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KiptonART Newsletter 35
December 16, 2009

Jeff Koons Diamond (Red)

Abu Dhabi

Art Dubai Debuts at $3 billion Emirates Palace Hotel

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Nicole Hanley & Kipton Cronkite, 2006ART TALK with designer, Nicole Hanley

Who are you favorite artists on KiptonART?
Ben Fink Shapiro, Melissa Fleming, Jeannie Rusten

Read the full interview with Nicole Hanley
Photo: Kipton Cronkite, Nicole Hanley
Photo Courtesy of Patrick McMullan

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Jeff Koons Diamond (Red)Abu Dhabi Art (ADA) held their inaugural event on Nov. 19-22, 2009 and debuted at the super-luxurious, $3-billion Emirates Palace Hotel amid much glitz, pomp and art-world curiosity. In attendance, Sheikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince's wife, Sheikha Salama, art dealers Larry Gagosian, Tony Shafrazi and art galleries such as Galerie Jerome de Noirmont and New York's Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller.  Heavy weight contemporary artists Jeff Koons, David Mach, Louise Bourgeois made their debut while Andy Warhol triptych's of portraits of the late Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, his wife, the Empress Farah Pahlavi, and his twin sister, Princess Ashraf Pahlavi were seen by attendees.

Above: Jeff Koons, Diamond (Red), (1994-2005), Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery, New York
Read the full article by Nazy Nazhand


Kiritin Beyer Put Those Boots On

Kiritin Beyer, KiptonART Rising 2010 Winner

Put Those Boots On
30 x 30 inches
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Read more on Kiritin Beyer

Marcia LevineART TALK with Marlborough Gallery's, Marcia Levine

Who are your favorite pieces or artists on KiptonART?
Matthew Satz and Paul Seftel.

Read the full interview with gallery owner Marcia Levine

Above: Marcia Levine arriving at Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Photo Courtesy of Virginie Blachère

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ART - Santa Fe, New Mexico
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POP Gallery Santa Fe

400 year old Santa Fe, New Mexico continues to rank as the second largest art market (in terms of sales) in the U.S. Santa Fe's culture economy, worth more than $1 billion in receipts annually, offers over 100 art galleries and artist studios.  Honored as a Creative City by UNESCO and coined by designer Tom Ford that if he had just six months to live he would surely "jump on a plane and go to Santa Fe." Go inside the community with us over the next few months!

Read the full article and gallery profile by D'Mitri Agnès-Capone

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 Rosenbaum Paris Metro
Daniel Rosenbaum
Acrylic on canvas
Paris Metro
14 x 16 inches
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Fowlkes WWJSculpt?

Stephan Fowlkes
35 x 44 in.
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