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Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011


the Home Studio Master


If you MUST record while traveling, learn the right equipment and set-ups to serve your clients...  registration includes event recording!


Home Studio
Teacher & Consultant ...

Dan Lenard is the Home Studio Master, one of the world's leading consultants on voice over home studio audio.

Also a veteran voice talent and educator, he helps clients with home studio set-up and problem-solving via Skype, phone and email.

He also presents hightly acclaimed monthly home studio webinars for VoiceOverXtra and in-person workshops on a variety of home studio topics.

Dan is also co-host of the popular Sunday night East-West Audio Body Shop Ustream TV show. 

What Dan's Webinar

Attendees Say ...


"They say the definition of an expert is someone who can make complicated things seem simple. I have a new definition: Dan Lenard. It was great to hang out with you live on the webinar tonight. Thanks so much for your insight and patience."

- Doug de Nance


"A most informative set of webinars. I learned A LOT while listening in."

- Dan Deslaurier


"Great webinar! I had been looking for some instructions on how to better use this software for my VO recordings."

- Mal Cameron


"Damn! This is good stuff! I got my money's worth."

- Britt Helms Sr.


"The webinar with Dan Lenard was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was extremely helpful to me since I will be acquiring studio equipment very soon."

- Joe Bartholomew








When you're on vacation, shouldn't that mean V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N?  

Yeah, right. We're voice actors, freelance artists. For many of us, the work day is 24/7.  


And of course, there are many reasons besides vacation to travel ... when clients and auditions still beckon. 


So if you MUST record while on the road, at least DO IT RIGHT.


On Tuesday night, Aug. 9, VoiceOverXtra presents Dan Lenard - the Home Studio Master and co-host of the East-West Audio Body Shop (Ustream TV show) - in the unique webinar, Recording On The Road - A Primer of Do's & Don'ts.


Even if you're already an experienced VO road warrior, you'll pick up valuable voice over travel tips and learn about the latest technology.     


Sure, this is an educational session. But also FUN, as Dan injects humorous observations to this often misunderstood aspect of the VO biz.


BTW: You also get to ask Dan questions in the lively Q&A.


What? You say you'll be on the road Aug. 9? No problem! Register anyway and we'll send you the full audio/visual recording


Please see below for more about what this webinar will teach you ... and know that we look forward to helping you make more money! 


VOX logoTo Your Success,


John Florian



suitcase-croppedIn this important online session of technical info ... for non-technical people ... about recording audio while traveling, you will learn:

  • When - and when not - to record, and why
  • The right equipment and all the "new stuff"
  • How to plan ahead 
  • The right set-up
  • The right place(s) to record
  • How to travel light 
  • Proper recording techniques
  • How to deal with air travel TSA
  • And more!

Plus, ask Dan your questions - share your experiences - in a lively Q&A. 


Tuition is just $47 ... including full recording

Click Here To Attend 


You also receive a free recording of the entire audio/visual webinar to download to your computer ... in case you can't attend the live event ... and for future reference to learn from again at your convenience.  
WEBINAR TIME: Tuesday, Aug. 9 , 2011

9P Eastern ... 8P Central ... 7P Mountain ... 6P Pacific


  • You will receive email with access info
  • Just sign in by computer and/or phone
  • Listen and follow the training on your computer screen

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