview with Kimberly Guilfoyle
Image courtesy of Patrick McMullan
KiptonART on FoxFox News Segment features KiptonART

Fox News Anchor and Analyst, Kimberly Guilfoyle interviewed Kipton Cronkite on Strategy Room last week where he talked about KiptonART's growing online artist directory and how one can buy art on a budget.  Other panelists included Monica Knoll from Cancer 101, author Anisha Ahooja, Serena Merriman who discusses Lincoln Center Institute, and fashion designer Thuy Diep who talks about Dress For Success.  The segment is 20 minutes so click here to watch both videos!
Artist Testimonial, Julie Combal
2010 KiptonART Rising Winner

Julie Combal "In the tight economy, finding collectors and exposure for my work was a difficult task for me. But in late 2009 I became one of the KiptonART Rising 2010 finalists and winners, and have been provided with numerous opportunities to market my work and gain exposure through special events and exhibitions at Saks Fifth Avenue and Christie's.Kipton and his staff have done a fantastic job in generating sales and extending my work to new markets of collectors, designers and the art world. Their personal attention, warmth, and professionalism makes being involved with KiptonART an exceptional and career enhancing experience." -KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner Julie Combal

Image: Julie Combal, Swell, Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 inches, $800

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Musical Hits by Matt Morris and Matthew Mayfield

Matthew MayfieldSinger/Songwriters Matt Morris and Matthew Mayfield, both featured in KiptonART Magazine's May 21, 2009 issue, recently recently held the #1 and #2 spot on iTune's Singer/Songwriter Chart.  Matt Morris' mainstream following is rapidly increasing due to his January 19th appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show with friend and producer Justin Timberlake.  Morris and Timberlake lent their vocals Friday night singing a rendition of Hallelujah at the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon on MTV.

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ART TALK with Author, Anisha Ahooja

Anisha AhoojaWho is your favorite KiptonART artists?
I love looking at the works by junior artists on KiptonART. I used to teach Middle School English, and I think there is nothing more inspiring than to observe the fantastical visions, ideas, and innovative approaches that only the truly young and fearless venture.  The junior artists page on this site is by far the first place I would go to, and right now I am drooling over Nataly Levich's
"Opulence Uncrowned."  On surface level it makes me laugh because it reminds me of. . . me.  Not the chandelier part, but everything on the couch around's a bit irreverent throwing a chandelier on a messy couch, but there's something a bit decadent and spectacular about it as well. I am dying for this piece.
Read the full interview with Anisha Ahooja
Photo Courtesy of Anisha Ahooja
Video Clip of Feb 6 Kipton Artist Studio Visit at Reed+Rader's Brooklyn Studio

On Saturday, February 6th KiptonART shuttled 20 patrons to the Brooklyn Studios of Avery McCarthy and Reed+Rader.  The video clip goes inside the second studio visit where Matthew Reed (half of the art duo group Reed + Radar) discusses the digital art they create, which is both stagnant and moves. Click here to watch the video clip!
RSVP now for Feb 20 Studio Visit with Paul Seftel
KiptonARTISTS Happenings

Here are a list of three KiptonART artists who have events displaying their works this month:
View our new world map of artists around the globe!



David Szydlowski: Open Studio
When: February 28, 4:00-8:00pm
Place: 285 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn NY

San Francis
Melissa Fleming: Exhibition of 12 images from her Sentient series
When: February 6 - May 5

Place: San Francisco Airport Museum in Terminal 1

Erin Kornfeld
London, UK

Erin Kornfeld:  part of a group exhibition displaying a collection of personalities who have contributed to British life, culture and history
When: February 5 - May 9
Place: The National Portrait Gallery, London

Image by Erin Kornfeld of Sir David Cannadine and Linda Colley 

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Art for $250 by photographer Lex Lumiere

Lex Lumiere

Above: Lex Lumiere, Soul Discovery, C-Print, 16 x 20 inches, $250
ART TALK with Socialite, Annabel Vartanian

Annabel Vartanian
What was the last exhibition you saw?

The last opening I attended was LOOK AGAIN at Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea
(watch our video from the opening night). I also recently saw Slash: Paper Under the Knife at the Museum of Arts and Design.  On my list is Damien Hirst's End of An Era at Gagosian Gallery on Madison Avenue.

What fashion shows are you most looking forward to attending this season?
Ralph Lauren.  It will be my first time attending and I adore the clothes. Also, Temperley London and, as always, Tibi.

Read the full interview with Annabel Vartanian here
Photo Courtesy of Annabel Vartanian
The Young Fellows Diamond Deco Ball, February 25th

Frick Young Fellows Deco BallOn February 25th, the Young Fellows Diamond Deco Ball will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Frick Collection's opening. Chairmen are this year include: Allison Aston, Lydia Fenet, Joann Pailey, Coralie Charriol Paul and Elisabeth Saint-Amand.  The event will be Black Tie and sponsors include Tiffany & Co., Vera Wang, Aveniu Brands Wine, Champagne Pol Roger and Dior Beauty.  Tickets start at $300. Call 212-547-0706 or

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