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January 13, 2010
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Highlights & News
Art Rental Program Launch!
Studio Visit Program Launch: Go see artist studios on Feb 6 & Feb 20!
ART TALK with Kelly Cutrone, Founder of People's Revolution
Rockin' Jewelry by Kimberly McDonald
ART TALK with Tatiana Papanicolaou Perkin, Partner at Tribal Societe

New Artist Interview, James Kennedy
Keith Lissner: Fashion Forward Interview
516 ART Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Top 11 Art Events in January
Video & Studio Visit with Avery McCarthy

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Kelly CutroneART TALK with Kelly Cutrone
by D'Mitri Agnès-Capone

Who are your favorite artists? Why?
My favorite photographer is Mary Allen Mark because she brings dignity and revelation to people that society has turned their back on. My favorite painter is Ronnie Cutrone - he was my first husband and I love him. Greg Lauren and Joe Coleman are other favorites.

Read the full interview with Kelly Cutrone here

Kelly Cutrone
Founder, People's Revolution
Brook ShieldsRockin' Jewelry by Kimberly McDonald

Connecting with nature in the concrete jungles of Manhattan can be a challenge for fashion lovers; with the belief that colored rocks are to be worn by the funky women of Taos. Kimberly McDonald is bringing nature and gobs of bright stones to the polished fingers of fashionable New Yorkers. McDonald's fine jewelry line uses natural resources of geodes, agates and phantom quartz. These stones may not be known as a girl's best friend, but they add a unique display of beauty to any wearer.

Read the full interview with Kimberly McDonald here

Image courtesy of Brooke Shields wearing McDonald earrings
Photo courtesy of

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Tatiana PerkinART TALK with Tatiana Papanicolaou Perkin
by Kipton Cronkite

What are your favorite piece/pieces or artists on 
I like Mike Rohner's oil on canvas paintings for their action and color.   I also love photography as a medium and find Anje Vela's photographs of trees to be particularly moving.  They really capture nature's beauty and make me feel as if I were standing under the trees themselves.

Read the full interview with Tatiana Papanicolaou Perkin

Tatiana Papanicolaou Perkin
Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, Tribal Societe
STYLE: Fashion Forward: Keith LissnerKeith Lissner
by Zev Eisenberg

Keith Lissner is a favored designer of the youthful social set in New York City who is sure to rise to high ranks among American fashion powerhouses. Prior to starting his own line, Keith designed for Perry Ellis (the same company where Marc Jacobs got his start) and Ralph Lauren. KiptonART interviews Keith to discuss his inspiration, favorite New York spots and current fashion trends we could go without.

Read the full review with Keith Lissner here

Image courtesy of Keith Lissner, Spring 2010 Collection

James Kennedy, HoistKiptonART interviewed KiptonART Rising 2010 Finalist James Kennedy about his current body of work and his greatest influences. Recently KiptonART has sold two of his works: "Bracket "and "Vectorwork." 

Kennedy states, "Painting for me is like an extension of my theater work" he confides, "I became an actor because I wanted to escape from myself and be as versatile as was physically possible.  The same applies to my art and the numerous techniques involved in my studio process."

Read the full interview with James Kennedy here

Above: James Kennedy, Hoist, 38 x 38 inches, Mixed Media
, Log-in for price and full portfolio


Voiceless by David MellenVoiceless was an early attempt to merge what I was doing with painting and sculpture. I wanted to create an image about an imposed silence; one which left the painting unable to speak.  Soon after I signed up with KiptonART, I was accepted into the BOFFO 'Objective Affection' exhibition. I am confident they are always searching for new opportunities for my work and that confidence allows me to spend more time working in my studio."

To see more of Mellen's work, click here

Right: David Mellen, Voiceless, 25 x 66 inches, Sculpture
, Log-in for price and full portfolio


Raphael at Morgan Library
Alliance for the Arts recommends that one of the top January Art events is "Rome After Raphael" at the Morgan Library & Museum. The exhibition is the first ever in New York to focus solely on Roman Renaissance and Mannerist drawings, and takes Raphael's art as its starting point and ends with the dawn of a new era, as seen in the innovations of Annibale Carracci. The show features striking examples by great masters of the period, including Raphael, Michelangelo and Parmigianino, among others. January 22-May 9, 2010.

For the full list of top 11 events, click here

Image Courtesy of the Morgan Library & Museum

Rent Art Now!
RECENT ART SALES: See what collectors are buying!

Azadeh Ghotbi
December 2009 was a busy month for us and we'd like to share a selection of some of the recent artworks sold.  Congratulations to the following artists: Azadeh Ghotbi, Avery McCarthy, James Kennedy, Mark Johnson and Emily Korman.

See more images of recent art sales here

Image: Azadeh Ghotbi, Revelations 11, 46 x 58 inches, Mixed Media
, Log-in for price and full portfolio

by D'Mitri Agnès-Capone

516 ARTS, ALBUQUERQUEWhat message, as a gallery, do you want people to leave your shows/gallery with?
I hope that people who visit our gallery are inspired to think, question, expand their minds and engage in dialogue about the ideas and issues raised in our exhibitions. We approach art as a vital form of communication about contemporary issues.

Owner(s): Suzanne Sbarge, Executive Director, Rhiannon Mercer, Assistant Director
Specialty: Contemporary Art, Interdisciplinary Projects
Address: 516 Central Avenue SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Read the full gallery interview with 516 ARTS here
FEATURED VIDEO: Avery McCarthy Studio Visit- running time 2:26 minutes

Video of Avery McCarthy

click here to watch the video
NEW YORK CHARITY: Winter Antiques Show, Young Collectors' Night, Jan 28th

Fenet & PetroffOn January 28th, Young Collectors' Night has a goal to raise as much money as possible to serve the young people of the South Bronx community. With your help, East Side House can make it possible for these motivated youth to break the cycle of extreme poverty by graduating from high school, enrolling in college, and getting a good job.

Read more about the Winter Antiques Show and East Side House here

Photo of Lydia Fenet and Di Petroff at 2009 Young Collectors' Night
Courtesy of Panache Privee

FILM: A Filmmaker's Journey Continues: The Film Festival Circuit
by Max Nova

Shaman's Apprentice
Almost a year after the premier of my new film,
The Shaman's Apprentice, we are reaching the end of the festival circuit and I am very thankful for the positive responses that the film has received. The film, which was made possible in part by executive producer, Kipton Cronkite, has screened at ten film festivals so far in five different states. The Shaman's Apprentice, is a short narrative fiction film about belief and spirituality, focusing on the interaction between a western anthropologist and the subject of his study, a mysterious shaman healer.

Read more about Max Nova's journey here

Gallery Interviews from 2009

Michael KwiecinskiL&M Arts, New York
Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York
Hasted Hunt Kraeutler, New York
On Stellar Rays, New York
Britton Gallery, Haleiwa, Hawaii
Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery, New York
Heist, New York
14d LTD, Athens, Greece
Pop Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Image Above: Michael Kwiecinski, Reverse Albedo, C-print, 57 x 72 inches, Log-in for price and full portfolio

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