KiptonART Newsletter | Issue 38
January 28, 2010
Today we're announcing our intimate February Artist Studio & Gallery Tour Series kick-off on Saturday, Feb 6 in Dumbo with two SVA photographers, Avery McCarthy and Reed+Rader.  On Sunday, Feb 7, you'll also have a chance to make new friends while visiting New York Marlborough Chelsea's LOOK AGAIN exhibition with Director, Melyora Kramer.  For Valentine's Day, consider surprising your loved one by signing up for our new art rental program or going on a studio visit in Seattle with Willow Bader. Test the waters with some of our emerging artists starting for as little as $100/month. 

February Artist Studio Visits & Gallery Tour: 15 spaces available per event

Feb 6, 2-4pm Dumbo Studio Visit with Artist Avery McCarthy & Reed+Rader
Feb 7, 3pm New York Special Gallery Tour: Marlborough Chelsea's LOOK AGAIN
Feb 14, 5pm Seattle Studio Visit with Willow Bader
Feb 20, 2pm Harlem Studio Visit with Paul Seftel

Feb Studio Visit Series
Highlights & Recent News
Patti Smith at Robert Miller Gallery
ART TALK with Fe Fendi
ART TALK with Christie's Vice President, Clare McKeon
ART TALK with Architect, Chad Oppenheim

Divine Jewelry: Miracle Icons by Mary Jo Pane

New Artist Interview, Moses Foster
Gallery Interview: Center of the Earth, Charlotte, NC
Model for Artist Vincent Edmond Louis
Art Rental Program Gains Momentum
Recent Art Sales Sneak Peek
Artist Avery McCarthy's Testimonial
TRH Prince Peter, Prince Philip and Prince Alexander Host Princes Ball

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Moses FosterFEATURED ARTIST: Moses Foster

KiptonART interviewed 2008 finance-themed commissioned artist Moses Foster, currently residing in Berlin, Germany.  Click here to see Foster's portfolio.

Q:  Who/what is your biggest influence or inspiration right now?
A:  The great history and the current presence of art today.  My sheer desire to constantly create is ultimately inspired by a very personal need to learn more about art making.  There is always something new out there...much like inspiration, the power of art is inexhaustable. 

Read the full interview with Moses Foster here

 Log-in for price and full portfolio

Fe FendiART TALK with Fe Saracino Fendi

What is the last exhibition you attended?
It was Renoir at the Grand Palais this month...needless to say it was magnificent.

How would you describe the style of decor in your home?
My home is modern with a classic twist, like our collection of Las Meninas etchings and glass sculptures by the spanish artist, Manolo Valdes, whom I deeply admire.

Read the full interview with Fe Fendi here
Image courtesy of East Side House from the 2009 New York International Auto Show Gala

KiptonART Artist Testimonial, Avery McCarthy
2010 KiptonART Rising Winner

Avery McCarthy"Like many emerging artists, I had very few venues for getting my work in front of anyone who would be interested. After joining KiptonART, I was able to meet with Kipton to show him my work in person, achieve my first sales to collectors (including the world famous violinist Joshua Bell). I was selected as a KiptonArt Rising 2010 winner and was able to showcase my work at private events at Saks Fifth Avenue and Christie's to collectors, designers, gallery owners, etc. This experience has convinced me that Kipton is doing something very special here."
- KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner, Avery McCarthy

Image courtesy of Avery McCarthy as seen in his portfolio, Beauty #3, C-Print

Suggestions for Art Rental

Edie Nadelhaft

Take a bite of this cherry in Edie Nadelhaf'ts beautiful painting. Edie Nadelhaft's
"Big Cherry Biter No. 3" is 36 x 36 inches, Oil on Canvas and priced at $5,200.  To arrange a studio visit or private viewing, email

Inquire about rental!

Get a painting like this for $260 per month and have a credit available to spend of $624 at the end of 12 months to put towards a purchase.  Rent to own now and let us show you how!
Patti SmithJust Kids: Patti Smith performs at Robert Miller Gallery

This past Friday night Robert Miller Gallery held an evening with Patti Smith featuring all genre of her work. She took the stage and stood in front of a haunting, ethereal painting that framed Smith and the evening perfectly.  Those in attendance included: Vince Aletti, Lisa Anastos, Betsy Baker, Clarissa Dalrymple, Phillip Lim, Jamie Johnson, Edward Mapplethorpe and Steven Sebring.

