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Why Let An Accent Or Speech Problem

Hold You Back From Making More Money?  


Is your speech holding you back from voicing more types of auditions and voice over jobs? If so ... and if you are willing to practice diligently ... we can help.

VoiceOverXtra presents The Speech Improvement & Accent Reduction Online Course for Voice Actors, taught by acclaimed voice talent/coach/speech expert Bettye Zoller.

In six interactive online classes, Bettye will guide you through the process of speaking a more neutral and clear speech that we call "General American" or "Standard American" - free of regional markers.

"A successful voice actor must be able to convincingly portray a person from 'anywhere' - not just the region in which that person grew up or lives," Bettye explains.


"No one ever loses an accent or dialect or regionalism, but one can mask it, minimize it," she adds.  


"The same is true of speech problems, such as slurring words, a drawl, difficulty with certain speech sounds. These 'mark' a performer and limit his or her career as an actor or voice actor."


Personal Attention 


In this course, your speech will begin to improve week-by-week if you practice diligently.


That's right. Be willing to work. You will receive many homework assignments, additional training though handouts and mp3 audios, plus resource links for further study.


Class size will be limited to ensure personal attention. In fact, the final two classes are strictly for interactive coaching! No lecture. Just constructive critiques of your reading of voice over copy that we'll send to you in advance. 


But it's OK if you miss a live online class or two, due to schedule conflicts.

Every session will be recorded and emailed to participants the next day. So you'll always be current and able to catch up at your convenience. 


If your speech or accent is holding you back, why wait? Help is here now! Click here or see the class details below .. 


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go buttonGood speakers are not born. They are coached.  And in this online course, you will be guided interactively to better speech, free of accents and regional markers. 


Plus, you can ask questions by voice or text ... and you will receive recordings of everything!


Here's what to note on your calendar:


CLASS 1: Tues., Sept. 27   

CLASS 2: Wed., Oct. 5 

CLASS 3: Wed., Oct. 12   

CLASS 4: Mon., Oct. 17  

CLASS 5: Wed., Nov. 2  

CLASS 6: Mon., Nov. 7  


Evenings, starting at 9 pm Eastern ... 8 pm CT ... 7 pm MT ... 6 pm PT 

Tuition - including handouts and recordings: $295


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bettye micBettye Zoller is a multi-award winning voice talent, voice over teacher, audio engineer, producer, director and vocalist.

Based in Dallas, where she operates the VoicesVoices audio production and voice over training company, she's also an educator who has served on many university faculties and conducts voice over workshops worldwide.

And, Bettye teaches monthly voice over webinars presented by VoiceOverXtra.

- "One of the legends of our business." - Backstage West magazine

- "What Bettye Zoller doesn't know about voice overs isn't worth knowing!" - Amy Stoller, New York City
- "Bettye's audiobook knowledge is deep and thorough. She has the experience that many others teaching this today don't." - Kelly Martin, New Orleans
- "I wouldn't have my career in voice overs if not for Bettye Zoller." - Scott Feighner, Houston

- "The great thing about these webinars is you can download the recordings if you're enrolled to attend. That's great. Don't miss Bettye Zoller, ever!" - Mitch Conklin, Dallas
- "Bettye started me in my career, and has helped me all along the way." - Amanda Martin, Chicago

- "The best seminar I ever attended!" - Michael Serrapico, Dallas
- "Her webinar was great. Relaxed and informal, yet very informative. She doesn't sugarcoat anything - tells it like it is, and answered many questions about this complex business." - Pearl Hewitt, Houston



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