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Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Greetings!

In this issue, check out our newly re-launched website by logging in to see what's new. You'll get to know our featured artist Michael Sagato and get a peek at the massive Richard Avedon exhibition currently at SFMOMA. We'll also take you inside the Getty Museum in LA for Jo Ann Callis and Paul Outerbridge's exhibitions and give you the full download of A-Trak's musical review from inside Webster Hall.

For Artists, KiptonART's newest upgrade now gives you even more exposure by utilizing our unique tiering system and new profile page. The tiering system gives those with more experience, even higher visibility and more opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Log-in now to review our Artist Guide for full instructions on how to get started and watch your rankings improve over time.  Over the past few weeks, some of our artists have been selected for an upcoming House Beautiful project while other artists are gaining momentum by selling their work through our sales support team.

For Art Buyers and Interior Designers, check out our new online Look Book which contains a sampling of some of our favorite artists and an Artist Guide to help you. These are perfect tools for collectors and interior designers.  For gallery owners, our new tiering system gives you a chance to spot talent more quickly.  Simply, login as an Art Buyer today to view the features above.

Other new features include: video interviews with some of our artists like Jade Doskow and Serge Strosberg, newest art listings on the homepage (with the ability to sort by medium) and enhanced sales support helping artists and art buyers connect more quickly.

We look forward to welcoming you to come back to KiptonART or visiting us for the first time.  Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Have a great weekend,

Kipton Cronkite, Founder
KiptonART, Giving Artists Access

"KiptonART is fabulous! One evening about a year ago, I turned on my TV and watched a special feature on Kipton who highlighted an up-and-coming photographer named Shuli Hallak. Hallak's images of ships were stunning and
I knew my husband would love them. I got in touch with Kipton directly who
facilitated an easy, flawless purchasing experience. It was like working with a veteran art consultant. We bought two Hallak large-scale photos which continue to bring us joy whenever we look at them."
- Anonymous by request, 2009

FEATURED ARTIST  The work of Michael Sagato

Michael Sagato, Reincarnation

Michael Sagato studied art, design and photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Sagato has  shown at Art Basil Miami and recently had a solo show at Milk Gallery in New York. Sagato has answered some of the questions we ask every artist.

Who/What is your biggest influence or inspiration right now?

I'd say my biggest influence right now is somewhere between John Singer Sargent, Odd Nerdrum, William Adolphe Bouguereau, and Walt Disney.

What is the first thing that comes to mind after an opening?
The first thing i think about after a gallery show is how to get as faraway from the location as possible- they are exhausting and nerve racking. To make things worse, I don't allow myself to drink to avoid saying anything off-putting to a potential buyer or patron. 
Read more about Michael Sagato here.

The Smokers
Michael Sagato, The Smoker
Visit to SFMOMA
by Zev Eisenberg

Katharina Fritsch, Baby with Poodles, 1995

The contemporary collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is so cutting edge and original it may have its New York sister named MOMA beat. The permanent collection at SFMOMA not only holds iconic modern works such as a Jasper John's inspired McCarthy Era Flag (1958), and quite possibly, in this writers opinion, the most striking Rothko ever produced (Untitled No. 14, 1960), but also leaves plenty of room for the unknown but more current artists.

Katharina Fritsch, a native German, has several sculptures displayed throughout the museum, each telling a modern Grimm's fairy-tale like story, both disturbing and playful. Kind mit Pudeln (Baby with Poodles, 1995) shows 224 black painted poodles encircled four rows deep facing a baby lying centered on a gold flattened star. It seems the poodles are preparing to pounce on the baby and yet they maintain a safe distance from the innocent child. The world to the child is large and dark, with little room to survive. And yet as vicious as the pups seem, they are also weak and easily manipulated. This is clearly a metaphor for a child's new innocence coming into the unknown world where "good" and "bad" can be seen in all of our surroundings.

Read more about SFMOMA here.
KiptonART artists up close
giving artist access logo white
Outbridge and Callis at The Getty
by Mason McCulley

When I first visited The Getty Center seven years ago, I was in hot pursuit
of a topic for my humanities term paper. I was aware of the museum but
wasn't quite sure what was in store. It was pouring down rain (probably the
only time it rained in Los Angeles that year) and the last thing I wanted to
be doing on a Saturday was perusing Baroque art with tourists (no offense to
Baroque art... or tourists). I was more than pleasantly surprised. A tram
ride is necessary to transport you from the parking structure to the actual
museum. As we ascended the Santa Monica Mountains where The Getty Center
sits, the view was spectacular. We were greeted by docents with umbrellas
for each guest so as not to disrupt our visit. My indifference dissolved as
Richard Meier's limestone masterpiece enveloped my senses. I got an A on
the paper and The Getty has become one of my favorite Los Angeles spots,
rain or shine.

My most recent visit was to view the latest exhibit in the Center for
Photographs: Outerbridge and Callis. I was again greeted with an umbrella,
though this time to shield me from the August sun.

Read more about The Getty here.

Woman With a Blue Bow
Jo Anne Callis, Woman with a Blue Bow, 1977

       Girl With A Fan
       Paul Outerbridge, Girl With A Fan, 1936
MUSIC New York
A-Trak Review from Webster Hall
by Sean Glass


'Tis Spring of 2003.  I'm hanging by a thread as a senior in high school. Fighting with my parents constantly, I think the only person in the world who understands me is my crazy girlfriend, who I'm obviously going to marry and base my choice of college on her (a decision that worked out very well actually, but was not made for the right reasons). All in all, bored as hell.  I know I'm getting all this cash for graduation.  I could save it so that I'm not destitute when my parents cut me off once I get to college in a few months. 

But I could also buy a pair of Numark TTX turntables (better for scratching than the better branded Technics) and a Rane 56 mixer, with the bells and whistles like some Shure 447s, Sony V700s and lots of vinyl to fuck with. My then twenty something family friend Geoff introduced me to the world of turntablism or scratch dj'ing, whatever you want to call it, the year before. Since then, I have skipped smoking weed and playing Dead or Alive 3 with my friends uptown to go downtown and learn how to scratch at Geoff's apartment, and well, watch him smoke weed.  I loved it. 
Read more about A-Trak here.
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Claes Oldenburg: 'Happenings' Films at the Whitney

'Happenings' were a unique part of the American art scene in the 1960's and 70's, which isn't to say they have ever really gone away.  Art documenting 60's-70's 'Happenings' has largely been archived,  and simply relegated to bins and filing cabinets marked quaint 60's avant-garde, or misc. collaborators.  The Oldenburg exhibit at the Whitney has takes the artist's 'Happenings' off the shelf and presents them in the form of 120 minutes of looped video, digitized from beautifully restored 16mm B&W originals. Three films in particular, Fotodeath (1961), Injun (1962), and Autobodys (1965), haven't been screened for the last forty years.

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i4d Presents it's Premiere Jewelry and Home Collection
i4d Mosaic
i4d - eye for Design provides you with specialized Interior Design consulting services and accommodates in its premises the largest gallery space and the first Decorative Arts Gallery in Greece. For the first time i4d gallery presents a unique collection of jewellery and home objects the 'eye collection', inspired by the Greek ancient concept of protecting from the 'evil eye', designed by Alexandra Koumba. Koumba,  a 20th century design lover who founded 'i4d' Ltd., has studied jewellery making at St Martin's School of Design in London and Interior Design at Parson's in New York.

 "Our goal is to design in the broader sense of the word, to design the concept of a space or an event, starting from the interiors space allocation to the detailed accessories- even for babies!"
-Alexandra Koumba, Designer

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