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A Geotech's Christmas List
Dear Santa,

I've been a very, very good geoengineer this year! I have a few items on my list that I just know you'll have room for in your sack! Thanks!
  • A Trimble Yuma ruggedized tablet PC, great for field data collection. With bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 2 digital cameras and solid state hard drive, it will put up with my most punishing field jobs.
  • gINT Professional software to manage my borehole, lab testing and other data and reporting. I bet it would run great on the Yuma!
  • RockWorks 15 software, the brand new version with the slick new interface.
  • The new FHWA geotech manuals for Drilled Shaft Design and MSE Wall Design...when are those going to be released to the geotech community?
  • A Space Navigator by 3D Connexicon. I gave one away in my one and only giveaway contest, but It would be cool to use it to fly through Google Earth.
  • A Garmin Oregon 550T handheld GPS, for those times when I don't want to fire up the Yuma or I just want to go geocaching or snap some geotagged photos on the trail. I'm psyched you can upload your own maps to the device now too.
  • A cool geotechnical engineer hoodie...gotta represent!
  • Pokescope and Pokescope software for viewing stereo images on the computer and for making them (I've always wanted one of these)
  • A GigaPan system for making ultra high resolution panoramas. Comes in point and click or SLR size, your pick Santa!
Thanks Santa, you're the best!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 

Randy Post, Owner/Editor -
Video: Rockslide on HWY 64 in Tennessee
US 64 Landslide VideoIn case you missed it, this was amazing video of a rockslide as it happened early in November along U.S. Highway 64 in the Ocoee River gorge in Tennessee. TDOT crews had almost finished removing rockslide debris from an event earlier in the day when a second slide occurred, blocking the road again.
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Rig Drills Into Subway Tunnel and Train!
A geothermal drill rig in Sweden drilled a hole into a tunnel in the Stockholm subway system, damaging the side of a parked train. Nobody was injured, but I'm sure there is a lot of commotion as a result of that snafu!
Night Drilling
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Rig Drills Into Subway Tunnel
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