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bettye zAUDIOBOOKS 2011: Success In Narrations
Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011
... and special guest ROBIN WHITTEN,
publisher of AudioFile Magazine

Learn How To Enter and Expand Your Role
in this Surging Voice Over Market
Bettye Zoller
Zings As Multi-Award Winning

... voice talent, audiobook narrator, voice-over trainer, audio engineer, producer, director and vocalist.

... educator who has served on many university faculties and conducts voice-over workshops worldwide.

... teacher of Bettye Zoller monthly voice-over webinars presented by

Bettye Zoller's Webinars 'Tell It Like It Is' ...

"One of the legends of our business." - Backstage West magazine

"What Bettye Zoller doesn't know about voice-overs isn't worth knowing!" - Amy Stoller, New York City

"Bettye's audiobook knowledge is deep and thorough. She has the experience that many others teaching this today don't." - Kelly Martin, New Orleans

"I wouldn't have my career in voice-overs if not for Bettye Zoller." - Scott Feighner, Houston

"The great thing about these webinars is you can download the recordings if you're enrolled to attend. That's great. Don't miss Bettye Zoller, ever!" - Mitch Conklin, Dallas

"Bettye started me in my career, and has helped me all along the way." - Amanda Martin, Chicago

"The best seminar I ever attended!" - Michael Serrapico, Dallas

"Her webinar was great. Relaxed and informal, yet very informative. She doesn't sugarcoat anything - tells it like it is, and answered many questions about this complex business." - Pearl Hewitt, Houston


People increasingly want to "hear" books. In fact, in a recent Audio Publishers Association survey, 58% of the respondents said an audio performance makes some books more interesting than they would be in print.

Yet as more and more books are recorded this year, will yours be a voice of choice?

To enter and expand your role as an audiobook narrator, of course, requires specialized skills in audiobook voice acting and marketing - and understanding how this rapidly changing business works.


VoiceOverXtra's AUDIOBOOKS 2011 webinar on Tuesday night, Feb. 8 - taught by award-winning voice talent and trainer Bettye Zoller - delivers those critical insights ... plus case history experiences of first-time audiobook narrators.


And enjoy an interview with special guest Robin Whitten, publisher of AudioFile Magazine, on the audiobook business today.


"The narration work is out there," Bettye says. "With talent and marketing know-how, you can get it."


Join us and learn on Feb. 8 ... and bring your questions for Bettye to answer live in this interactive online presentation.

BTW: Don't worry if you can't attend the live event. All registered attendees will receive a free recording of the entire webinar!
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audiobooks artTechnology and consumer attitudes are rapidly changing the audiobook industry. To succeed in narration, keep up with these changes and know what publishers are seeking now in audiobook voices. 

Special guest Robin Whitten, publisher of AudioFile Magazine, will discuss the audiobook biz today.


Plus in this entirely new webinar, you will learn:

  • How the industry has changed in just one year
  • What publishers are seeking in narrators today
  • What skills you must learn - or brush up on - to succeed in long-form narration
  • Important audiobook conferences and events to attend for networking and education this year
  • What publishers want to hear in your audiobook demo
  • What you must include in your audiobook demo
  • Where the audiobook jobs are - who's hiring!
  • Online networking tips for getting work
  • When to say "no" to an audiobook job offer (danger signs to watch for in a client)
  • And more!!!
Plus, hear the helpful and encouraging success stories of voice talents who have recently voiced their first audiobook.
And get your personal questions answered in a live Q&A.

Tuition to attend this important live event
and receive a full recording is just $44.95.

Enjoy a free recording of the entire webinar to download to your computer ... in case you can't attend the live event ... and for future reference to learn from again at your convenience.
WEBINAR TIME: Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011 ...

9P Eastern ... 8P Central ... 7P Mountain ... 6P Pacific


  • Just sign in by computer and/or phone
  • Listen and follow the training on your computer screen
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