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Newsletter 28
September 10, 2009

For many, New York fashion week is in full swing which means new opportunities for artists and galleries to sell works of art.  In this issue, look at Melissa Fleming's beautiful "Sentient" photography of waves crashing on the shore and preview art for sale by Will Sterns, Tina Buchholtz, Cariya Breemen, Julie Combal. We have a special review of the new documentary, The September Issue and will be providing blog coverage during NY fashion week.  Catch up on our 5th music event this past Tuesday for Grammy-nominated jazz pianist, Eldar. Check out the new artists who've registered with us this week!

Alix Smith
Alix Smith, State of Union # 10

States of Union opening at Morgan Lehman Gallery Tonight!
Highlights from KiptonART

melissa fleming sentient V 

"I have always been drawn to nature.  Long intrigued by its processes, I have come to value that nature's more subtle and interesting beauty is often beyond the visible.   As such, most of my work is an investigation of the transient and often unseen aspects of the natural world..."

KIPTONART Make it your own
             Will Sterns, Endo                                                  Tina Buchholtz, Satchmo, gold pigments, ink
                         Photography                                                                               Acrylic on Canvas
                             $1,500                                                                                                   $9,000
On Stellar Rays

Location: Lower East Side, NY

Owner:  Candice Madey
Specialty:  Contemporary art

Read more about On Stellar Rays here.
KIPTONART Take it Home
              Cariya Breemen, disintegration                                Julie Combal, Une Annee Dans L'Air 1
                            Mixed Media                                                                       Oil on Canvas
$3,200                                                                                      $2,200
The September Issue FILM NEW YORK
The Wintour-Woman Cometh

A film review by Zev Eisenberg

Another world exists backstage at Bryant Park during fashion week. Emotions seemingly run higher than the towering Louboutins. The players are caught in a frenzy with aggressive photographers rampant on voyeuristic pursuits, while sleep-deprived designers stress over the details on a finished garment. A parade of frocks, tights, tulle and jumpers are in line to go marching down the aisle and McGrath-ist artists paint faces on the quiet match-stick-thin girls from global countries of Belarus and Brazil. A nervous voice perks up in a sea of murmurs, "has Anna arrived yet?" The chaos slows down, and the question is repeated with the greatest sense of urgency while a shot of the iconic bobbed woman flashes on the screen.

Read more about "The September Issue" here.