Read more about the Patti Smith event here

Clare McKeonART TALK with Christie's Vice President, Clare McKeon

Who are your favorite KiptonARTISTS? Why?
I love Mark Perry's Ship Approaching Harbor as it reminds me of the dramic paintings of J.M.W. Turner.  I also like James Kennedy's Proximity which reflects two of my favorite modern British artists Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson.

Read the full review with Clare McKeon here
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Chad OppenheimART TALK with Architect, Chad Oppenheim

Who are your favorite artists on 
I like Vivian Rosenthal. She is one of the greatest digital content creators of our generation, and her mixed media work is great too.

What was the last exhibition you saw?
Jumex, at the Bass Museum of art.

Read the full interview with Chad Oppenheim here

Model Search by Artist Vincent Edmond Louis

Vincent Edmond LouisKiptonART artist Vincent Edmond Louis is preparing for a gallery opening in Paris come May. His work consists of raw portraiture redefined with personal thoughts inscribed upon the images. Currently, Vincent is searching for models to add to his growing portfolio. Previous models include: Nicole Hanley, Annabel Vartanian, actor Stephen Baldwin, Ralph Lauren model Cody Horn, and more. If interested in modeling for Vincent email

Read more about Vincent's Model Search here

FEATURED GALLERY: Center of the Earth Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Center of the Earth GalleryIn your opinion, what has been one of the gallery's most rewarding shows and why?

We had an exhibition of the work of Jean Tinguely from the private Bechtler collection.  It informed people about his kinetic sculpture that was installed in a Charlotte office complex.  It gave people more insight into the work of an internationally recognised artist who did a major artwork in our city.  Since that show, The Bechtler collection has 12 years later moved into its new home as the Bechtler Museum and we played a role in its first introduction to the public.

Read the full interview with Center of the Earth Gallery here
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Divine Jewelry: Miracle Icons by Mary Jo Pane

Miracle IconsMary Jo Pane's inspiring jewelry combines antique religious icons with a chic tarnished feel to bring a sense of coolness to spirituality. Her line has been featured in every top magazine: Elle, Rolling Stone, GQ, People, New York Times and more, with A-list clients including Bruce Springsteen and Anderson Cooper (see below for more). Put your faith back into the religion of fashion by going to Barney's Co-Op and purchasing one of the heavenly designs.

Read the full interview with Mary Jo Pane here
POOL ART 2010ARTISTS: Want to Show your Art at POOL ART?

The NYC Armory Show is fast approaching. KiptonART has teamed up with the Pool Art Fair taking place at the Gershwin Hotel on March 5, 6 & 7. We are offering artists the opportunity to rent a portion of the KiptonART space at a discounted rate of $360 per artist. Please email by February 3rd if you are interested.

To read more about POOL ART click here

Overview of a Select Group of Recent Art Sales

Julie Combal
We'd like to share a selection of some of the recent artworks sold.  Congratulations to 2009 KiptonART Rising Artist Sabina Forbes II and 2010 KiptonART Rising Artist Julie Combal.

See more images of recent art sales here

Image: Julie Combal
So Far
40 x 52 inches
Oil on Canvas

Log-in for price and full portfolio

FEB 5th: The Princes Ball Mardi Gras Masquerade, New York City

Princes BallTRH Prince Peter, Prince Philip and Prince Alexander host one of the hottest parties of the year - The Princes Ball Mardi Gras Masquerade Gala - taking place on Friday, February 5th at Cipriani 42nd Street. RAZZLE to the sounds of RIO, DAZZLE in your Carnival costume and mask.  DANCE and PARTY the night away to the pulsating beat of Brazil. For more event information, or to purchase tickets visit:

Read more about The Princes Ball Gala here

Private Sale Opportunity: Donald Baechler Prints Available

Donald BaechlerKiptonART has access to three Donald Baechler prints for sale through a private dealer.  New York painter Donald Baechler has steadily sustained a successful career as one of the more respected artists of his generation. Born in Connecticut, Baechler studied art in both New York and Germany, and is internationally well known for distinctive large-scale paintings and collages that investigate the formal, conceptual and cultural construction of artistic representation.

Read more about the Donald Baechler Prints here

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