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December 3, 2009


Image from
Adam Salky's film Dare

DARE to Threesome
by Kipton Cronkite

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Kipton Cronkite and members of the KiptonART Team will be posting daily recaps on Art Basel events and exhibits.
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Who is your favorite artist on Why?
Sean Schumacher is one of my favorite artists on Kipton art. He is a photographer and while I love photographs, I especially like ones like his. I appreciate quirkiness, randomness and reality, which to me all equal beauty.

What was the last exhibition you saw?
The last exhibition I went to was Kandinsky at the Guggenheim.

How would you describe your style in your home?
My style at home consists of original series of Basquiat prints, my own paintings, and most of my friends' works.

What artist has most influenced or inspired you in life?
The artists who have most inspired me are the ones who I know and am friends with. Of course I appreciate famous and deceased ones too, but my friends inspire me consistently.
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Photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan.

Nina F
What are your favorite piece/pieces or artists on
I am really drawn to the work by James Kennedy, both to the simple color palette as well as to the juxtaposition of his two artistic styles. The architectural sensibility in the works "Bracket" and "Choreography 3" and the emotional expression in his pieces "Ominous" and "Incident" show both the diversity as an artist as well as the ability to be stylistically flexible.

How would you describe your style in your home?
Being an interior designer and surrounded on a regular basis with infinite choices of color and texture, I focused on keeping my home neutral in palette. To keep it interesting, I used a tonal striation on my walls but made sure to layer graphic patterns which are simple yet bold. Being trained in architecture, I have a love for classic pieces which provide inspiration for perfection in form and design, such as the Saarinen table and the Barcelona chairs by Mies van der Rohe.
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Photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan.
I AM: KiptonART Promotional Video

I AM Kipton CronkitePeople of New York, Who Are You? By leaving a small white board with the words "I Am" scribed on its surface KiptonART catches on camera answers from a diverse group of the city's partygoers, artists and patrons. Everyone involved has different takes on the Zen-like idea of themselves. At first those proclaiming to be stylist, art lover and such write the self-declarations in secretive dear diary form. Eventually, public displays of announcements appear with groups proudly declaring support for fellow peers and artists. Special thanks to those who appear in the video: Tre Knight, Zev Eisenberg, Anastasia Rogers, Tracy Stern, Dabney Mercer, Melanie Berliet, Nina Freudenberger, Michael Kwiecinski, Kwesi Blair, Amy Smilovic, Paul Slater, Liz Walker, Laetitia Stanfield, Anisha Lakhani, Chessy Wilson, Sarah Basile and Kipton Cronkite. Visit the KiptonART Online Magazine and watch the "I Am" Video!

FEATURED ARTIST Emily Korman, KiptonART Rising 2010 Artist

           Church Korman           Fence Korman
                              Emily Korman                                                          Emily Korman
                          "Untitled (Church)"                                                          "Fence"
19 x 13 in., Photography                                           19 x 13 in., Photography
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Why do you work in this medium?

I used to spend a lot of my time drawing and I enjoyed the act but the final product never captured the realism that I wanted. I had been interested in photography for years before I decided to give it a try. After I finally picked up a camera, I knew that it was the right medium for me and I never looked back. Because a photograph is so true to life, I can trick people into thinking a staged moment is real. Photography lets me create scenarios that could happen but are actually fabricated from my mind. It is almost like a game of make-believe that I play with the viewer.
Read more on Emily Korman in the KiptonART Online Magazine.
KIPTONART Make it yours

 Rosenbaum Paris Metro
Daniel Rosenbaum
Paris Metro
14 x 16 in.
Acrylic on Canvas
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KIPTONART Make it yours

Fowlkes WWJSculpt?

Stephan Fowlkes

35 x 44 in.

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